About That Night

In this feature drama set on an American college campus, a Freshman Girl wakes up after a drunken campus party and discovers she may have been sexually assaulted. She remembers nothing. And as she searches for the truth and tries to recover and hold the guilty parties responsible, we see six different versions of what may have happened after she and the boy left the party…

What makes this film different is our approach to the material. Our plan is to embed our professionals – our key cast and crew – in a college community and make this film with students we have trained during the year. This will guarantee that the story we tell will be authentic and speak to our target audience – students in high school and college and their friends and families, as well as educators and those interested in changing the fact that sexual assault is increasing on college campuses with some schools reporting as many as 1 in 3 matriculating female students suffering an assault.

We’ve partnered with a college outside New York City and will shoot in the summer of 2023. We’re seeking donations to our production, all of which are tax deductible thanks to the support of the NYWIFT Fiscal Sponsorship program.

Thank you for your support. Sexual assault should not be a rite of passage. And with this film, which is designed to both entertain and raise all the questions, we hope to provoke discussion and make change where it needs to be made – with the students, one encounter at a time.


Elizabeth Page – Producer, Writer, Director. Plays include “Spare Parts” (produced by Olympia Dukakis at Whole Theatre and Off B’way at Circle in the Square Downtown where it was nominated for a John Gassner Award), “The Nazi Plays” (Denver Theatre Centre’s US West Theatrefest) and “Aryan Birth” (“Best Short American Plays”) which brought her into Television where she won six Emmy Awards and three Writers’ Guild Awards and fell in love with the camera which took her to film school where she made lots of shorts and then started making low budget commercials for B’way plays and web pieces for artists such as Melba Moore. Reel available at ElizabethPage.org. Ms. Page is also the founder and director of From Script to PreProduction, a lab supported by NYWIFT and Entertainment Partners to help women filmmakers create packages for narrative features.