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Advancing Your Negotiation Skills: Live Roleplay Workshop

Advancing Your Negotiation Skills: Live Roleplay Workshop

17 Dec 2018 @ 06:30pm

Join NYWIFT and Shushana Jachobov, entertainment deal-maker, for a hands-on, live roleplay workshop where attendees will practice, first-hand, how to prepare for and negotiate a deal to acquire intellectual property rights for development. Jachobov will provide a a detailed scenario that will involve a production company negotiation with a rights holder to develop a project for the screen. The scenario will involve a first, introductory meeting. Next will be a scenario for a more involved negotiation meeting. Attendees will work in groups to strategize and run two meetings in real time. Jachobov will then review the meetings, offer feedback, provide recommendations and answer questions.

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WIFT Australia Raising Films Australia Screen Industry Survey report, “Honey, I Hid the Kids!: Experiences of Parents and Carers in the Australian Screen Industry” was released at the 2018 Adelaide Film Festival. The report reveals significant challenges to being a working parent or carer in the screen industry, with 74% of respondents reporting the impact of caring work on their role in the industry as negative. Experiences reported include people hiding the fact that they have children, people taking on more than a full-time load in order to survive, through to those who have had to leave the industry altogether, resulting in an industry-wide loss of knowledge and expertise.

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The percentage of TV episodes directed by women and people of color increased oh-so-slightly vs. last year, according to an annual study released in early October 2018 by the Directors Guild of America.

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Now in its 21st year, the Boxed In study, sponsored by the Center for the Study of Women in Television and Film at San Diego State University and headed up by executive director Dr. Martha M. Lauzen, provides the most comprehensive historical record of women’s representation and employment in television available. The 2017-2018 report show little to no improvement for female representation.

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Terry Lawler and the Board of Directors of New York Women in Film & Television announced today that Terry will conclude her tenure as Executive Director on December 31, 2018.

Strategic planning has been underway for an Executive Director transition for the past two years as part of NYWIFT’s five-year strategic plan.

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The DGA recently released a study sharing that the pool of first-time episodic TV directors ‘is more inclusive than ever.’ This pool, which includes women and minorities, shows an encouraging employment gain, setting record highs for the second year in a row.

Learn more about the study.

  • "As always and even more so today, women in our business are taking up the mantle of courage and truth-telling and consciousness, and they move and inspire me. We are awake now in a way we have never been before."

    - Actor Judith Light, accepting her 2017 NYWIFT Muse Award

  • "My faith is renewed by the way I experience this vanguard moving through the world with such grace at such a complex time. Speaking truth to power and creating a legacy for the women and the men who follow."

    - Actor Judith Light, accepting her 2017 NYWIFT Muse Award

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