What’s in Your Toolkit: Jennifer Snowdon

Our Friday column asks our members about their favorite tool, software, article of clothing, shoes on set, favorite scriptwriting software, etc.


Jennifer Snowdon – Makeup Artist


By Terry Greenberg

Longtime NYWIFT member Jennifer Snowdon is a makeup artist for film and television with 25 years of experience, having worked on the first high def camera with David Niles nine years before it came to the industry. Currently she is the Department Head and Key Makeup for David Osmond, Emmy-Nominated host of Wonderama now in season four (available on Amazon Prime) and she offers individualized lessons online as well as in-person and group makeup seminars. She shares a peek inside her toolkit.


NYWIFT Member Jennifer Snowdon


What is the most unique or oddball item found in your toolkit?

One of the most unique items is my toolkit itself: my Zuca Make Up Bag with seat and double wheels for subway stairs! They light up in the dark, handy in dark halls and streets. When doing makeup for NYWIFT’s Archive Project a woman filmmaker from the silent film era told me that the original makeup artists were all men because studios didn’t think women could carry their kits! “REEL” WOMEN HAVE SUBWAY WHEELS!

What’s in your toolkit for food/nourishment when you are on the job?

Pistachios – lightly salted for protein for salt cravings. Trail mix with cranberries and dark chocolate for afternoon boost and sugar cravings. Emergen-C to add to water, lots of water.

What do you do or use from your toolkit to help you de-stress on location?

The best de-stressing tip is to be really organized and keep as much as possible as simple as it can be. I get as much rest as I can the night before, then get up early and do a fine tune check of the call sheet with notes to myself and my team. Pencil on paper.

What are the essential tools in your kit when you are doing makeup for a shoot/project?

Makeup Forever Travel Size Mascaras so that I can use a real mascara wand loaded with mascara and then I give it to the actor or use in their touch up kit for a shoot – hygienic and the look we all want to get.

Image Skincare- I Mask Hydrating Hydrogel Sheet Mask – amazing right before makeup application.

Alchimie Forever Tightening Eye Gel – immediate depuffing effect

Shout Advanced Set in Stain Remover – for makeup on clothing, even mine!

And my Utility Belt has something to fix everything!
-Kleenex/Oil Absorbing Sheets/Transparent Powder/Setting Spray -Sens’Eyes Makeup Remover Makeup Forever
-Prestige Makeup Eraser Pencil
-Spoolies and Qtips
-Hand Sanitizer
-Breath Spray, Halls and Visine
-Moisturizer samples
-Travel size Hair Spray-comb-bobby pins-hair elastic
-Lint Roller / Hollywood Fashion Tape / Matchbook Nail Files
-Sponges/Concealer Palette/Talents’ lip colors in filled lip brushes

What is the one thing you couldn’t live without while you are doing a shoot/project?

Red lipstick.

Learn more about Jennifer at www.jennifersnowdon.com.

Terry Greenberg

Terry Greenberg Following a distinguished and rewarding career in film publicity and marketing, Terry is currently the owner of Short and Sweet Productions (www.shortandsweet.nyc). A former two-term NYWIFT Board member, she now happily sits on the Advisory Board.

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