Weekly Roundup: Shonda Rhimes Rules, But Diversity Still a Problem

//embed.gettyimages.com/embed/475689039?et=E3ULsU53QnlvMx63S3PD7A&sig=QpyQLEQT3-C02uGwHywv6vYvmaUuzGVeVzL24eZ-1wI= “And nobody asks, ‘How do you write smart, strong men?’” Shonda Rhimes speaks on creating iconic female characters. Six of the best new web series are created by women. President Alexis Wilkinson discusses bringing 138-year-old The Harvard Lampoon into a new age. There’s been “no improvement” in diversity hiring in episodic television. CBS may not have considered a...


Weekly Film & TV News Roundup

Jill Soloway’s Afternoon Delight. NYWIFT gets mentioned and member Anita Katzen gives solid $$ advice. First SNL, now Harvard. Santa may really be a black woman (this year). Katie has nine lives. She’ll be back! Wolf of Wall Street gets an MPAA pass but not her movie? Quotas for female directors? Jasmila Zabanic thinks yes....