Arrested For Life (1923)

Angela Murray Gibson

Producer, Director, Writer, Camerawoman, and Actress: Angela Murray Gibson
(21 minutes) 16mm, b/w, silent
Grant Awarded to: State Historical Society of North Dakota
Archive: State Historical Society of North Dakota

Nora Johnson arrives in town to look for work and approaches a local policeman who directs her to prospective employers. She has trouble at work and loses her job. In a case of mistaken identity, a marriage proposal is given to the wrong person, a small chase ensues, and finally all is straightened out. Nora ends up in the employ of the policeman.

Angela Murray Gibson was one of the early “camerawomen” during the silent era. She provided film for Kinograms, and then launched her own Gibson Studios in Casselton, North Dakota. Her studio produced educational, industrial and entertainment films in which she was featured as an actress, in addition to serving as writer, director, producer and camerawoman. Her films were mostly shot in the North Dakota area, and she recruited local townspeople to act in her films.

The WFPF acknowledges Kino Lorber as a preservation partner in bringing awareness to filmmaker Angela Murray Gibson, which included this film in First Women Filmmakers DVD collection, and funded Arrested for Life’s preservation through their successful Kickstarter campaign.