What’s in Your Toolkit: Grace Kim

By Kathryn O’Kane

For 17 years, NYWIFT has joined with the Hamptons International Film Festival to present the annual Sunday Brunch and co-present the Women Calling the Shots short film showcase – all in celebration of the outstanding achievements by women filmmakers at the festival.

NYWIFT caught up with two filmmakers who attended the brunch (quite literally while running to the next screening in East Hampton) and asked them, “What’s in your toolkit?”

First up, Grace Kim, director of An Interloper’s Kiss

Filmmaker Grace Kim


What is the one thing you can’t live without in production?

Storyboards are an essential part of my toolkit. I need the visual reference. More than the shot list, I look at the story boards on set for composition, lighting, etc.


What do you eat on set?

 I don’t eat candy or bread. I don’t like anything heavy. I mostly eat dried apricots and fruit.


What do you do to help de-stress?

I’m not usually too stressed on set because I’m hyper focused on the work. But I do like to do yoga or a quick jog – anything to get the blood flowing.


What’s the most out of the ordinary thing in your toolkit?

I always have a journal so I can write or draw. I always bring lavender essential oil because that’s supposed to be relaxing.


Grace Kim’s experimental short film An Interloper’s Kiss (pictured above) was featured as part of the Women Calling the Shots short film showcase presented by NYWIFT and the Hamptons International Film Festival. She was recently announced as one of the recipients of Viacom’s Viewfinder: Emerging Directors Program, which provides directors with underrepresented voices an opportunity to enhance their skill set and grow their network. From October to December, Grace will head to Los Angeles to shadow directors for shows on Paramount TV.



busyk Kathryn O'Kane is a producer/director with over fifteen years of diverse experience in television, advertising and web media. She is honored to serve on the NYWIFT Board of Directors, which supports the careers of women in the Entertainment Industry. Kathryn has crafted narratives as diverse as “Mission Juno,” which documents NASA’s probe to Jupiter, "Master Class," the award-winning10-part flagship series for the Oprah Winfrey Network OWN, and "San Quentin Film School," a six-part documentary series for Discovery Channel following nine prisoners during the first ever film production class in prison. Having started her career supporting democratic initiatives in Latin America, Kathryn has always maintained a love for international travel and politics, and she looks forward to bridging cultural differences through art and story telling. Learn more at www.busyk.com.

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