Weekly Roundup: Sarandon Dishes, Fox Sports Disses

//embed.gettyimages.com/embed/451533912?et=Dg3p-JU7QZlnIhlsO7EK9w&sig=0UXch5e9ci2GOwWGC50rFQDQQZA7aOEBZdpITrITJx4=   The Last of Robin Hood star Susan Sarandon discusses, well…everything. The percentage of women on film crews is only 23% (in 2013, less than 2% of directors were women!), but thank you again, Tina Fey. Terry Press named President of CBS Films. Did Fox Sports demote reporter Pam Oliver because of female ageism? Suggestions...


Weekly Film & TV News Roundup

Mad Men photo via theguardian.com. Dear Mr. President, we agree! (Video) Congratulations, Kathy Kelly-Brown, NBC’s new SVP of Global Talent Booking. NYC will certainly benefit from this. Elizabeth Vargas’ return brings winning ratings for 20/20. Universal’s Donna Langley will be the “second most powerful woman in Hollywood” until at least 2017. Casting Director Allison Jones “discovered” our favorite TV/film nerds. Do what...