Berda Mae & Ballulah

an original SAVAGE PRODUCTIONS comedy series



Sibling rivalry Thunderdome! Berda Mae and Ballulah, two smart-mouthed, bickering sisters, duke out their jealousies and childhood grudges. Nothing is off limits. Nothing is too below the belt. Will they be able to find common ground or will they eventually kill each other?

If you crossed Absolutely Fabulous with Madea you’d get . . . Berda Mae & Ballulah! The verbal smack downs will make you cringe, groan, and squirm . . . but most importantly they will make you LAUGH! Who will win the championship in each episode? What new and juicy details will they throw in each other’s faces? Will they ever reconcile or will they gleefully kill each other with verbal daggers?

The series celebrates strong, opinionated women and emphasizes that we don’t need to agree (or even like each other) to peacefully co-exist. All we need to do is find common ground and laugh about it!


The Creative Team

Victoria Savage (Executive Producer, Writer)
Victoria has been in love with culture, human history, and art her whole life. As a child she played the violin, studied ballet, and sang in a children’s choir. She settled on acting when she realized it allowed her to study everything she loves — history and culture — and incorporate what she has learned into her art form!  After completing her education at Yale University in Anthropology, she began professional acting training at HB Studio in New York’s West Village, the home of Uta Hagen and Herbert Berghof. She continues to master her craft and currently studies at the Archibald Studio and Graham Shiels Studio in Los Angeles. When she isn’t acting, writing, or producing, Victoria can be found baking, trying to grow veggies on her small patio, and wrestling with her 3D printer.

Irina Chernikina (Producer/Director/Editor)
Irina is a writer, director, producer, editor, and cinematographer. Her vast experience covers production and post-production. She has worked on feature-length films, short films, serials, educational projects, music videos, commercials, corporate videos, and more. Irina is a certified MNN producer (Manhattan Neighborhood Network) and a member of NYWIFT. Irina was born in Soviet Union Moscow and raised during a time of change in Russia. Movies played a big part in Irina’s life, giving her an escape from family troubles. When she came to the U.S., she chose to follow her dream of becoming a filmmaker. Over the last two years, Irina has written two feature films entitled Knockout (a female-driven action film) and Bum Next Door. She has also produced three short films and three web series.

Ruthy Otero (Producer)
Ruthy is native New Yorker who grew up a first generation Puerto-Rican in the Bronx and graduated from NYU’s Tisch School of the Arts with distinction. She also had the honor of studying with Stella Adler who strongly encouraged students to create their own projects. To date Ruthy has performed four successful solo shows. After her critically acclaimed one-woman comedy, Variety Magazine chose Ruthy as one of their Ten Comics to Watch. – In her spare time, she teaches workshops on how to write, perform, and produce one-person shows. She is also developing and adventure/travel cooking show Cookin’ Up Adventures so she can continue to perform, travel, and meet people all over the world!