Weekly Roundup: Fast-Talk, Facebook & an All-Female Sports Show

//embed.gettyimages.com/embed/456300878?et=rYxLIuy7SC9DdSt-oocWdg&sig=vzPpcyxoWIl9YZjbXGC_gH0qLfUEHtzRjkdpcCVd_DI= Funny, rapid-tongued Katie Lowes explains how to talk like a Gladiator. Mega-producers Alison Owen and Debra Hayward launch a “Monumental” new production company. Don’t unfriend anyone yet—Facebook and vampires may be the best thing for aspiring female directors. These practical screenwriting tips may help you find time to write. Despite its awful name, CBS’s new all-female sports show starts strong!...


Weekly Film & TV News Roundup

Photo by Joe Pugliese Finally, a truly diverse actress roundtable. New York Film Academy’s article on gender inequality in film. Wow. HBO’s getting a show created by Diablo Cody and someone named Oprah. Winona is back. And starring in an action flick. Meet director Dennie Gordon, made in the USA—in demand in China! Indie producer Alison Owen controls the only...