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Catch Eva Zelig's An Unknown Country on PBS

Eva Zelig's documentary, An Unknown Country, will premiere on the PBS TV station Thirteen/WNET in New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut - Monday, June 12 at 10 PM. For night owls there will be a repeat broadcast Tuesday, June 20 at 4 AM. Check your local listings and if you can’t catch it live, set your DVR for later viewing at your leisure.

The film was fiscally sponsored by NYWIFT.

An Unknown Country

Date: Monday, June 12th, 2017
Time: 10 PM
Network: Thirteen/WNET

See details at Thirteen.org.

This inspiring film tells the story of European Jews who fled Nazi persecution and the rising Holocaust to find refuge in Ecuador, a small country with few resources. Their poignant experience is a lesson in survival and adaptation—a story now more timely than ever as forced immigration has become a major issue of our time. Through the exiles' personal testimonies, the documentary chronicles their heartbreaking search for a country that would take them in when most had closed their doors. It sheds light on why Ecuador granted asylum to the refugees. It also explores the actions of Ecuador's consuls in Europe. Some exacted heavy fees for visas, while others helped for humanitarian reasons. One consul daringly issued Ecuadorian passports to stateless Jews to delay deportation to death camps.

An Unknown Country provides fresh insights as it shows the refugees' struggles to build new lives while holding onto elements of their European culture. It explores relations between the local inhabitants and the European immigrants in their midst, and highlights the contributions the immigrants made to the economic, scientific, artistic, and social life of their host country. In the present day, we follow the children of the refugees, now living abroad, as they return to Ecuador, the land of their birth. During this reunion, they reconnect with childhood memories and rediscover the unique and peculiar aspects of the country that welcomed their parents. The film shows how the exiles remade their lives in what was for them an exotic, unfamiliar land, and it highlights their contributions to many aspects of life in their host country.

Further information is available on the film's website.

Meet the Filmmaker:

Eva Zelig
Eva Zelig
NYWIFT member Eva Zelig is an award-winning producer/writer whose work has appeared on PBS, The Learning Channel, New York Times TV, ABC, National Geographic TV, and Consumer Reports. Eva won an Emmy award for the documentary Killer Virus that aired on The Learning Channel. Also for TLC, she produced, Transplant: The Clock is Ticking, a documentary nominated for a Cable ACE award. She has also been honored with two CINE Golden Eagles, Gold Apple from National Educational Media Network, Pinnacle Award from American Women in Radio and TV, Gold Medal from International Film and TV Festival of New York.

For the popular award-winning PBS series Innovation, she produced many programs about cutting-edge advances in science, technology, health, and the environment. Also for PBS: Close to Home: A Moyers Report on Addiction, Planet H20, Art Through Time: A Global View (2009), and The Power of Music (2014). She was a producer of We Also Dance, a documentary about blind dancers.

Eva has produced educational videos for schools and museums, including the Nature Museum-Chicago Academy of Sciences, Brooklyn Botanic Garden, and Grand Teton National Park. She teamed up with the American Museum of Natural History and Environmental Defense Fund to create the award-winning multimedia traveling exhibition, Global Warming: Understanding the Forecast. The exhibition received the American Association of Museums Curators Award.

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