Snapshots from the 2022 Tribeca Festival

By Judith Davis

Although I just finished covering the 2022 Tribeca Festival, it would be a missed opportunity to not talk about what attending Tribeca has meant to me over the last 20 years.

NYWIFT Member Judith Davis


Coming to NYC from Virginia in June 2001 was interesting since I had always wanted to live in NYC and was excited about the move. Then 9/11 happened. After such a tragedy, I wondered if my relocation to NYC a good idea at all, but sometimes hanging in there brings about good things.

Tribeca Festival Co-Founder (and NYWIFT Muse honoree) Jane Rosenthal


However, after a few months, New York slowly began to recover and surprisingly so many native residents made major strides to make sure this metropolis was once again brought to the glory. One of the things that was created was the Tribeca Film Festival. This was a way to bring money back into the city and to also let the film industry know that it was still okay to shoot a film in Manhattan.

Outside at the SVA Theater during the Tribeca Festival


The first Tribeca Film Festival was held in April 2002 and since I had been a resident less than a year, I was excited to volunteer to get my foot into the entertainment industry door. I was accepted as part of the hospitality team.

Tribeca Festival Co-Founder Robert DeNiro


It was a great learning experience and prompted me to become more a part of this soon to be annual event. I would volunteer again in 2004 and 2005, then I took a break for a few years to advance my journalist skills, then regrouped to begin attending the festival as press. Each year since 2010, I would attend and cover panels, conduct red carpet interviews, press junkets, and sometimes review some of the films.

Actress (and NYWIFT Muse honoree) Emma Thompson on the red carpet at the 2022 Tribeca Festival


This year 2022 Tribeca Festival welcomed the audience and press in person again for the first time since the 2020 pandemic. I had the opportunity to interview the fabulous Emma Thompson to discuss her role in the film Good Luck To You, Leon Grande.  

Actor Daryl McCormack and Actress Emma Thompson on the red carpet at Tribeca Festival


There was also a panel to celebrate the anniversary from the film Heat which starred the legendary actors Al Pacino and Tribeca Festival Co-Founder Robert DeNiro. It was great to see two very influential actors talk about their career and friendship throughout the years.

Actors Al Pacino and Robert DeNiro on the red carpet at Tribeca Festival

Actor LeVar Burton on the red carpet at Tribeca Festival


Also, this year’s events combined the Tribeca TV Festival and the Tribeca Film Festival into simply the Tribeca Festival and was held in June instead of April. From June 9-19, 2022, there were documentaries narrative film screenings, panels, and many other exclusive events. 

Actress Katie Holmes on the red carpet at Tribeca Festival


As someone who has been a part of Tribeca from the beginning, I will say that the festival gets better each year, and I am always happy to be a part of it. Until next year. 

Rapper Common on the red carpet at Tribeca Festival

Director (and NYWIFT Muse honoree) Kasi Lemmons on the red carpet at Tribeca Festival

Actress/ Producer Tyra Banks on the red carpet at Tribeca Festival

Civil Right Attorney Ben Crump, Director Nadia Halgren and Producer Kenya Barris at the Netflix Luncheon during the Tribeca Festival

Actor Ashton Kutcher on the red carpet at Tribeca Festival

Actress Issa Rae on the red carpet at Tribeca Festival

NYWIFT Member Judith Davis with Actress Ariana DeBose at Tribeca Festival

Actor Simon Baker with NYWIFT Member Judith Davis at Tribeca Festival

The cast of the Netflix film Beauty produced by Lena Waithe on the red carpet at Tribeca Festival

Actress Jurnee Smollett with NYWIFT Member Judith Davis on the red carpet at Tribeca Festival

Actress J. Cameron Smith on the red carpet at Tribeca Festival

Actor Giancarlo Esposito on the red carpet at Tribeca Festival


Judith Davis

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