Terry’s Picks: Director Talks, Funny Girls, Gender Swapping

Director Talks: Check out filmmaker Pamela Romanowsky’s insightful look at being a female director, and all the pressures that come along with it. Funny Girls: Women’s E-News discusses how teen girls interested in comedy could use a confidence boost – and where they might find it. Gender Swapping: Is remaking male-driven classics with female leads...


Terry’s Picks: Women’s Pictures, Underwritten Characters, Stony Brook

Women’s Pictures: This interesting piece in Vulture makes a strong case for the idea that in modern times, the “women’s pictures” of Hollywood’s Golden Age have moved to television. Underwritten Characters: Laugh (or cry) along with Underwritten Female Character: The Movie, a fake trailer for a movie you’ve seen unfortunately too many times. Stony Brook:...


A Conversation with WIGS & ‘Blue’ Creators

The award-winning web series Blue stars Julia Stiles as a single mother moonlighting as a call girl. It’s a case study of a successful drama series on the web. Blue premiered on WIGS, one of the first premium original content channels funded by YouTube and launched in 2012 by director Rodrigo Garcia (Albert Nobbs, In Treatment) and Emmy Award–nominated...