Meet the New NYWIFT Member: Elizabeth Ramjit

By Katie Chambers

Let’s give a warm NYWIFT welcome to new member Elizabeth Ramjit! Elizabeth is an accomplished film/video editor with 10 years of experience in film and TV production and advertising. Elizabeth loves bringing awareness to current events and pressing world issues, to inspire important conversations among her audience. She’s always interested in new opportunities to explore new avenues of content, and enjoys brining her unique perspective to her collaborators’ projects.

​Elizabeth spoke to us about what stories inspire her, her dreams for the future, and why she could be #YourFavoriteFemaleEditor.


NYWIFT member Elizabeth Ramjit


Tell us about yourself – give us your elevator pitch!

I am Elizabeth Ramjit, an accomplished Film/Video Editor with 10 years of working experience in the entertainment industry. Being a seasoned filmmaker, I have done work in numerous fields within entertainment. I have worked and led post-production positions at large corporations such as Paramount+, Viacom, CBS Network, Verizon Media, Yahoo, and many more. I have worked directly alongside executives & producers to create a wide variety of video assets. I have advanced knowledge when editing for documentaries, films, TV talk shows, and [sports including] NFL / NBA / MLB.


Elizabeth Ramjit on set


You have an impressive roster of recent clients, including Samsung, Verizon Media, and CBS. What kind of work are you drawn to? What stories do you want to tell?

I am navigating toward documentary film/video editing opportunities. I love documentary, short form, medium and long. I grew up watching 60 minutes, Law & Order, Animal Planet, Nat Geo, and Discovery. I’ve always been fascinated with the stories people have to tell. I enjoy discussing topics that people usually wouldn’t talk about.

My first documentary film was based in Trinidad and Tobago, where I explored lack of environmental regulations causing natural disasters. This film became an international award-winning film in Trinidad, America, and Canada. It has also been selected in Barcelona and France.



What is your dream job? Where do you hope to be in 20 years?

I’ve only ever had one dream and goal. It is to be an accomplished documentary film editor or video journalist for a documentary company or series team within a large or small company.

In 20 years or sooner I hope to become an Emmy award-winning documentary film editor. Whenever I am, I hope I become a senior chair female editor.



I noticed you use the hashtag #YourFavoriteFemaleEditor to describe yourself online – very clever! So tell us – what about your skills will make you our favorite female editor? Let’s get you hired!

I am #yourfavoritefemaleeditor because I am a dedicated, resilient filmmaker and documentary film/video editor. That being said, I know the blood, sweat and tears it takes to get a project up and rolling. People love my unique style of storytelling and my captivating edits. I have been crafting my editing skills since I was 16 years old. I have worked round-the-clock hours, nights, and weekend. My dedication is unmatched because my integrity is in every video I ever created.



You’re super plugged into social media. What is your advice for other editors and producers on how to leverage social to advance your career?

My advice to other editors and producers on social media is don’t allow low views/likes to discourage you from thinking your work is any less. You work hard and you’re giving social media little taste of your reality.


One of Elizabeth’s social posts about her work


What is the best advice you ever received? And the worst?

The best advice I ever received was “…No matter what, don’t let anyone make you feel, like you don’t deserve a seat at the table.”

The worst advice I’ve received is “Stop worrying, you are young and have plenty of time.” I have always been the youngest person in the room at all of my jobs. If I had listened, I probably wouldn’t have so many years of experience and time to exercise my skills. Worrying kept me on the right path. I don’t promote stress; however, I do promote determination.


One of Elizabeth’s social posts about her work


What inspired you to join NYWIFT?

To be a part of NYWIFT is a big accomplishment and honor to me. I am proud. I am a native New Yorker, a first generation American and my family is from Trinidad and Tobago. I wanted to join because I am a big advocate for women’s empowerment. After working in the industry all these years, I wanted to start connecting with more women like me. I wanted a sense of community and celebration.



And what is next for you?

Currently, I am open to new opportunities and at a new chapter in my career. I would like to settle down in a company as a documentary film/video editor or video journalist. I’m actively looking for a full-time job, hybrid or remote, on salary with benefits. And I am always open to freelance projects.

I want to get my Masters in Art Therapy, to teach people how to express themselves through different forms of art techniques. Film/video was the way I found my voice and freedom of expression. I hope I can bring that peace to others.


Connect with Elizabeth Ramjit on LinkedIn, on Instagram @lizzyjams, and on her website www.imelizabethramjit.org. And check out her reel on YouTube!


Katie Chambers

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