“Work” Re-Tells the Mythical Story of Lilith with a Modern Feminist Twist


Two NYWIFT members have joined forces with a team of immigrant women filmmakers to tell the story of ​WORK​, a short film written and directed by Aoife Williamson. ​WORK​, a comedy-drama, follows Lilith, a musician scrambling to create a song in one day to submit for a job that could sky-rocket her music career. It just so happens that this day is a very busy day at her money job… and it just so happens that her “money job” is as a sex worker, named Eve.

NYWIFT member Marie O’Connell will produce and fellow member Yessica Curiel Montoya is cinematographer. They are joined by writer/director and lead actor Aoife Williamson and co-producer Paridhi Rana. Together they form the core team of immigrant women hailing from Ireland, Mexico, and Nepal.

The team from WORK


Throughout ​WORK​ is woven the story of the mythical Lilith, ​the true first woman, before Eve. Lilith was made, like Adam, from the earth. T​hey were created equal, so she wanted to be treated as an equal, but he did not agree, thus she got labelled as a demon and virtually unwritten from history. Writer/ director Aoife Williamson believes this myth is the perfect lens from which to view anti-feminism. It reminds us that this tale is as old as time, that women have been fighting these same battles for millennia; fighting for equality.

De-stigmatizing sex work is a moral and human rights obligation. We attempt to address it in this film with humor and with heart. Lilith could be your sister, your barista, or your musician friend. She is a normal girl; more than that, she is powerful and courageous, and she deserves every ounce of your respect” – Aoife Williamson – Writer/Director/Lead actor

Aoife Williamson as Lilith


The team acknowledge that there are many reasons why people choose to, are forced to, or are driven to sex work. This story is of someone who chooses it freely. Lilith is a woman in her power. She has the life of a normal twenty-something artist in NYC, she just has a less-than-normal side job. The mission is to portray that sex work, for many people, is just work.

The team launched a Kickstarter campaign to raise funds for production. They hope you will support the film and help bring this story to life.

At a time when New York feels very far from normal, we are working together to create something in the city that we love and choose to be a part of.”   – Marie O’Connell – Producer


Donate to the Kickstarter at http://kck.st/2EEGGX4   

Learn more on the film’s website: www.workshortfilm.com

Instagram: @work.shortfilm

Facebook: @workthefilm



WORK​ is Aoife Williamson’s directorial debut, her acting career in theatre and film has led her to this point where she will take the reins to tell Lilith’s story.

Cinematographer and NYWIFT member Yessica Curiel Montoya has received the Kodak Eastman Award for Cinematography. Her credits include ​The Zoo​, HBO’s ​Random Acts of Flyness​, PBS​American Masters and ​Netflix It’s Bruno​.

Producer and NYWIFT member Marie O’Connell began working in post-production, her credits include STARZ’s ​The Girlfriend Experience​, HBO’s ​The Deuce​ and ​The Undoing. ​She has produced short films ​Pas​ (’15) and ​Roadhead ​(‘21).

Co-producer Paridhi Rana is an independent filmmaker drawing inspiration from ancient folklore and current social, political issues surrounding human rights, especially women and immigration rights.

Composer DMac Burns, a Bronx native, is a singer-songwriter, producer, and multi-instrumentalist who will be releasing an EP this fall. His compositions have appeared in the BronxNet TV show ​Cult TV​.




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