NYWIFT at DOC NYC: In Conversation with Amy Nicholson

Finding your tribe is one of life’s greatest pleasures—and losing it is one of the greatest sorrows. In NYWIFT Member Amy Nicholson’s beautifully observed film Happy Campers, working-class Americans gather every summer at a seaside trailer park in Chincoteague, Virginia, to enjoy the simple pleasures of a scrappy, no-frills vacationland, and each other’s company. When a developer buys the land and reimagines the property, the inhabitants of this shabby Shangri-La wistfully eke out the joys of one last summer together as a melancholic twilight hangs in the air. Happy Campers just made its world premiere at DOC NYC, where it received a Special Mention for the Grand Jury Prize. Amy spoke to us about her unique process making this film, biggest challenges and triumphs, and the commodification of some of life’s simplest pleasures.


Terry’s Picks: July 2

Check Out: the ads next time you’re on the subway. NYWIFT member Amy Nicholson’s documentary Zipper is currently showcased on subway cards and bus shelters as part of the “Made in NY” Marketing Credit. Nicholson’s film examines the battle over an American cultural icon, a 38-year-old carnival contraption called the Zipper in the heart of Coney Island’s amusement district....