Weekly Roundup: Cristela Alonzo, Tyra Banks & Leslie Jones Have People Talking This Week

//embed.gettyimages.com/embed/456851866?et=2Yj7CzyBTWR_MdOKDO0w7g&similar=off&sig=ap9Tm_aCjnrHt-kIKqoRA8CNc2OVtaVLel4rIggNKNc=   Cristela Alonzo’s new show is great; her personality is even better! Tickets are still available for the Women’s Media Awards on Oct. 29. Tyra Banks has a “Fab” new talk show coming next fall. Actors, these simple tips will help TV/film crews not hate you. SNL has a new cast member—meet Leslie Jones! Deborah Norville,...


Weekly Roundup: Remembering Elaine Stritch

//embed.gettyimages.com/embed/102985787?et=6cnWZ-PnQu5OIM7TOxqwWA&sig=taLVNk7TC4HoT0B3eYBlMy7Ak7uhI0Z82sW0okc3hS0= The spectacular Broadway singer and actress Elaine Stritch. Patricia Arquette really enjoyed her 12 years of Boyhood. Marvel Comics addresses superhero gender disparity. Thor will be female! Leighton Meester is not a “tart” in Broadway’s Of Mice & Men. ABC will address diversity with Cristela, and NBC will showcase more women in next season’s lineup. Robin Wright portrays her most revealing role yet...