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Willy-Gilly Productions, Inc. Talk show, Empowering Women Everywhere, produced and hosted by Nan Gill-Wilson has garnered a ‘Bronze” Telly Award in their first year. The interview strip focuses on women of character who are doing great things in their respective communities. The show provides vital insight and information that these people are doing to raise awareness of important women’s issues. It examines critical services available in many areas throughout the Hudson Valley and beyond. It also highlights the major impact they are having in providing solutions to today’s many challenges. With 31 episodes already produced. Collar will be honored at the High Desert International Film Festival later this month.

The Karma Club, produced by NYWIFT member Lisa Carville, will screen at the Hoboken Film Festival on May 24 at 4 PM. The Karma Club is about three orphaned brothers who do whatever is needed to survive in a small Southern town. But after accepting a job from a mysterious woman, the bond between these brothers will be tested like never before. See details and buy tickets. The film was nominated for 12 awards at the NOVA Film Festival in Fairfax, Virginia, last month. It won seven of those awards, including Film of the Year! Wins: Film of the Year, Best Feature Film, Best Film Noir, Best Screenplay, Best Score, Best Director - Kevin Porter Young and Best Supporting Actor - Kevin Porter Young. Runners up: Best Actress - Tara Westwood, Best Ensemble, and Best Cinematography - Greg Harriott. Watch the trailer.

NYWIFT member Mari Lyn Henry is the founder of the Society for the Preservation of Theatrical History, which will present Stage Struck! Reclaiming the History of Women in Theatre, written and performed by Paula Ewin, Ginger Grace, Mari Lyn Henry, Judy Rosenblatt and Sandhi Santini. Join them for an intimate soiree with five women who helped to shape the modern Theatre and whose personal exploits, on and off the stage, made a difference in the civic and artistic life of New York City and the country. May 19-22. Friday, Saturday, Monday at 7:30 PM; Saturday at 3 PM; Sunday at 5 PM; at New Perspectives Studio (458 W. 37th St.). Tickets: $20; students/seniors with ID pay $15. See details and buy tickets.

NYWIFT member Victoria Negri's debut feature film Gold Star is premiering Opening Night at the Art of Brooklyn Film Festival on June 7 at 9 PM at St. Francis College (182 Remsen Street, Brooklyn). The film is inspired by Victoria's real-life experiences caring for her elderly father after he suffered a stroke, and stars Oscar-nominated actor Robert Vaughn in his last on-screen performance. Gold Star is an inaugural Kickstart Diversity project with Big Vision Empty Wallet. Awards include: Audience Award at the Buffalo International Film Festival and the Lisa Blount Memorial Award for Acting at the Oxford Film Festival. The film has been featured in: The Hollywood Reporter, New York Daily News, The Talkhouse, and NoFilmSchool. For more information on the film, visit its website. To RSVP for the screening and for tickets, see the film’s Facebook event.

NYWIFT member Maleni Chaitoo can be seen in Netflix's critically-acclaimed Master of None season 2! The series was created by Aziz Ansari and Alan Yang, and stars Ansari in the lead role of Dev, a 30-year-old actor who attempts to make his way through life in New York City. Chaitoo is featured in episode 6, "New York, I Love You." In this episode: As Dev and his friends go to see a popular new movie, the lives of ordinary New Yorkers intersect in subtle ways.

NYWIFT member Stephanie Carroll is the production designer for 3 Generations, which opened in NYC and LA on May 5 and opens nationwide on May 12. It stars Susan Sarandon, Naomi Watts and Elle Fanning. A family living under one roof in New York must deal with a life-changing transformation by one that ultimately affects them all. Ray is a teenager who has come to the realization that he isn't meant to be a girl and has decided to transition from female to male. His single mother, Maggie, must track down Ray's biological father to get his legal consent to allow Ray's transition. Dolly, Ray's lesbian grandmother, is having a hard time accepting that she now has a grandson. They must each confront their own identities and learn to embrace change and their strength as a family in order to ultimately find acceptance and understanding. Watch the trailer and see showtimes.

Sophie & the Rising Sun, directed by NYWIFT member Maggie Greenwald and produced by member Susan Lazarus, starring Julianne Nicholson & Margo Martindale, is now streaming on Netflix! It is also available on DVD and digital VOD. Set in the autumn of 1941 in Salty Creek, a willowy fishing village in South Carolina, the film tells the compelling story of two interracial lovers, Sophie, an artist who also fishes and sells crabs to the townfolk, the other an Asian gentleman, swept up in the tides of history. As World War II rages in Europe, Mr. Ohta, appears in the town badly beaten and under mysterious circumstances. Sophie, a native of Salty Creek, quickly becomes transfixed by Mr. Ohta and a friendship born of their mutual love of art blossoms into a delicate and forbidden courtship. As their secret relationship evolves the war escalates tragically. And when Pearl Harbor is bombed, a surge of misguided patriotism, bigotry and violence sweeps through the town, threatening Mr. Ohta’s life. A trio of women, each with her own secrets - Sophie, along with the town matriarch and her housekeeper - rejects law and propriety, risking their lives with their actions.

NYWIFT member Katie Tibaldi is the producer of the feature documentary Street Fighting Men, which recently made its World Premiere at IFFBoston and will make its San Francisco premiere at San Francisco Doc Fest on June 4 at 5 PM and June 6 at 7:15 PM, at the historic Roxie Theater. In a rapidly changing America where mass inequality and dwindling opportunity have devastated the black working class, Street Fighting Men is the story of three Detroit men, who must fight to build something lasting for themselves and future generations. To purchase tickets to the San Francisco premiere of Street Fighting Men, which has gained support from the Sundance Institute, Film Independent, San Francisco Film Society, and IFP, visit: http://sfindie.com/festivals/sf-docfest/. Keep up with Street Fighting Men on Facebook, Twitter and their new website, as well as by following Katie on Twitter too at @KatieTibaldi.

NYWIFT member Julia Campanelli, Artistic Director of critically acclaimed Shelter Theatre Group, is proud to announce the creation of Shelter Film LLC. Shelter Film is an independent film company based in New York City dedicated to creating film and content featuring female and minority protagonists, writers and filmmakers.The inaugural film produced by Shelter Film is entitled 116, a story about the relationship between an older woman and a younger man. It is a voyeuristic journey into the realities of human interactions and poses the questions, is it the power of love or the love of power that keep people together, how far will they go to stay there, and can love exist without equality. The film reveals a bizarre ritual, an unexpected ending, and is told through the prism of Shakespeare’s Sonnet 116. Follow Shelter Film and 116 through the website and Instagram, and keep up with Julia on Twitter and Facebook for updates on Shelter Film projects. 

NYWIFT member Kim Blacklock was recently named Miss Tall NYC®. She is a member of the Tall Club of New York City, and is in the category of the 10th Tallest Women in the World. Standing bare foot, she has been measured by Guinness World Records, at 6’ 5½” (6’ 8” in heels!). Kim is hoping to be crowned Miss Tall International® 2017 this July in Portland, Oregon, at the Miss Tall International® 2017 Pageant. The winner of the pageant will travel by invitation to various Tall Club "Weekends" and events on her mission to gain publicity for Tall Club International® (TCI) and spread "Tall Awareness." The reigning Miss Tall International® is utilized by TCI and its member clubs as an ambassador of goodwill to the world, in their attempts to get the TALL message out on a national and international level.

Patricia Shih was honored that NYWIFT chose her documentary Undocumented to be a part of Women and Immigration series in March, when it was shown at the Queens World Film Festival. At that first festival the film won Honorable Mention for Best Documentary Feature, and was also nominated for Best Director Documentary Feature. Since then it has been accepted to three more festivals: The Hoboken International Film Festival, screening her film on May 23rd, 6:00 in Greenwood Lake, NY; The Hollywood International Independent Film Festival, where it won two awards – Award of excellence Story Feature and Award of Excellence Women Filmmaker and where it may screen in March, 2018; and Docs Without Borders Film Festival. She was amazed at the response to her film, especially since she is a first time filmmaker. And it all started with the validation from the QWFF and NYWIFT!

The short film Stag is now available on iTunes. Being studied in feminist film theory classes in the U.S and Canada, Stag is a contemporary dissection of the erotic gaze. In the summer of 1963, Sarah Steele (The Good Fight, The Good Wife, Speech and Debate, The Humans) stars as 15-year-old tomboy Francesca, who investigates the mysterious comings and goings in her father's basement. In a bold move, she hides out there one Friday night. What she witnesses will change her vision of the world forever. With Peter Rini (Orange is the New Black) and Rachel Jett (The Body Artist). Written by NYWIFT member Donna Di Novelli, who also acted as a producer on the film, and directed by Kevin Newbury. Buy on iTunes!

NYWIFT member Sabrina Dykman’s feature documentary Nana makes its New York premiere on May 11 at 7 PM at the Museum of Jewish Heritage - A Living Memorial to the Holocaust (36 Battery Pl, New York, NY 10280), followed by a panel discussion with members of the Nana team, Alice Michalowski (subject of the film, producer) who is flying in from Brussels for the occasion, and Sabrina Dykman. The filmmaker retraces her grandmother’s Auschwitz survival story and how her life-long fight against intolerance will continue in the 21st century. Tickets are $15. Buy tickets.

NYWIFT member Cathleen Trigg-Jones is the creator and executive producer of We Are The Joneses, a new doc-series that premiered on Centric TV Saturday, April 22nd, at 10pm EST. We Are The Joneses is not your run-of-the-mill reality show, focusing instead on the many ways the Joneses empower others, entrepreneurship, and family, while delving into a range of issues including adoption, women’s empowerment, self-esteem building, work-life balance, and the importance of family. The doc-series appears on Centric TV deliberately, due to its being a lifestyle channel geared specifically towards women. As a female producer, Cathleen is proud to use her platform to not only ensure women have a voice, but also a seat at the table. Keep up with We Are The Joneses on Twitter, and follow the website to find out when you can next tune in to the show!

NYWIFT member and executive producer M. Blair Breard is selected for two shows among the seven recently revealed in this year’s Peabody 30 entertainment programming category, for Better Things and Horace and Pete. The Peabody Awards is known today as an award ceremony that celebrates storytelling through electronic media. This year’s entertainment category features strong female characters, and unique perspectives that stray from typical television dramas. Better Things stars co-creator Pamela Aldon in a series that examines modern day motherhood through the lens of a single mother with no filter supporting her family as a working actress. A new web series, Horace and Pete features Louis C.K. and Steve Buscemi as brothers and co-owners of a family bar. This series is a great example of brilliant narratives that come from unrestricted storytelling and the use of new media platforms. The Peabody award ceremony will be held on May 20th, hosted by Rashida Jones. For the first time it will be telecast on PBS and Fusion on June 2nd at 9pm/ET.

The Drowning, new film by NYWIFT member Bette Gordon (Variety) opens theatrically at IFC Cinema on May 10. The film is based on Border Crossing, by Booker Prize-winning author Pat Barker, and stars Julia Stiles, Josh Charles, and Avan Jogia. The Drowning is the story of a forensic psychologist who is haunted by his expert-witness testimony that sent a young boy to prison for a chilling murder. When the boy reappears in his life, he is drawn into a destructive, soul-searching reinvestigation of the case. Complex, riveting and unafraid to tread deep, murky psychological waters, this is a story of shifting identities that will keep you guessing until the very end. Screening time/day for discount tickets for NYWIFT members will be announced next week. See details.

NYWIFT member Jill Campbell’s Mr. Chibbs opens May 3 at IFC Center. Ten years after retiring as a professional athlete, Kenny Anderson finds that basketball is easy, it’s life that’s hard. Still reeling from his mother’s death, the former NYC high-school prodigy and NBA All-Star loses a cherished coaching position, sending him into a midlife crisis. Facing his personal demons head-on, the charismatic Anderson must come to terms with his past in order to find a way forward. See details.

The musical biopic Thirsty, directed and co-written by the late NYWIFT member Margo Pelletier, produced by member Lisa Thomas and co-written by member Laura Kelber, will screen as part of the Workers Unite Film Festival on May 6 at 6:30 PM at Cinema Village (22 E. 12th St.). Where does a drag queen come from? A bullied boy from the projects finds his voice in Thirsty. Tickets are $10. Buy tickets. The Workers Unite Film Festival is a celebration of Global Labor Solidarity. The Festival aims to showcase student and professional films from the United States and around the world which publicize and highlight the struggles, successes and daily lives of all workers in their efforts to unite and organize for better living conditions and social justice. Learn more.

NYWIFT member Katie Kupferberg designed the costumes for the independent short film The Bracket Theory, written and directed by Katia Koziara. It screens at the Manhattan Film Festival on April 30 at 6 PM at the Players Theatre (115 MacDougall Street). Lucy has found an objective formula for love, but when New York City puts her theory to the test, she discovers new variables she never saw coming. Tickets are $12. Buy tickets.

NYWIFT member Ela Thier’s Tomorrow Ever After is playing at Cinema Village May 5-11. Shaina lives 600 years in the future. War, greed, prejudice, poverty, pollution, violence, loneliness, depression – these are things that she’s read about in history books. When an accident in a physics experiment sends her on a time-travel journey to our times, she assumes that everyone around her is honest, generous and caring, as she recruits the help that she needs to get back home. Q&As May 5 & 6 at the 7:10pm & 9:10 shows. Tickets are $12. Buy tickets. (Tomorrow Ever After was named the Alliance of Women Film Journalists’ Movie of the Week!

NYWIFT member and writer-director Misha Calvert’s first short film, Pee Sitting Down, will have its LA premiere at the famous Chinese Theatres as part of the Hollywood Comedy Shorts Festival. The film stars member Sonja O’Hara. In this quirky dark comedy, Bohemian Ruby and handsome Julian are having a fabulous first date, but when Ruby wants him to go home with her, Julian surprises her with his sexual proclivities. He tries to manipulate her into fulfilling his fantasies, but Ruby gets the upper hand in the film's hilarious climax. The screening is April 15; 6:30 PM red carpet welcome, 7:30 PM dark comedy screening block. Tickets are $20. Buy tickets.

Carrie Hawks’ NYWIFT member Carrie Hawks’ film black enuf* will screen April 27 at 7 PM at Verso Books (20 Jay St, Brooklyn). A queer oddball seeks approval from their black peers despite a serious lack of hip-hop knowledge. Is it cool for black people to ski—or like Depeche Mode? The quest for a Black Card (undeniable acceptance of blackness) skips from Missouri, to New York, and halfway around the world in this animated documentary. black enuf* interweaves stories from Hawks’ great-grandmother’s autobiography, interviews of family & friends, and illustrated memories. The screening will be free and open to the public including a Q&A session with the director/animator. Watch the trailer and RSVP online.