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Moderator Ingrid Kopp
Moderator Ingrid Kopp
Next Generations Docs: Social Media and Cross-platform Storytelling

Digital technology is changing documentary filmmaking. This month the focus is on docs with digital offspring and a great social strategy.

With millions of people active on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube, social media has become a new ally during the research and production of a film, and it can keep a project active online long after its launch. The emergence of additional platforms for cross-media storytelling – the Internet, games, mobile TV — is allowing filmmakers to extend their narratives and create completely new ones.    

This panel will explore the potential of all this new technology. We’ll hear how producers harness crowdsourcing techniques (the power of the online crowd) to create innovative projects that deepen documentary storytelling and build social experiences.


Doug Block
is a documentary director, producer and consultant whose current film, The Kids Grow Up, is in theatrical release and will be on HBO this Fathers Day. Other directing credits include 51 Birch Street, The Heck With Hollywood! and  Home Page.  Producing credits include Silverlake Life, Jupiter’s Wife, Paternal Instinct, A Walk Into the Sea, The Edge of Dreaming and Resurrect Dead: The Mystery of the Toynbee Tiles. Block has won top prizes at numerous festivals, as well as Emmys, a Peabody and an Independent Spirit Award. He is founder of The D-Word (d-word.com ) an online discussion forum for documentary professionals.

Caitlin Burns is a Transmedia Producer with Starlight Runner Entertainment, where she creates and influences rich fictional universes that are readily familiar to millions. Building on a background of Theatrical Production design and guerilla events she has worked on  a number of blockbusters including Pirates of the Caribbean, Fairies, and Tron Legacy for Disney, James Cameron’s Avatar, Halo for Microsoft, Happiness Factory for Coca-Cola, and Transformers for Hasbro. She is currently producing an independent feature using new media distribution methods, Jurassic Park Slope. She is an avid blogger about franchises and stories aimed at women and girls, and likes sharing how the transmedia development process can apply to indie and non-fiction projects.

Barbara Rick
is a Peabody & Emmy-winning filmmaker and journalist. She is the President and Founder of Out of The Blue Films, a nonprofit documentary company devoted to exceptional storytelling that explores, articulates and celebrates humanity. She is currently working on a new documentary on the causes  and consequences of the most corrosive human emotion – envy. In producing Envy, Rick is exploring the social media technologies and websites that impact her craft, creativity  and content. 

Brandon Litman is Co-founder of One Day on Earth, and has worked closely with the UN and multinational NGOs to create a global media archive and collaborative feature film on life throughout our planet.  Working with the growing One Day on Earth online community, he successfully produced video from every country in the world on the same day, 10/10/10. Brandon is also a partner in the NYC-based postproduction studio, Alien Kung Fu. He studied Finance at the University of Southern California and taught skydiving lessons at Lake Elsinore, CA before moving back to his native NYC.

Ingrid Kopp, Moderator, (pictured above) is Editor-in-Chief of Shooting People (US), an international networking organization for independent filmmakers. She began her career in the Documentaries department at Channel 4 Television in the UK. While there she worked on original commissions and documentary acquisitions and ran a series of workshops for emerging filmmakers. In New York, Kopp worked for a number of independent production companies before joining Shooting People. She writes about film, social media and technology for various publications and teaches Digital Bootcamp workshops. She also works as a documentary programming consultant for film festivals, broadcasters and foundations and is the new media consultant for the TFI New Media Fund.   

Produced by Maura Kelly, Marcia Rock and Nancy Rosenthal

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NYWIFT programs, screenings and events are supported, in part, by grants from New York City Department of Cultural Affairs in partnership with the City Council, and New York State Council on the Arts with the support of Governor Andrew Cuomo and the New York State Legislature.

New York City Department of Cultural Affairs in partnership with the City Council, and New York State Council on the Arts