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Abdul-Wahab, Farida Abdul-Wahab, Farida
Associate Producer, Production Coordinator, Writer
Ades, Susan Ades, Susan
Editor: Film/Video
Putting It Together Editing
Alfieri, Mary Alfieri, Mary
Editor: Film/Video
Arnold, Pamela Arnold, Pamela
Editor: Film/Video
Avant, Nan Avant, Nan
Barringer, Tanya Barringer, Tanya
Line Producer, Producer, Production Manager
Bennett, Jessica Bennett, Jessica
Berler, Caroline Berler, Caroline
Camera Operator, Director, Producer
Riverhouse Pictures
Black, Lisa Black, Lisa
Executive Producer, Marketing Executive, Production Finance
Garnet Girl, LLC
Blaylock, Alana Blaylock, Alana
Production Coordinator
National Geographic Wild Channel
Bowman-Bullock, Jevonne Bowman-Bullock, Jevonne
Director, Editor: Film/Video, Producer
JAB New York, LLC
Brady-Watters, Evelyn Brady-Watters, Evelyn
Executive Director
Golden Trailer Awards/TrailerTv.com
Brozina, Deborah Brozina, Deborah
Camera Assistant, Consultant, Director
Making Change Productions
Buchter, Lauren Buchter, Lauren
Campbell, Jill Campbell, Jill
Producer, Production Supervisor, Writer
Seagullink, LLC
Caniglia, Valentina Caniglia, Valentina
Christian, Johanna Christian, Johanna
Producer, Production Coordinator
Kanematsu USA Inc.
Chuturkova, Tanya Chuturkova, Tanya
Assistant Director, Director, Production Manager
Cordova-Corwin, Vanessa Cordova-Corwin, Vanessa
Producer, Production Manager, Writer
VCC Productions
Crafts, Lisa Crafts, Lisa
Animator, Titles
Cummings, Kim Cummings, Kim
Director, Editor: Film/Video, Writer
Siren's Tale Productions
Curiel Montoya, Yessica Curiel Montoya, Yessica
Cinematographer, Director of Photography, Gaffer/Electrician
Daniels, Shira Daniels, Shira
Associate Producer, Production Coordinator, Production Manager
Zodiak New York
Demetuis-Thomas, Pam Demetuis-Thomas, Pam
Editor: Film/Video, Editor: Sound, Sound Recordist
Dillon, Cheree Dillon, Cheree
Editor: Film/Video
Doumbe, Veronique Doumbe, Veronique
Director, Editor: Film/Video, Producer
Ndolo Films,llc
Einerson, Esmee Einerson, Esmee
V.P. Digital Media and Content Producer
J.P. Morgan Asset Management
Elizabeth, Morgan Elizabeth, Morgan
Actor, Director, Writer
Associate Producer, Director, Writer
Falguiere, Ellen Falguiere, Ellen
Costume Designer, Creative Director, Stylist
Falguiere Designs
Fleischer, Andrea Fleischer, Andrea
Journalist, Producer, Writer
Granville, Cynthia Granville, Cynthia
Actor, Casting Director, Director
disOrienting Stage and Film
Green, Evelyn Green, Evelyn
Director, Editor: Film/Video, Writer
City of New York Video Production Unit
Green, Joi Green, Joi
Director, Executive Producer, Producer
Queens Public Television
Gruber, Marci Gruber, Marci
Producer, Production Manager
Mind's Eye Productions
Hahn, Jennifer Hahn, Jennifer
Cinematographer, Editor: Film/Video, Writer
Bridgeseeker Productions LLC
Hammond, Dore Hammond, Dore
Director, Producer, Writer
Dore Hammond Films
Harrigan, Linnette Harrigan, Linnette
Creative Director, Music Supervisor, Producer
Linnette Harrigan Media Inc
Harrold, Emily Harrold, Emily
Associate Producer, Production Manager, Researcher
Lynnwood Pictures
Hunter, Marian Hunter, Marian
Editor: Film/Video
Irish, Katie Irish, Katie
Costume Designer, Stylist
Katie Irish Design
Jacobs, Katie Jacobs, Katie
Production Services
Onomatopoeia Inc. and Bridge Multimedia Inc.
Jaime, Josefa Jaime, Josefa
Associate Producer, Researcher
JJaime Research
Jarnagin, Jendra Jarnagin, Jendra
Cinematographer, Director of Photography
Floating Camera, LLC
Kilbourn, Laela Kilbourn, Laela
Cinematographer, Director of Photography
Kim, Sarah Kim, Sarah
Director, Editor: Film/Video
Knowlton, Christine Knowlton, Christine
Editor: Film/Video, Festival Administrator, Producer
Larvick, Kirsten Larvick, Kirsten
Editor: Film/Video, Producer
Lawler, Terry Lawler, Terry
Executive Director
New York Women in Film & Television
Lee, Jessica Lee, Jessica
Associate Producer, Attorney, Producer
Loeb and Loeb LLP
Libert, Rachel Libert, Rachel
Cinematographer, Director
Tied to the Tracks Films, Inc.
Lilly, Destiny Lilly, Destiny
Casting Director
Destiny Casting
Lincoln M'Baye, Darnetha Lincoln M'Baye, Darnetha
Consultant, Music Supervisor, Producer
Lucia, Alexandra Lucia, Alexandra
Actor, Creative Director, Writer
Azotea Production
Maniar, Sheila Maniar, Sheila
Associate Producer
Maslow, Jillian Maslow, Jillian
Costume Designer, Props, Wardrobe
Jillian Maslow Design
Melodia, Lisa Melodia, Lisa
Miller, Barbara Miller, Barbara
Production Finance, Production Services
Miller Productions Corporation
Monpierre, Mariette Monpierre, Mariette
Director, Line Producer, Producer
Over Easy Productions
Mu, Jojo Mu, Jojo
Post-Production Services, Producer, Production Services
Mulero, Veronica Mulero, Veronica
Script Supervisor
Ngo, Michelle Ngo, Michelle
Editor: Film/Video, Post-Production Supervisor, Writer
Park, Christy Park, Christy
Assistant Director
Park, Pearl Park, Pearl
Producer, Video Graphics
Light Fish Arts
Peterson, Clara Peterson, Clara
Assistant Director, Line Producer, Producer
Petrokubi, Marilyn Petrokubi, Marilyn
Producer, Researcher, Writer
TimeSteps Productions, Inc.
Philipsen-Meissner, Heidi Philipsen-Meissner, Heidi
Actor, Director, Writer
Personae Entertainment Ltd.
Phillips, Alex Phillips, Alex
Development Executive, Writer
Seftel Productions
Price, Ingrid Price, Ingrid
Costume Designer
Pun, Wei Pun, Wei
Camera Operator, Cinematographer, Still Photographer
Pusateri, Maria Pusateri, Maria
Actor, Director, Producer
pyzel, Roberta pyzel, Roberta
Director, Editor: Film/Video
Act II Productions, Inc.
Ransom, Jessica Ransom, Jessica
Associate Producer, Executive Producer, Producer
JLR Media, Inc.
Rinzel, Alison Rinzel, Alison
Casting Director
Rodriguez, Kristin Rodriguez, Kristin
Assistant Editor, Editor: Film/Video, Post-Production Services
Rohrer, Kat Rohrer, Kat
Camera Assistant, Cinematographer, Director
GreenKat Productions
Roth, Nancy Roth, Nancy
Post-Production Supervisor, Producer
Rowe, Erica Rowe, Erica
Assistant Editor, Editor: Film/Video, Video Graphics
Ruopp, Kathy Ruopp, Kathy
Assistant Director, Producer, Production Manager
Santos-Miller, Kelly Santos-Miller, Kelly
Assistant Director
Schiff, Beth Schiff, Beth
Casting Director, Talent Coordinator
You Choose Creative
Sclafani, Margaret Sclafani, Margaret
Camera Assistant, Camera Operator, Cinematographer
Shields, Allie Shields, Allie
Associate Producer, Production Coordinator, Writer
Snowdon, Jennifer Snowdon, Jennifer
Make Up Artist
Solano, Erica Solano, Erica
Production Coordinator, Talent Coordinator
Solem, Wendy Solem, Wendy
Videotape/Server Operator
Soler-Williams, Zaida Soler-Williams, Zaida
Music Supervisor, Post-Production Supervisor, Technical Director
Viacom Entertainment Group
Sosa, S. Iturri Sosa, S. Iturri
Camera Operator, Editor: Film/Video, Writer
Spinelli, Joette Spinelli, Joette
St. Hill, Lisa St. Hill, Lisa
Actor, Choreographer, Costume Designer
Stark, Elsie Stark, Elsie
Casting Director, Consultant, Talent Coordinator
Stark Naked Productions, Inc./Elsie Stark Casting
Sutton, LeVera Sutton, LeVera
Actor, Camera Assistant, Writer
Sylvester, Nicole Sylvester, Nicole
Line Producer, Producer, Production Manager
Autumn Rain Features
Tarleton, Autumn Tarleton, Autumn
Post-Production Supervisor, Producer, Writer
double wide media
Taylor, Dyanna Taylor, Dyanna
Camera Operator, Cinematographer, Director
TedderCarter, Danielle TedderCarter, Danielle
Director, Music Director, Producer
Towers, Deirdre Towers, Deirdre
Choreographer, Editor: Film/Video, Writer
Trimiew, Rehema Trimiew, Rehema
Camera Operator, Editor: Film/Video, Still Photographer
Transformative Media
Trower, Whitney Trower, Whitney
Assistant Editor, Editor: Film/Video, Post-Production Services
Van Lierop, Toy Van Lierop, Toy
Consultant, Make Up Artist
Toy Russell, Inc.
Weiner, Jessica Weiner, Jessica
Editor: Film/Video
Specific Broads Productions
Wishingrad, Dara Wishingrad, Dara
Creative Director, Production Designer, Scenic Artist
Wollan, Jennifer Wollan, Jennifer
Editor: Film/Video, Producer
Reel Biography
Woodward, Jill Woodward, Jill
Director, Editor: Film/Video, Producer
Woseley, Felicia Woseley, Felicia
Associate Producer, Festival Administrator, Producer