NYWIFT Member Spotlight: Toni R. Israel

By Tammy Reese

Meet NYWIFT Member Toni R. Isreal. Toni is the CEO and Founder of REALEMN Productions LLC, Broadway’s leading multicultural marketing and PR team, run by Black women. In addition to being a proud member of New York Women in Film & Television, she is a co-founding member of The Industry Standard Group.

Previously, Toni was the Managing Director of Walker International Communications Group (WICG) where she led a team providing all aspects of marketing consultation to arts organizations. A proud member of CTI — Commercial Theater Institute, Toni was instrumental in multiple projects including 2018 Tony Award-Winning Once on This Island, Disney’s Aladdin and The Lion King, A Raisin in The Sun, A Trip To Bountiful, A Streetcar Named Desire, Baby It’s You, and Stick Fly.

Toni R. Isreal is an awardee of the Central New Jersey Chapter of the National Coalition of 100 Black Women for Excellence in Economic Empowerment and advocates promoting the arts and entertainment to multicultural communities.


NYWIFT Member Toni R. Israel


What would you like our readers to know about Realemn Productions LLC and what your work entails as the Founder?

Realemn Productions LLC is, quite literally, my childhood dream come true. My journey to becoming the CEO and Founder of Realemn began when I saw my first Broadway show with my mom, Your Arms Too Short to Box with God. I was captivated, of course, by the on-stage talent, and as she continued to take me with her to show after show, my curiosity grew for exactly how a show comes together: who works the curtain, who fades the lights, who writes and designs the Playbill, who decides the key art and posters… how does the story move from script to stage?

Now, with my team, I maintain and encourage the same curiosity and learnings for them too. My role includes oversight on everything from budgets to branding and I insist on taking advantage of the opportunity I have to introduce and welcome audiences to experience a great show.



What major projects have you been working on lately?

To say that our Realemn team is “busy” would be an understatement! We celebrated over 30 Tony nominations across our Broadway partners and clients, and we pride ourselves on each individual client being the center of our attention at all times. We’re currently all in on MJ The Musical on Broadway and the tour, Hadestown on Broadway and the tour, we have co-producing credit with The Secret Garden Musical, Philadelphia’s Kindred Family Soul, and Atlanta’s Otis Sallid, and just wrapped with Award-winning Director Phill Branch’s documentary and homage to the iconic Hampton University.



As an expert in all things Broadway, what you do love most about the Broadway culture?

I love that Broadway provides an eclectic offering of talent, characters, storylines, song, and dance whereas no two performances, even of the same show, are the same.



What inspired you to join NYWIFT?

One of the many reasons I’m excited to be a member of NYWIFT is the opportunity to broaden my scope and network to collaborate more within film and television.

TV and film has always been a striving goal to add to our Broadway realm and the connections and guidance of NYWIFT were a natural fit.



What are some of your future creative goals and aspirations?

I’m looking forward to becoming a Tony Award-winning producer. Along with an Emmy for a film and TV project on our roster. The ultimate goal is an E.G.O.T.


What are you looking forward to for the rest of the year?

Having our investors for 2024 signed and delivered as we gear up for our next round of co-pro opportunities.


Learn more about Realemn Productions LLC by visiting www.realemnproductions.com.



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