Weekly Roundup: ‘Tammy’ Is Here, Academy Invites Are Not

//embed.gettyimages.com/embed/451625684?et=Ma5QQpilTAd9gOfNuEgHHg&sig=eFnk15zkTrijFhEtG2kgTWv5OH3zRlDoAMROZsNWFqw=   Tammy star Melissa McCarthy is laughing all the way to the bank. #HireTheseWomen seems to be making an impact. Fox announces an initiative to increase the presence of women directors. Amazon and Final Draft seek original material; BitchFlicks needs writers. Screenwriting query tips to help your material get noticed. Want to relax between auditions? Here’s a list of NYC actor hangouts....


Weekly Roundup: #HireTheseWomen, Diane Sawyer & Comedy Central Prez Michele Ganeless

//embed.gettyimages.com/embed/490666791?et=AqxxNyZmSdRdtT-0nJDY6Q&sig=RkIHT67TihPj-cMXJXZfd9526qa-vBF0rxZHRApi9m0= Diane Sawyer steps down from World News and up to bigger projects. Inspired by Women and Hollywood’s directors infographic, film critic Miriam Bale launches the hashtag #HireTheseWomen. Director Kelly Reichardt may be the most successful indie “one trick pony” in the business. Michele Ganeless runs Comedy Central, not Stephen Colbert. Chicken & Egg pictures is accepting grant applications for women...