Actors Federal Credit Union

ActorsFCU  follows a different path: their members come first – as they have for nearly 48 years. Profit is never their motivation; it’s all about service. Some details are provided below but you’ll find more information at:

Along with two offices in New York City, ActorsFCU has a branch in LA and one is coming to Chicago.

All NYWIFT Members and their immediate family members are eligible to join ActorsFCU. (Immediate family members includes, but is not limited to spouse/significant other, children, grandchildren, siblings, parents, and grandparents.)

Services Include:
eMax$ Online (High-Yield Savings)
No requirements – Anyone Can Earn the Highest Interest Rate!
Beating the rates of most banks.

With eMax$ Online, ActorsFCU’s High Yield Online Savings Account, you determine which Award Level  you qualify for, depending on the Credit Union services you use. The more services you use, the higher the interest you receive. Interest is paid out monthly based on the Star Award Level you qualify for each month. There’s no need to have $25,000, or $50,000, or more to earn the highest rates of interest! For more information, visit:

220,100% fee-free ATMs throughout New York City!
Through Co-op Network, you have access to nearly 30,000 fee-free ATMs nationwide!
Deposit checks anywhere you have Internet access via  eBranch. (Funds may be available for immediate use.) ActorsFCU is among the first in the nation to offer this cutting-edge service.

Make your own deposits online!
For more information, visit:
(Home-Deposit Program)

eZ Hold  – Checking with Member Rewards!
Our industry-exclusive eZ Hold automatically places the hold on checks against the funds you’re least
likely to use. Deposit into checking and the hold is applied to your CD or Holiday Club, automatically -no need to shuffle money around to free up funds.

Earn one Member Rewards point for every $2 spent using our VISA Check
Card, redeemable for a variety of gifts. No balance requirements.

VISA Platinum Preferred Card
2.9% intro-rate; 8.9% thereafter
Limits up to $10,000
For more information, visit:

0% Auto Loans & Great Rates on Mortgages
Straightforward auto financing—0% and no payments for the first three months. Our mortgages save our members thousands with our lower margin.

Fee-Free Checking                    eBranch /
Savings Accounts                       Mobile Banking
Share Certificates (CDs)           Auto Loans
Home Equity Lines of Credit    TouchTone Teller
The list goes on and on and on…

A Savings Account with a minimum balance of $100 is required for membership in ActorsFCU.
This account offers a tiered interest rate, typically three to four times what other financials pay.

Getting Started: Becoming a Member Is Easy
Stop in at one of our offices here in New York, and fill out an application. You can also mail it in.
For locations visit:
You will need to provide:
Social Security Number
Photo copy of a valid government-issued photo ID
Proof of current address
$100 to deposit into savings
Completed membership application

NOTE: There is a space on the application to indicate that you are a NYWIFT member, which is all that is needed. To download the Application visit:

Our phone center is available 9am – 8pm EST (an 11-hour day!) at 212.869.8926!