Meet the NYWIFT Podcast Team: Janine McGoldrick

By Tammy Reese

The NYWIFT Women Crush Wednesdays Podcast Team works so hard to bring the most informative, empowering, entertaining, and fun interviews to our listeners. Today we are thrilled to highlight our podcast team producer, Janine McGoldrick. In addition to producing the podcast, Janine edits and co-hosts as well. 

Janine is currently producing and directing her first feature documentary on a rare vestibular condition called Meniere’s Disease (earsofmenieres.com) which has begun the first phase of filming! She’s also an associate producer on New Love Films’ documentary NINA about a para-badminton player and an assistant producer on Staten Island Graveyard from Canvasback Kids Productions. As a veteran entertainment communications strategist, Janine also does freelance jobs writing press materials and developing events.


NYWIFT Member Janine McGoldrick

What is your role with the podcast team, how long have you been involved, and how did you get started?

I produce, edit, co-host, and occasionally conduct interviews for the podcast. I started in 2019 when former NYWIFT board member Margarita Cortes asked me to co-host with her then took over producing later on in 2020.


What do you enjoy most about the podcast and how has this journey been for you?

I love hearing about the varied, inspiring journeys of women in the industry as well as helping promote the great work being done by NYWIFT and its members. I’ve learned so much from all the great conversations and profiles we have featured from women working above and below the line including directors, editors, production designers, writers, makeup artists, and publicists. It is so important to share our stories and I’m proud to be a part of a platform that helps spread the joy of making great film and television content.


What would you like to see more of this year?

For the podcast, I’d love to feature more stories from women working in more specialized roles that don’t get as much glory such as stunts, visual effects, foley artist, prop master, and script supervisors to name a few.


For anyone who may want to join the podcast team, what would you like to say to them?

Come aboard! We are a fun, supportive, and creative group and always looking for new ideas and a helping hand.


What would you like to say to the team members and the listeners?

A big thank you to those who donate hours of their time week after week to bring engaging interviews and information to the NYWIFT community and beyond.

To our listeners, we’d love your feedback, so please reach out at communications@nywift.org to tell us what you want more or less of as well as any suggestions for people to interview. If you have a recent success you’d like to share let us know!


Connect with Janine on Twitter and Instagram at @2ndchapterprod, or on Facebook at @2ndchapterproductions.

Listen to the NYWIFT Women Crush Wednesdays Podcast by visiting nywift.org/podcast.


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