Innovations and Insight from Web3 founder and executive Ambriel Pouncy

By Jean Criss

Join us on a remarkable journey as we talk to Ambriel Pouncy, a trailblazing Web3 enthusiast and luxury fashion expert who is dedicated to advancing women in the Web3 era through a series of nonprofit and volunteer endeavors. In addition to her nonprofit and volunteer work, Ambriel also proudly serves as a Web3 Luxury Partnerships and Innovation tech executive at Intertrust in Silicon Valley. Her visionary approach has sparked customer loyalty, sustainability, and optimization across fashion, media, and entertainment industries. In our conversation today, we’ll explore her expertise in Web3 technologies, the Metaverse, and spatial computing—innovations reshaping the industry. Ambriel’s multi-passionate talents extend to brand development and marketing for luxury, where she crafts impactful experiences that resonate with audiences.

Nearly a decade ago, Ambriel founded Art Haus Agency, initially a global luxury fashion PR and brand development studio. Now, it bridges the gap between Web 2 and Web 3, allowing her to merge real-life passion with digital pursuits. From NFT launches to immersive experiences, she leverages data and industry insights to create strategic, captivating narratives. Beyond her professional achievements, Ambriel’s adventurous spirit and global perspective enrich her work, fueled by extensive travel and cultural immersion.


In this interview, we will delve into her inspiring journey, gain insights from her experiences in driving innovation, curating luxury fashion, and leading cultural transformation. If you’re curious about how she navigates the intersection of fashion and technology, this interview is a must!

What impact do you aspire as a woman in tech and Web3?

I aspire to create a lasting impact by fostering mentorship and sponsorship, especially for women and underrepresented groups in technology. My goal is to lead, inspire, and empower individuals to confidently navigate and innovate within their own tech journeys.

How will Web3 technologies and blockchain drive social and cultural change?

Web3 and blockchain can redefine expression and representation, amplifying diverse voices. I envision a world where diversity becomes the norm, and brands thrive in an ecosystem celebrating unique contributions.

How will you drive transformation and foster future inclusivity?

First, I lead by example and leverage my expertise in luxury fashion, brand development, and immersive experiences. By creating impactful projects that showcase Web3’s potential, I inspire others to embrace its possibilities. Second, through partnerships and collaborations. I actively collaborate with like-minded individuals and organizations. Together, they push boundaries, challenge norms, and work towards a future where everyone has equal opportunities to thrive and contribute.

What are your current endeavors? Any exciting news to share?

One notable example is my role at FemT3ch, where I collaborate with women artists, investors, and entrepreneurs. Together, they explore Web3 innovations that redefine digital possibilities. I also host women in Web3 creator brunches at empowering events worldwide. They foster connections, discussions, and mentorship opportunities for women in the industry. Through co-creation and knowledge sharing, we enrich lives and drive innovation which is priceless.

What inspired your involvement in the Metaverse, the changing landscape with AI in Fashion and Luxury Goods?

The Metaverse, AI, and luxury fashion serve as powerful catalysts for transformation. I firmly believe that the luxury industry, with its unique positioning and influence, has an extraordinary opportunity to lead the Web3 revolution and fast-track sustainability. AI accelerates the adoption of these technologies and being part of the Mission Impact Academy (MIA) network allows me to connect with women upskilling themselves in the AI era.

The intersection of AI and the Metaverse with fashion unlocks unprecedented creativity, personalized experiences, and unique digital identities, pushing the boundaries of expression beyond what we thought possible. This recent blog on Digital Threads is an example of my reimagining the future of fashion.

Anything else newsworthy to add?

Collaboration and collective action are crucial for shaping the future for women aspiring to work in technology, film, fashion, and luxury. By uniting creators, entrepreneurs, investors, and visionaries from diverse backgrounds, we can create an ecosystem that celebrates innovation and fosters inclusivity. The increasing adoption of Web3 technologies and blockchain across various industries is exciting, promising positive disruption. Let’s embrace change, stay curious, and shape a remarkable future together!

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Ambriel Pouncy

About Ambriel: https://thedigitalthread.xyz/about-t/

www.arthausagency.com | 323.710.6867 | ambriel@arthausagency.com

https://linkedin.com/in/ambrielpouncy | Web3: https://linktr.ee/ambrielnicole 


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