Changing Commercial Theatre Producing

By Tammy Reese

Cynthia Tong, co-founder of The Industry Standard Group, is thrilled to announce the public launch of Second Act Theatrical Capital (2ATC), a groundbreaking initiative that revolutionizes Broadway investment accessibility. After three and a half years of dedicated development, Second Act Theatrical Capital opens the doors to Broadway investment for everyone. Tong and her colleagues at The Industry Standard Group have meticulously researched and created a model for radical access into Broadway investing and producing.

Tong states, “We’re on a mission to transform the landscape of commercial theatre producing. With Second Act Theatrical Capital, we’ve crafted a unique opportunity for artists, fans, and advocates to actively participate in theatre production, fostering the positive change we all envision for the industry.”

Key Features of Second Act Theatrical Capital (2ATC):

Open to All:

Anyone can invest, starting at just $500, breaking down the traditional barriers of entry ($25,000) to Broadway investment.

Inclusive Community:

Join a like-minded community committed to increasing representation and access to the producing and financial side of Broadway.

Networking Opportunities:

Engage in networking and community-building activities within the thriving 2ATC investor community.

Exclusive Benefits:

Enjoy TISG community nights at shows, educational opportunities directly related to productions, and participate in collective decision-making processes.

To learn more about this groundbreaking initiative and how you can become an investor, check out the launch event video here. Investments can be made on the Investment Portal. Act fast, as this opportunity is available only until April 2024. Cynthia Tong invites individuals to be a part of this transformative journey, contributing directly to the mission of creating a community dedicated to increasing representation and access to Broadway.

For media inquiries, contact: Toni R. Isreal by email at toni.isreal@realemnproductions.com


From NYWIFT Proud Member, Toni R. Isreal:

“Being a co-founder of TISG/The Industry Standard Group is humbling and exhilarating experiences. Humbled to be a part of these dynamic co-founders and staff and exhilarated to know we are paving the way for A New Way to Invest in Broadway!”

Donate to The Industry Standard Group (classy.org)

About The Industry Standard Group:

The Industry Standard Group is a dynamic organization founded by industry leaders committed to increasing representation and access to the producing and financial side of Broadway.

About Second Act Theatrical Capital (2ATC):

Second Act Theatrical Capital, a project by The Industry Standard Group, is pioneering an inclusive approach to Broadway investment. Breaking down barriers, 2ATC opens the world of theatre producing to a diverse community.

For more information, visit https://theindustrystandardgroup.com/


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