Top Takeaways – NYWIFT Talks: Filmmakers and Activists discuss the Black Lives Matter movement, their life’s work, and hope for the future.

In solidarity with the Black Lives Matter movement, NYWIFT Talks recently brought together a vibrant panel of award-winning women filmmakers and activists dedicated to fighting systemic racism to discuss their work and the social justice revolution of today.


Terry’s Picks: Gideon’s Army and WGA Employment Study

Totally Agree: with this Slated article about the foolishness of Hollywood’s gender bias against women directors. Recommending: Gideon’s Army by NYWIFT member Dawn Porter about the U.S. public defender system. It is powerful, beautifully realized and focuses attention on an incredibly important issue. Check it out on HBO On Demand or Play Station, Google Play, Amazon, or iTunes. Not Surprised: but still disappointed to...