Weekly Roundup: Emmy Wins & a ‘World News’ Loss

//embed.gettyimages.com/embed/454184348?et=RqGBiht9TChLSo26NFbjTw&sig=cARkM_aeV3Mb3BNO_V-6n6l0wbrp0gEwsf5JsThv7HY= Moira Walley-Beckett was the first solo woman to win in her category SINCE 1994! Congratulations to her and the other female Emmy winners. AFI announced a major expansion to its Directing Workshop for Women. Working on your “scriptment” this weekend? (Yeah, I’d never heard the term either.) After five years, Diane Sawyer leaves World News. True Blood author Charlaine Harris...


Weekly Roundup: #HireTheseWomen, Diane Sawyer & Comedy Central Prez Michele Ganeless

//embed.gettyimages.com/embed/490666791?et=AqxxNyZmSdRdtT-0nJDY6Q&sig=RkIHT67TihPj-cMXJXZfd9526qa-vBF0rxZHRApi9m0= Diane Sawyer steps down from World News and up to bigger projects. Inspired by Women and Hollywood’s directors infographic, film critic Miriam Bale launches the hashtag #HireTheseWomen. Director Kelly Reichardt may be the most successful indie “one trick pony” in the business. Michele Ganeless runs Comedy Central, not Stephen Colbert. Chicken & Egg pictures is accepting grant applications for women...