Terry’s Picks: S.W.A.N. Recap, Women’s Equity, Don’t Blink

S.W.A.N Recap: In case you missed our Support Women Artists Now (S.W.A.N.) Day this Spring, our good friends at SVA have made the Q&A available for viewing online! See filmmaker Sabrina Gordon discuss her documentary BaddDDD Sonia Sanchez with Michelle Materre.

Women’s Equity: Kudos to Equity, which opened this weekend and was a New York Times Critic’s Pick. The first-ever female-driven Wall Street film, Equity is produced by, written by, directed by, production designed by, hair/makeup/costume designed by, and stars women! Listen to director Meera Menon discuss the film, which she says “normalizes female ambition,” on the Women and Hollywood blog’s podcast.

Don’t Blink: Congrats to NYWIFT member Laura Israel, whose documentary Don’t Blink – Robert Frank has had such a successful run at Film Forum that is has been extended for two weeks! Catch the documentary by August 9th.



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