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Reaching the "Right" People in Your Creative Career with Zip Creative's Joanne Zippel

As a creative artist, it can be hard to find and connect with the “right” people to move your career forward. This may be do to self-limiting beliefs, such as viewing networking as the business of selling yourself and not staying true to your authentic artistic vision, or it may be a lack of know-how and a reluctance to step out of your comfort zone. At this hands-on seminar you will learn powerful techniques that will get your creative work seen and practice strategies that will connect you to the people who are right for you!

Come Learn Proven Strategies and Techniques To:

-Identify your networking goals
-Envision and identify your ideal collaborators and champions for your work
-Target and connect with the best people to achieve the goals aligned with your creative vision
-Identify and effectively use the resources you already have
-Move beyond the limiting beliefs that keep you from reaching out with confidence
-Take immediate action to build your resources and relationships

Joanne Zippel is a producer, manager and creative coach. She is a long-time NYWIFT member with over 25 years of experience helping artists break through in their creative careers.  She also leads the NYWIFT Career Support Workshop, an 8 session workshop designed to help NYWIFT members focus on their careers and move to the next level.   

Zippel’s creative coaching practice evolved out of her work as a manager of playwrights and screenwriters--guiding their careers and helping them to pursue their passions in an often difficult, changeable and arbitrary business. Helping highly motivated people clarify and achieve their vision has long been, and remains, central to her work as a producer, entrepreneur and coach. Through the unique combination of her professional experience in the entertainment industry and her life coaching, she can help you clarify your vision, build a solid foundation from which to make authentic career and life decisions and take practical action to achieve your goals.  


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