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Wager, Jennifer Wager, Jennifer
Director, Editor: Film/Video, Educator
Essex County College
Wagner, Elizabeth Wagner, Elizabeth
Consultant, Development Executive, Producer
Boardwalk Entertainment
Wagner, Susan Wagner, Susan
Executive Producer, Producer
Boardwalk Entertainment
Wagner-Stout, Leah Wagner-Stout, Leah
Assistant to Talent Agent
About Artists Agency
Wales, Judee Wales, Judee
Actor, Producer, Writer
Walker, Jackie Walker, Jackie
Creative Artists Agency
Wallace, Jamie Wallace, Jamie
Film Editor
Walsh, Irene Walsh, Irene
Actor, Director, Producer
Split Rock Films
Walter, Nicola Walter, Nicola
Production Designer
Nicola Walter Design and Decor Inc.
Ward, Noreen Ward, Noreen
Corporate Executive, Production Finance, Sales
FilmNation Entertainment
Washington, Savanna Washington, Savanna
Director, Producer, Writer
Aardvark Alley Productions
Watanabe-Batton, Rachel Watanabe-Batton, Rachel
East Coast Chair, Diversity Committee
Producers Guild of America East
Watkins, Michele Watkins, Michele
Producer, Titles
Watson, Lorye Watson, Lorye
Educator, Writer
Watson, Robyn Watson, Robyn
Business Affairs Executive, Corporate Executive, Production Executive
Weatherford, Elizabeth Weatherford, Elizabeth
Curator, Festival Administrator, Nonprofit Administrator
National Museum of the American Indian
Weber Worth, Nina Weber Worth, Nina
Director, Line Producer, Producer
Webster, Mara Webster, Mara
Festival Administrator, Line Producer, Production Coordinator
Weekes, Petol Weekes, Petol
Actor, Producer
Orion Studios
Weeks, Andrea Weeks, Andrea
Creative Director, Marketing Executive, Producer
Zealot Inc
Weichert, Regina Weichert, Regina
Actor, Producer, Writer
Lyme Nation
Weiner, Jessica Weiner, Jessica
Editor: Film/Video
Specific Broads Productions
Weinstock, Pamela Weinstock, Pamela
Kenneth Cole Productions, Inc.
Weisman, Ellen Weisman, Ellen
Business Affairs Executive
Kaufman Astoria Studios
Weiss, Eileen Weiss, Eileen
Tweiss Productions
Wells, Debra Wells, Debra
Acquisitions, Programming, Still Photographer
Weltz, Laurie Weltz, Laurie
Director, Writer
Wenning, Katherine Wenning, Katherine
Consultant, Editor: Film/Video
Wertheim, Toby Wertheim, Toby
Producer, Researcher
Wess, Pamela Wess, Pamela
Director, Writer
Wheeler, Roni Wheeler, Roni
Line Producer, Narrator/Voice-Over, Producer
Namaste' Productions
White, Aimee White, Aimee
BBC Worldwide
White, Heather White, Heather
Who Pays the Price Film
White, Patricia White, Patricia
Union/Guild Staff
Theatrical Wardrobe Union, Local 764 IATSE
Whitehouse, Benjamin Whitehouse, Benjamin
Production Finance
Whitehurst, Trish Whitehurst, Trish
Executive Producer, Producer
Whitehurst Media, LLC
Whitt, Sharon Whitt, Sharon
Showtime Networks
Widman, Denise Widman, Denise
Festival Administrator
Boston Jewish Film Festival
Wiley, Michelle Wiley, Michelle
Composer, Musical Arranger, Narrator/Voice-Over
Wilkes, Tony Wilkes, Tony
L.A.W. Productions Inc.
Wilkov, Jennifer Wilkov, Jennifer
Your Book Is Your Hook LLC
Willems, Ilja Willems, Ilja
Creative Director, Director, Producer
Williams, Andrea Williams, Andrea
Attorney, Director, Writer
Williams, Antonia Yuille Williams, Antonia Yuille
Executive Producer
Brooklyn Savvy
Williams, Cheryl Williams, Cheryl
Nonprofit Administrator
The Womanist Project, Inc.
Williams, Karen Williams, Karen
Actor, Producer, Writer
Williams, Lauren Williams, Lauren
Development Executive, Producer, Writer
Williams, Rosalyn Williams, Rosalyn
Actor, Director
Red Wall Productions
Williams, Stephney Williams, Stephney
Director, Producer, Researcher
Cash Cow Studios
Wilon, Nitza Wilon, Nitza
Iris Productions
Wilson, Mayela Wilson, Mayela
Producer, Production Finance, Writer
Wimbush, Lauren Wimbush, Lauren
Associate Producer, Production Coordinator, Writer
Wishingrad, Dara Wishingrad, Dara
Creative Director, Production Designer, Scenic Artist
Wisoff, Jill Wisoff, Jill
Director, Editor: Film/Video, Writer
Fantasy Creature films LLC
Camera Department, Camera Operator, Writer
Wollan, Jennifer Wollan, Jennifer
Editor: Film/Video, Producer
Reel Biography
Wollong, Mara Wollong, Mara
Editor: Film/Video
Wong, Felicia Wong, Felicia
Director, Executive Producer, Writer
Showtime Networks Inc
Wong, S. Casper Wong, S. Casper
Director, Producer, Writer
OO Media
Wood, Kate Wood, Kate
Producer / Partner
Burkewood Films
Woodbridge, Patricia Woodbridge, Patricia
Art Director, Educator, Production Designer
Woodward, Jill Woodward, Jill
Director, Editor: Film/Video, Producer
Workman, Lamour Workman, Lamour
Woseley, Felicia Woseley, Felicia
Associate Producer, Festival Administrator, Producer
Wright, Cooper Wright, Cooper
Wright, Gameela Wright, Gameela
Actor, Writer
Wyatt, Nancy Wyatt, Nancy