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Women’s Film Preservation Fund grant application


All applications must be submitted ONLINE ONLY.
Application must be complete before a submission is accepted.
NOTE: This grant is ONLY for preservation. It is NOT a production grant.

Questions?  212-679-0870 x39 or refer to our Guidelines

Save and Retrieve Application

Application ID/Conf Number:

NOTE: Saving your work does NOT submit your application for review. You must choose Submit Application on the final screen in order to complete the application process.


Please fill in as much information below as applies to your film.

A. Applicant

OR Institution Name (if applicant is an institution)



(include area code)

B. Project Manager

(100 word max)

C. Funding

Grants are usually under $10,000 (occasionally larger grants may be made).

Please Note: Grant may not be used for salaries or general administrative costs connected with preservation.


($10,000 maximum)

Briefly describe your plans for obtaining remaining funding if we are unable to meet your full request.

(200 word max)

D. Film Details

Woman artist name(s) and creative role(s). List the top three in order of importance. List others in the space provided below.




(50 word max)

(Specify Other if chosen above)

E. Rights and Distribution

If NOT in the Public Domain, please list the Copyright Holder(s):

Copyright Holder 1

(include area code)

Copyright Holder 2

(include area code)

Additional Copyright Holders

(50 word max)

Distributor Information

F. Film Elements and Location

What film elements do you have for this title?

(Specify Other if chosen above)

(Specify Other if chosen above)

(100 word max)

G. Archive

This is where your preserved film will live. You MUST have secured an archive to apply for this grant. Please refer to our Guidelines for more information.

(include area code)

H. Preservation Lab

This is the preservation lab that inspects your film elements and provides a cost estimate and with whom you will eventually be preserving the film. The lab MUST follow best practices and preservation standards. Please refer to our Guidelines for more info.

(include area code)