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Frances Goldin, the subject of  It Took 50 Years
Frances Goldin, the subject of It Took 50 Years
NYWIFT Members' Crowd Sourcing Projects

Check out our Kickstarter and Indiegogo pages!

Current Projects:

It Took 50 Years: Frances Goldin and the Struggle for Cooper Square has launched an on-line campaign with Indiegogo to raise funds for post-production. The feature-length documentary chronicles a successful fight by Lower East Side residents to save their community from the forces
of urban renewal, drug violence and real estate speculation.  Concurrently the film explores the dynamic life of Frances Goldin, a 90 year-old neighborhood activist who was involved in the struggle for over five decades.  

Burning Child follows Theodore on the night following his son's death. Upon the discovery of his son's broken wind up doll, he becomes possessed with the desire to fix the toy, and therein "fix" his situation. As he tries, his world becomes increasingly surreal, forcing him to confront himself. The film is written and directed by NYWIFT Next Wave Member Kelsey Brewer.

The Kids Menu is a short comedic film about Old School Brooklyn vs. New School Brooklyn, clashing in a local pizzeria. When set-in-his-ways Italian pizzeria owner Carmine (Vincent Pastore, The Sopranos), meets headstrong young mom Kat (Nyle Lynn, Comedy Central) tensions - and calorie counts – rise in this funny, family-friendly film that will have everyone laughing and craving pizza! The film is written by Richard Vetere (The Third Miracle) and directed by Paul Borghese (Once Upon a Time in Brooklyn). NYWIFT member Maayan Schneider is co-producing this film with 11 other women producers, led by Nyle Lynn, under the auspices of Collaborative Media Productions. 

Violation is a short film about a female combat veteran whose PTSD is triggered by street harassment. A year after returning from war, Shayla is still struggling to adjust to civilian life when she is preyed upon by Mark while traveling alone to work in the pre-dawn hours of Brooklyn. When an out of service train leads them to the same bus stop, the run-of-the-mill incident triggers Shayla’s PTSD to violent results. With the support of her war forged friends Tamara and Lisa, Shayla finally comes to terms with her combat experience and embraces the path of a warrior. Violation is fiscally sponsored by New York Women in Film and Television and donations are tax-deductible. 

Grazers is a documentary following a group of small farmers with big ideas who struggle to start a cooperative to sell their grass-fed beef. Along the way these farmers are almost undone by a broken food system and their own naiveté. The project filmed by Sarah Teale and Lisa F. Jackson has almost reached completion and is now in need of funds for post-production. 

Viva Verdi
In light of the bicentennial year of renowned opera composer Giuseppe Verdi, the award-winning filmmakers and WIF members Yvonne Russo and Christine La Monte are bringing a new documentary to the screen. The film will tell the story of the hidden lives inside Casa Verdi. Giuseppe Verdi built the house in Milan as a home to retired opera singers and musicians. The stately retirement home which was also the inspiration behind Dustin Hoffman’s film, QUARTET, remains the heart of Verdi’s legacy. Christine La Monte will produce and Yvonne Russo will both produce and direct. 

Finding Jenn’s Voice is a documentary film that examines Intimate Partner Homicide. When Jennifer Snyder was murdered by her boyfriend, we learned that pregnant women are more likely to die from homicide than any other cause - a shocking statistic that receives little media attention. Finding Jenn’s Voice examines the universal signs of dangerous relationships, and gives a voice to the survivors by challenging the media for their reporting and portrayals of violence against women.

Finding the Mother Lode ‚Äčis a documentary exploring the early Italian immigration to California through the stories of men and women in seven communities. The documentary which is currently a 104 min film has the opportunity to be broadcast on PBS but will need to be cut into three 30-minute films. For this, color correction, sound mixing, rights to the archive material and distribution fees the filmmakers are looking for funding through their Indiegogo campaign. 

The first feature from award-winning ZAG Media Productions. Producer Zainab Ali is raising funds to secure award-winning actresses for the comedy-drama. The film is about a former 1980s actor and bandleader in a last-ditch attempt to restore his career by producing a musical about his colorful life. You can view the Youtube crowdfunding pitch here.

Payal Sethi and Pooja Kohli are embarking on an all-or-nothing project to raise $10,000 in 45 days by August 14th. Funds are going towards a film about a young girl in Hyderabad, India who tries to save her younger sister from becoming the 'one-day-bride' of an old Sheikh.
By searching for an old wive's remedy that will make her a virgin again she hopes to take her sister's place.

Past Projects:

Nia on Vacation 
The first feature film shot by Elizabeth Casinelli. Nia is a native New Yorker just weeks shy of her college graduation when she receives news of her estranged father's passing. Her brother Peter is a native Greek whom she's never met. The plane ticket he gifts to her will be a much needed escape from her reality - and a window into his.

Caroline's Wedding 
NYWIFT Member Esmanie Michel and former NYWIFT employee is raising funds for her feature film! Caroline's Wedding is a film on the Haitian-American experience told through one family's struggle to adjust to life in Brooklyn. Check out the Kickstarter page here.

The Great Despair
NYWIFT Member Ela Thier is producing her second feature which focuses a human from the year 2592 who, by time travel, ends up in 2014. Check out the website here. As part of the fund raiser, Ela has also assembled small statements of men speaking about the lack of films made by and about women. Check the clips out here.

The Viking of 6th Avenue 
NYWIFT Member Lori Cheatleand is producing this feature which
tells the story of Moondog, a legendary musician and New York icon whose
life was an unexpected, outrageous adventure. Please check out the
Kickstarter page here. 

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New York City Department of Cultural Affairs in partnership with the City Council, and New York State Council on the Arts