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Women of the Mountain

Filmmakers Rebecca Byerly and Natacha Giler are in home stretch of their feature documentary

After spending the past year meeting and running with women around the world, Giler and Byerly now face the last stage of their project. To help fund filming expenses in Tahoe, CA, where the last section of the film will be shot, the two female filmmakers recently launched a Kickstarter campaign. Next to the Tahoe shoot, the funds raised, will also go towards "months and months of editing, post production and further support of the film" editor and co-director Natacha Giler says.

Women of the Mountain is a feature-length documentary told through the narratives of six women: three who run the world’s longest ultra-marathons through the world’s highest mountain ranges, and three who live in those rugged terrains. From the Himalayas to the Alps to the Sierra Nevada, the film aims to tell the stories of resilient women from around the world.

Throughout the project, producer and co-director Rebecca Byerly fully immersed herself in the struggles and triumphs of these six different women. So far, she has run, and the crew has filmed, a 135-mile race that touched nearly 18,000 feet in the Himalayas of Ladakh, India and a 125-mile race through the Alps in Switzerland. This September, she is set to run the 200-mile ultra-marathon in California's Sierra Nevada. Editor and co-director Natacha Giler along with cinematographers from America, Europe and India have captured the breathtaking landscapes, the local communities as well as the grueling moments on the trail.

With their documentary, the two female filmmakers aim to show viewers the ancient mountains and their people in an entirely new way. And also, as Rebecca Byerly says, "to have these women remind us we can always rise above."

To help the film through the final stages and to find out more about the project visit their Kickstarter campaign here.


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