In This Together


The future is female and the revolution of fempires is evolving greater than we can imagine, but NOT fast enough! How many have heard about the rising of many unsung sheroes who have revolutionized the way we work and reframed what it is to succeed; succeed far beyond the limitations we face due to social constructs of gender, race and sexual orientation?

This documentary series dives in and interviews female CEO’s, entrepreneurs and other influential women making huge impacts in their communities. They are disrupting industries and professional fields that have been dominated by males for generations. The timing of producing this documentary series is extremely important and relevant to the current social and political climate, but more importantly, to our future.


Some of these women’s stories have gained traction on social media and news media outlets. However, we have a global mission to share these stories and promote these women on multiple platforms giving their journeys, struggles and successes a longer shelf-life. 

Each of these stories great importance will impact and inspire young females from all over the world. This will allow them keen insight, knowledge and inspiration to understand that creating a possibility as a leader is endless and that they too, can be fearless in creating a path for themselves, rather than following the conventional paths we were raised to believe exist.

We want to empower others and show we can close the gender pay gap and stop labeling women as predetermined societal archetypes. Our vision is to deconstruct the social norms millions of us have been brought up with and dismantle an antiquated mindset that has created limits in our progress to move forward. We are in this together to light the way.