Meet the New NYWIFT Member: Arielle Duran

By Ozzi Ramirez

Let’s welcome new member Arielle Duran to NYWIFT!

Raised in Ridgewood, Queens, Arielle Duran is a proud New Yorker and versatile storyteller of Puerto Rican and Dominican descent. Since graduating from the University of South Florida’s Zimmerman School, where she studied broadcasting and production, Arielle’s theatrical talents have been showcased in notable television shows such as The Calling and American Rust, among other projects. In addition to acting, Arielle is currently pursuing screenwriting as a graduate student at the Feirstein Graduate School of Cinema.

Arielle spoke to us about her New York roots, storytelling, and honing her craft.


NYWIFT member Arielle Duran


Tell us about yourself – Give us your elevator pitch!

Arielle Duran is a SAG actor from New York. She is pursuing a Master’s degree in Screenwriting at the Feirstein Cinema Graduate Program. Her passion for storytelling began with theater and eventually evolved while studying television production at her university. She has a comedic voice and is now writing her own stories that mainly represent the Latinx community in New York. You can catch Arielle in Peacock’s television series, The Calling.


As a native New Yorker, do you feel that New York has played a central role in your evolution as an artist?

Growing up in New York, I emerged into the arts at a young age. The arts existed as a way of expressing myself and communicating with my community. New York’s uniqueness influences my stories.


NYWIFT member Arielle Duran


What is the best advice you have received?

The best advice a mentor shared with me was, “When you first start telling stories, tell the ones closest to you. The ones from your heart!”


What brought you to NYWIFT?

I was seeking a community where I could bounce ideas with others and workshop material, while also building on my knowledge about the different fields in the industry and different phases of production. A friend of mine introduced me to NYWIFT, and I knew it was what I was looking for!


NYWIFT member Arielle Duran


How did the pandemic shape your work experience?

With all the free time the pandemic offered me, I honed in on my craft and read and watched other artists’ work. It allowed me much freedom to explore ideas while incorporating moments of being present. Working on set after the pandemic showed me how much care the crew and performers have for one another and the overall project.

The pandemic shaped me as an artist by presenting me with opportunities to grow as a performer. Everything transitioned into a remote experience. This had its faults but provided me with opportunities I would not have had otherwise. For example, I was able to try virtual classes in LA.  


Where do you see yourself in five years? What upcoming projects do you have in the works? 

In the next five years, I see myself producing one of my feature films in New York and completing a series that I will pitch to networks.


Connect with Arielle Duran on Instagram at @SofiaRielle.  


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