Interview with Sigourney Weaver, Star of “The Good House”

By Tammy Reese

The Good House follows Hildy Good (Sigourney Weaver), a New England realtor and descendant of the Salem witches, who loves her wine and her secrets. Her compartmentalized life begins to unravel as she rekindles a romance with her old high-school flame, Frank Getchell (Kevin Kline), and becomes dangerously entwined in one person’s reckless behavior. Igniting long-buried emotions and family secrets, Hildy is propelled toward a reckoning with the one person she’s been avoiding for decades: herself.

Directed by Maya Forbes and Wallace Wolodarsky

Written by Maya Forbes, Wallace Wolodarsky, and Thomas Bezucha
Based on the best-selling novel by Ann Leary

Starring Sigourney Weaver, Kevin Kline, Morena Baccarin, and Rob Delaney

Tammy Reese, NYWIFT blogger and podcast team member obtained a 1:1 interview with Sigourney. Over the course of Sigourney’s career she has received two Golden Globe Awards, and a Grammy Award, in addition to nominations for three Academy Awards, four Primetime Emmy Awards, and a Tony Award.

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Here is Tammy’s reaction to the The Good House:

Sigourney Weaver delivers a stellar performance as Hildy Good. The Good House is a multifaceted portrait of a proud, resilient woman who wouldn’t think of asking for help…and whose life won’t change until she does.

When the audience first sees Hildy, she is showing a house to her new clients. “She’s in her ‘realtor’ uniform, very well put together, and wants to impress her clients. The appearance of seeming put together is just a mask to hide from her children and the town folks that she’s not put together. As Hildy’s drinking escalates, the care she takes of herself and her clothing diminishes.

Hildy’s two daughters, Tess and Emily, are played by Rebecca Henderson and Molly Brown. They both have issues with their mother’s behavior, but even during mother-daughter arguments, their love and concern are apparent.

I feel that this is the best display of acting that one of the best actresses of all time could possibly bring us. Sigourney Weaver portrays the role of Hildy Good in an authentic way. I was always routing for Hildy throughout the film even with her secrets, lies, alcoholism, and the downward spiral that she was experiencing as a mother, in her career, and personal life. At age 72 Sigourney has shown that women in this particular age range can still have lead roles that have meaning, are in demand, and do it so beautifully.

The chemistry between Kevin and Sigourney is outstanding. Brace yourself for the love scenes, and the bond that they captured to perfection. I felt I was watching what we all need in our lives….A true friendship that is unconditional through our ups and downs, flaws and all.

The film is distributed by Lionsgate and Roadside Attractions. I highly recommend watching The Good House. It’s a very GOOD movie! Check your local listings to see when the movie is showing in your area beginning on September 30th, 2022.

(Photo Credit: Michael Tompkins Courtesy of Lionsgate and Roadside Attractions)


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