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Linnette Harrigan – Music Supervisor and Consultant for TV, Film, and Web


By Katie Chambers

NYWIFT Member Linnette Harrigan is a music supervisor, producer, entrepreneur, and musician. Linnette is a graduate of Hunter College in New York City. As CEO and founder of her own agency, Linnette Harrigan Media Inc,  she is currently head of  Music Supervision, Licensing, TV Film & Brand Partnerships.

Linnette’s talent for music sourcing and supervision has been featured in numerous projects and film festivals including (Sundance and others). She’s been a music consultant for television shows and films on such networks as Oxygen, BET, Hulu and Netflix. Linnette recently won “Music Business Specialist of The Year “- USA category at the 2020 Corporate Vision Media Innovator Awards, recognized for considerable growth in music industry.

Music supervision is a fascinating job. According to The Guild of Music Supervisors, a music supervisor is “a qualified professional who oversees all music related aspects of film, television, advertising, video games and other existing or emerging visual media platforms as required.” It requires a deep knowledge of the industry, music, licensing, and more. 

We sat down to with Linnette to discuss what’s in her music supervisor toolkit.


NYWIFT Member Linnette Harrigan in her office.


Music supervision is such a fun – and unique – career path. What inspired you to get into it? Are there particular films or shows that continue to be an inspiration to you?

I grew up a musician and singer, studying music since I was 12. I later went on to work for record labels (Sony, Universal) where I also learned about music business and licensing.

As a big fan of film and television, my move to music supervision was a natural progression – I began combining skills. I’ve now been writing songs, selecting and producing soundtracks to enhance key moments and scenes since 2010.

I love films, especially those with great soundtracks and theme songs!  Some favorites that come to mind include The BodyguardRocky, and Titanic. It is actually the music for these films that makes them most memorable in my opinion. The music takes you back to specific times in history. You associate the music with the characters and stories, which most often causes you to fall in love with the film.


What are three tools you can’t live without while on the job?

I absolutely cannot live without my headphones – I’m always listening to music, trying to stay abreast of older and current styles & pieces.

My Macbook laptop computer is also close by for researching titles, copyrights, and clearing music.  

My microphone stays on my desk – I use it whenever I need to quickly record piece of music and I also use it for podcasting.


Linnette Harrigan in the studio.


Any favorite new technology, equipment, or apps you’d like others to know about?

I am the creator of “Elevate Your Music,” a  new  music industry App now available at Google play (for Android) and Apple Appstore (for iPhone/iPad). It’s an excellent app for music discovery! Music creators can submit new music through the app and music supervisors, filmmakers can find music through the app.

There is also a music-licensing tool on the app, which is very convenient. I can quickly license music tracks for producers and directors who may need quick & affordable music for film & TV projects.

Linnette Harrigan with Ava DuVernay


What’s the best advice you’ve ever received?

One of the best pieces of advice I ever received was from one of my mentors, the famed filmmaker Ava DuVernay, who said:

“Always be passionate and move forward with gusto every single hour of every single day until you reach your goal.”

Ava recommended this many years ago to me when we were working on a project together. I follow her advice even to this day…



How are you staying sane / staying healthy during this difficult year?

I am a strong believer of self-care and meditation.   I spend a good amount of time daily listening to good music, writing and being careful to think and speak positive.  All three are very powerful for me!


Learn more at linnetteharriganmedia.com.


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