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B, Beth B, Beth
Director, Producer, Writer
B. Productions Inc.
B, M B, M
B., Hima B., Hima
Himaphiliac CineLabs
Babalola, Oluwaseun Babalola, Oluwaseun
Associate Producer, Editor: Film/Video, Production Coordinator
D.O. Productions
Babb, Margaret Babb, Margaret
Khiva Media
Babbar, Karen Babbar, Karen
Vice President - Marketing Communications
HSBC Bank USA, National Association
Babchak, Richard Babchak, Richard
NYPG, Ltd.
Babcock, Barbara Babcock, Barbara
Bablo, Michelle Bablo, Michelle
Art Director, Consultant, Publicist
Hey Red
Bacalan, Prin Bacalan, Prin
Bacchus, Tatiana Bacchus, Tatiana
St. Lewis Productions
Bach, Alex Bach, Alex
Accounting Clerk
Bacha, Julia Bacha, Julia
Film Coordinator
Just Vision
Bachan, Larry Bachan, Larry
April Printing
Bachelder, Susan Bachelder, Susan
S.P. Bachelder
Bachman, Christine Bachman, Christine
Photography & Design
Bachman Pictures
Bachman, Rebecca Bachman, Rebecca
Doctoral Candidate
NYU, Dept. of Cinema Studies
Bachner, Annette Bachner, Annette
Bachner Productions
Bachner, Stephen Bachner, Stephen
Marketing Executive
Junico Services, CPA, PLLC
Bachom, Sandi Bachom, Sandi
Cinematographer, Executive Producer, Journalist
Sandi Bachom
Bachrach, Doro Bachrach, Doro
DuArt Film Laboratories Inc.
Back, Debbie Back, Debbie
MTV Networks
Backer, Melanie Backer, Melanie
New Line Cinema/ Picturehouse
Backer, Tamara Backer, Tamara
Managing Director
Changing Our World, Inc.
Bacon, John M. Bacon, John M.
Vice President, Business Development Manager, Philanthropic Services
Salomon Smith Barney
Bacon, Kevin Bacon, Kevin
Badal, Sharon Badal, Sharon
NYU Tisch School of the Arts, Kanbar Institute of Film and TV
Bader, Nancy Bader, Nancy
The Bader Group
Bader, Victoria Bader, Victoria
V.P. Television, WNYC TV Channel 31
Baderinwa, Sade Baderinwa, Sade
Badia, Evelyn Badia, Evelyn
Director, Producer, Writer
Evebad Productions
Baer, Amy Baer, Amy
Baer, Nicole Baer, Nicole
Director of Non Theatrical Sales
First Run Features
Baerwald, Susan Baerwald, Susan
Finance, Nominating
Susan Baerwald Productions, Inc.
Baetens-Adler, Patricia Baetens-Adler, Patricia
Warner Bros. Pay-TV
Baez, Leonor Baez, Leonor
Daedalus Productions Inc.
Bagdadi, Isil Bagdadi, Isil
Distributor, Executive Producer, Producer
Cavu Pictures
Baglio, Joseph Baglio, Joseph
Madison Estates
Bagnol, Flavie Bagnol, Flavie
Interactive Media, Producer, Production Supervisor
Bagwell, Orlando Bagwell, Orlando
Director, JustFilms Initiative
The Ford Foundation
Bah, Karima Bah, Karima
Bahneman, Volker Bahneman, Volker
Camera Service Center, Inc.
Bahnemann, Neil Bahnemann, Neil
Assistant Manager Corporate Communications & Marketing
Camera Service Center, Inc.
Bahr, Stephanie Bahr, Stephanie
General Manager
Cinema Cafe on 34th Street
Bai, Mimi Bai, Mimi
Animator, Art Director, Production Designer
Freelance/Couple 3 Films
Baider, Daniella Baider, Daniella
Baigell, Naomi Baigell, Naomi
Vice President; Director, Corporate Collections
Bailey, Anita Bailey, Anita
The Blondell Group Inc
Bailey, Glenda Bailey, Glenda
Harper's Bazaar
Bailey, Joseph Bailey, Joseph
c/o Gail Frank
Bailey, K.C. Bailey, K.C.
Still photo
Bailey, Liz Bailey, Liz
Art Director, Creative Director, Production Designer
LB Designs
Bailey, Marissa Bailey, Marissa
Associate Producer
Sharp Entertainment
Bailie, Denise Bailie, Denise
Camera Operator, Cinematographer
Bailin, Bob Bailin, Bob
Feature Systems Inc.
Baillou, Margarethe Baillou, Margarethe
M.Y.R.A. Entertainment, LLC
Bain, Allen Bain, Allen
The 7th Floor
Bainton, Diane Bainton, Diane
Celebrity Hair/Makeup Artist
Baird, Colleen Baird, Colleen
Bajada, Valentina Bajada, Valentina
Enlightenment of Life
Bajana, Mirella Bajana, Mirella
Founder / President
Azuca Company
Bajar, Daniela Bajar, Daniela
Director of Film Programs and Education
Nantucket Film Festival
Baker, Audrey Baker, Audrey
Attorney, Producer
Baker, Ben Baker, Ben
Post Production Supervisor / Digital Asset Management Consultant
Baker, Brandon Baker, Brandon
Boll Worldwide sales/Baker Productions
Baker, Fred Baker, Fred
Baker, Genevieve Baker, Genevieve
Asphalt Films
Baker, Jamie Baker, Jamie
Post Production Sound
Hoboken Post LLC. & Local 700/IATSE
Baker, Joan Baker, Joan
SVP, Public Relations
Push Creative
Baker, Johanna Baker, Johanna
Marketing Executive
Baker, Kara Baker, Kara
Gersh Agency
baker, kim baker, kim
Kab Artistry, LLC
Baker, McCarty Baker, McCarty
Consultant, Executive Producer, Nonprofit Administrator
Art Bridge Association, Inc.
Baker, Nadine Baker, Nadine
Corporate Executive
Baker, Reed Baker, Reed
Sophist Productions
Baker, Richard Baker, Richard
VP, International
The Weinstein Company
Baker, Sheryl Baker, Sheryl
Ass't. Casting Director
ABC - One Life to Live
Baker-Simmons, Tracey Baker-Simmons, Tracey
Development Executive, Executive Producer
Jarrett Creative
Bakhtiar, Zeba Bakhtiar, Zeba
CEO, Sagar Entertainment
Eisenhower Fellowships
Bakoulis, Anne Bakoulis, Anne
Post-Production Services, Sales
PostWorks, New York
Baksic, Amela Baksic, Amela
Costume Designer
Balaban, Lori Balaban, Lori
Development Executive, Producer, Writer
Made Films
Balan, Michele Balan, Michele
Balash, Muriel Balash, Muriel
Director, Producer, Writer
Glynmure Productions
Balashova, Anna Balashova, Anna
Anchor/Reporter, Corporate Executive, Marketing Executive
Doherty Advisors LLC
Balasubramanian, Sumathi Balasubramanian, Sumathi
Program Officer, Adolescent Girls
United Nations Foundation
Balcom, Brigid Reagan Balcom, Brigid Reagan
Assistant Director
Video Data Bank
Baldasare, John Baldasare, John
Manager, Acqusition & Co-Production
Balderston-Glynn, Ann Balderston-Glynn, Ann
Consultant, Director, Writer
Motion Picture Media Entertainment & Silvercord Films
Baldini, Roberta Baldini, Roberta
Associate Producer, Attorney, Producer
Baldino, Melissa Baldino, Melissa
America's Test Kitchen
Balducci, Carolyn Feleppa Balducci, Carolyn Feleppa
University of Michigan
Balducci, Sirad Balducci, Sirad
Line Producer, Producer
Baldwin Mallory, Joanna Baldwin Mallory, Joanna
Corporate Executive, Executive Producer, Producer
Science and Society Center/Weldon Communications
Baldwin, Billy Baldwin, Billy
Vice President of Sales
By Deluxe
baldwin, katie baldwin, katie
Ithaca College Television-Radio
Baldwin, Kirsten Baldwin, Kirsten
Entertainment Weekly
Baldwin, Michele Baldwin, Michele
Baldyga, Kellie Baldyga, Kellie
Bale, Miriam Bale, Miriam
La Di Da Film Festival
Balhetchet, Sophie Balhetchet, Sophie
President - UK Chapter
Cougar Films
Balin, Bob Balin, Bob
Kits and Expandables
Balin, Kim Balin, Kim
Journalist, Producer, Publicist
Balint, Stephanie Balint, Stephanie
Executive Producer
Balkind, Aubrey Balkind, Aubrey
Frankfurt Gips & Balkind
Ball, Jancy Ball, Jancy
Coordinating Producer, Festival Administrator, Producer
The Ball Group, LLC
Ball, Jennifer Ball, Jennifer
SVP, Affiliate. Marketing and Distribution
Ball, Rachel Ball, Rachel
Producer, Writer
Ballantine, Parke Ballantine, Parke
Casting Associate, Producer, Writer
Ballard, Annie Ballard, Annie
Field Representative
Motion Picture Editors Guild, IATSE Local 700
Ballas-Taylor, Lucia Ballas-Taylor, Lucia
Sr. VP & GM
MTV Tr3s
Balser, Kristin Balser, Kristin
Talented Blonde Inc.
Balsmeyer, Randall Balsmeyer, Randall
Creative Director
Big Film Design
Balson, Guy Balson, Guy
Film Commission Manager
St. Petersburg/Clearwater Film Commission
Baltarzuk, Alexandra Baltarzuk, Alexandra
Sound Mixer
Balthazar, Maryse Balthazar, Maryse
General Coordinator
Amicale Des Femmes Haitiennes Journalistes
Baluta, Kristin Baluta, Kristin
Assistant (Candace McDonough)
New Line
Balyura, Vera Balyura, Vera
Actor, Director, Writer
Banach, Cindy Banach, Cindy
Director of Operations
Palm Pictures
Bandiere, Becca Bandiere, Becca
Associate Producer, Vice President of Development
2011 Drama Desk Awards
Bandy, Mary Lea Bandy, Mary Lea
Curator, Festival Administrator, Nonprofit Administrator
Museum of Modern Art
Bane, Lindsay Bane, Lindsay
Director, Producer, Writer
Banfield, Ashleigh Banfield, Ashleigh
NS Bienstock
Bang, Stephanie Bang, Stephanie
Television Executive
Bank, Tracey Bank, Tracey
Actor, Editor: Film/Video, Writer
Bankhead, Karen Bankhead, Karen
Free Spirit Productions
Banks c/o Susan Moultrie, Tyra Banks c/o Susan Moultrie, Tyra
Producer, Television Executive
Bankable Enterprises
Banks, Mitchell Banks, Mitchell
M & L Banks International Distribution
Bannon, Maureen Bannon, Maureen
Director Individual Giving
The Museum of Television & Radio
Banta, Gloria Banta, Gloria
Director of Development
Comedy Central
Bantry, Bryan Bantry, Bryan
Bryan Bantry PR
Banu, Shumaya Banu, Shumaya
Bang Inc
Bao, Quang Bao, Quang
Asian American Writers Workshop
Baptie, T.O. Baptie, T.O.
Vice President
The Walt Disney Company
Barach, Sabina Barach, Sabina
Coordinating Producer, Producer, Production Executive
Baran, Jody Baran, Jody
Director of Operations
CECO International Corporation
Baran, Roma Baran, Roma
Biscuit Productions
Baranaski, Christine Baranaski, Christine
c/o Lise Loosemore
Barash, Susan Barash, Susan
Shell Toss LLC
Barbagallo, Terri Barbagallo, Terri
Editor: Film/Video, Executive Producer, Producer
SunScreen Post
Barbagianis, Tom Barbagianis, Tom
Ariston Florist
Barbara, Jane Barbara, Jane
Testa Dura Productions
Barber, Iowaka Barber, Iowaka
Program Officer
Barber, Janette Barber, Janette
Actor, Producer, Writer
Rosie O'Donnell Show
Barber, Mary Barber, Mary
Chief of Staff
Barberg, Kris Barberg, Kris
Writer, Producer, Director, D.P., Editor
Minnesota WIFT Chapter
Barbero, Christina Barbero, Christina
Fine Arts Dept.
Iona College
Barbery, Sal Barbery, Sal
Warehouse Manager
GTI Moving & Storage
Barbo, Chiara Barbo, Chiara
Plan 9 Projects
Barbosa, Daniela Barbosa, Daniela
Assistant Director
Barbosa, Frank Barbosa, Frank
Hair Stylist
Barclay, Carey Barclay, Carey
Production Finance
Al Jazeera America
Barclay, Dolores Barclay, Dolores
Arts and Entertainment Editor
Associated Press
Bard, Allison Bard, Allison
Ogilvy & Mather
Barden, Erik Barden, Erik
Composer/Sound Designer
Barden, Kerry Barden, Kerry
Barden/Schnee Casting
Bardsley, Garth Bardsley, Garth
Program Administrator
Bardusco, Trina Bardusco, Trina
Casting Director, Producer, Writer
Latino Media Works
Barge, Robin Barge, Robin
ION Media Network
Bargielski, Mariusz Bargielski, Mariusz
Metropolis ARtists Agency, Inc. , (MAA)
Bari, Allyson Bari, Allyson
Line Producer, Producer, Talent Coordinator
SenArt Films
Barinas, Catherine Barinas, Catherine
Costume Designer
Barker, Christine Barker, Christine
Actor, Director, Writer
Conflict Revolution
Barker, Heidi Barker, Heidi
Network Producer
NBC News
Barker, Judy Barker, Judy
Global Vice President
Avon Products Foundation, Inc.
Barker, Michael Barker, Michael
Sony Picture Classics
Barker, Michael Barker, Michael
Sony Pictures Classics
Barker-Froyland, Kate Barker-Froyland, Kate
Director, Writer
Barkow, Jeffrey Barkow, Jeffrey
Barliant, Anne Barliant, Anne
Editor: Film/Video
Barlow, Jean Barlow, Jean
Actor, Narrator/Voice-Over, Producer
In the Flow Music, LLC
Barna, Elise Barna, Elise
Korean Cultural Service
Barna, Tony Barna, Tony
Manager, Marketing and E-Business
Hertz Equipment Rental Corporation
Barnard, Kristen Barnard, Kristen
Barnbrook, Jacquie Barnbrook, Jacquie
Video Graphics
Barnea, Lori Barnea, Lori
Barnes, CiCi Barnes, CiCi
Make up artist
Barnes, Joslyn Barnes, Joslyn
Producer, Writer
Louverture Films
Barnes, Karen Barnes, Karen
HIT Entertainment
Barnes, Lisa Barnes, Lisa
Actor, Narrator/Voice-Over, Writer
NY Coalition of Professional Women in the Arts & Media, Inc.
Barnes, Noel Barnes, Noel
Sales Assistant
Smith Barney Citigroup
Barnett, Andrea Barnett, Andrea
Actor, Assistant Director, Director
Barnett, Jacalyn Barnett, Jacalyn
Attorny at Law
Law Offices of Jacalyn F. Barnett, ESQ. P.C.
Barnett, James Barnett, James
Assistant Producer
Bootleg Productions, Inc
Barnett, Judith Barnett, Judith
Actor, Nonprofit Administrator, Writer
Barnett, Laurie Barnett, Laurie
Vice President
Zero Point Zero Production Inc.
Barnett, Lonnie Barnett, Lonnie
General Manager
Beacon Restaurant & Bar
Barnett, Mary Barnett, Mary
Associate Director
Barnett, Sarah Barnett, Sarah
EVP and General Manager
Sundance Channel
Barnett, Sharon Barnett, Sharon
Actor, Producer, Writer
Barnett Inc.
Barnette, Neema Barnette, Neema
Harlem Girl Productions
Barnfield, Kristen Barnfield, Kristen
Vice President, Public Relations & Communications
Easter Seals - Disability Services
Barnier, Kathryn Barnier, Kathryn
Editor: Film/Video
Barnum, Lorie Lachiusa Barnum, Lorie Lachiusa
The Susan B. Anthony House
Barocas, Susan Barocas, Susan
SHB Communications
Baron, Caroline Baron, Caroline
Line Producer, Producer
A-Line Pictures
Baron, Marcy Baron, Marcy
King World Int'l Productions, Inc.
Baron, pedro Baron, pedro
School of Visual Arts
Barone, Adam Barone, Adam
Sonic Union
Barone, Tania Barone, Tania
Artistic Director /Cosmetologist
Barougier, Pierre Barougier, Pierre
Barr, Jennifer Barr, Jennifer
Elle Magazine
Barr, Paige Barr, Paige
Actor, Casting Associate, Producer
Barr, Victoria Barr, Victoria
Director of Sales & Marketing
Le Parker Meridien
Barrasse, Lindsay Barrasse, Lindsay
Voyager Video
Barrat, Whitney Barrat, Whitney
Denham Wolf Real Estate Services Inc.
Barret, Elizabeth Barret, Elizabeth
Appalshop Archive
Barrett, Andrea Barrett, Andrea
Barrett, Annie Barrett, Annie
Staff writer
Entertainment Weekly Online
Barrett, Brooke Barrett, Brooke
Managing Director
Affinia Hospitality
Barrett, Charles Barrett, Charles
Catering Sales
Marriott Marquis
Barrett, Diane Barrett, Diane
Barrett, Hassan Barrett, Hassan
Barrett, Kim Barrett, Kim
Executive Director, Risk Management
Warner Bros.
Barrett, Laura Barrett, Laura
Assistant to New Line COO
Barrett, Mary Barrett, Mary
Films for the Middle Ages, LLC
Barrett, Nitchie Opaline Barrett, Nitchie Opaline
Actor, Writer
Barrett, Sarah Barrett, Sarah
EVP and General Manager
Sundance Channel
Barringer, Gail Barringer, Gail
Producer, Production Finance, Production Manager
Barringer, Tanya Barringer, Tanya
Line Producer, Producer, Production Manager
Barringer, Tanya Barringer, Tanya
Line Producer
Barrios, Bonnie Barrios, Bonnie
Producer/ Actress
Barrison,Esq., Steve Barrison,Esq., Steve
The Barrisons
Barrol, Mary Barrol, Mary
WIFT - Alberta
Barron, Amanda Barron, Amanda
Barron, Lisa Barron, Lisa
Anchor/Reporter, Journalist, Writer
Mint Press News
Barroso, Victoria Barroso, Victoria
Pardigm Talent and Literary Agency
Barroso-Spech, Reinaldo Barroso-Spech, Reinaldo
Artmattan Productions
Barroso-Spech, Reinaldo Barroso-Spech, Reinaldo
ARTMATTAN Productions
Barrow, Isabel Barrow, Isabel
Marketing Services Coordinator
Henri Bendel
Barry, Alice Barry, Alice
Broadway Video Entertainment
Barry, Christopher Barry, Christopher
SVP, Digital Media and Business Strategy
Sundance Channel
barry, Joanne barry, Joanne
NYS Society of CPAs
Barry, Kevin Barry, Kevin
Vice Chairman
Brite Carting
Barry, Marina Barry, Marina
Founding Member
Totem Gambol
Barry, Mark Barry, Mark
NYU Cantor Film Center
Barry, Miranda Barry, Miranda
Creative Director, Producer, Writer
Winterset Ventures
Barry, Tracey Barry, Tracey
Producer, Sound Mixer
Partisan Pictures
Barrymore, Drew Barrymore, Drew
Flower Films
Barsh, Joanna Barsh, Joanna
McKinsey & Company
Bart, Peter Bart, Peter
Editor in Chief
Bartella, Pam Bartella, Pam
Music Editor, Sound Mixer
Barter, Shannon Barter, Shannon
Swimming in the Sea of Stockholm
Bartha, Cordula Bartha, Cordula
Office Manager
Consulate General of the Netherlands
Bartin, David Bartin, David
Distribution Dept.
October Films
Bartkus, Erik Bartkus, Erik
Director of Acquisitions
First Global Equity Investments
Bartlett, Chad Allen Bartlett, Chad Allen
Videographer / Editor
Bartlett, Joe Bartlett, Joe
Bartlett, Walter E. Bartlett, Walter E.
Multimedia Inc.
Bartok, Jayce Bartok, Jayce
Vinyl Foote Productions
Bartok, Jennifer Bartok, Jennifer
Celebrity Catwalk
Bartok, Tiffany Bartok, Tiffany
Make Up Artist
Vinyl Foote Productions
Barton, Suzanne Barton, Suzanne
VP of Marketing
Barton, Toni Barton, Toni
Production Designer
Bartos, Marlene Bartos, Marlene
Producer, Production Executive
Bartz, Geof Bartz, Geof
Supervising Editor Documentary Programming
Baruc, Robert Baruc, Robert
Screen Media Films
Barungi, Camilla Barungi, Camilla
African Moringa
Barzun, Lucy Barzun, Lucy
Development Executive, Producer
etc films
Basch, David Basch, David
Executive Producer
Liberty Studios
Basch, Jasper Basch, Jasper
Director, Film Intelligence
Bascom, Donna Bascom, Donna
Law Offices of Donna Bascom
Bash, Carol Bash, Carol
Camera Operator, Director, Producer
Paradox Films
Basinger, Jeanine Basinger, Jeanine
Film Studies Chair
Cinema Archives, Weslyan University
Baskerville-Williams, Kira Baskerville-Williams, Kira
Sterling Worldwide Entertainment
Baskin, Arnold Baskin, Arnold
New York University, Dept of Film
Baskow, Jaki Baskow, Jaki
The Baskow Agency
Bass, Andrea Bass, Andrea
Marketing Executive
Bass, Harriet Bass, Harriet
Harriet Bass Casting
Bass, Judith Bass, Judith
Law Offices of Judith B. Bass, Esq.
Bass, Norma Bass, Norma
MGM, Inc.
Bassen, Willa Bassen, Willa
Composer, Producer
Lillibabs Productions
Bassett Vance, Angela Bassett Vance, Angela
Bassett Vance Productions
Bassett, Alison Bassett, Alison
Assoc. Prod/Assoc. Dir.
Bassham, Katie Bassham, Katie
Junior Coordinating Producer
Music Choice
Bassin, Amy Bassin, Amy
Assistant Editor, Interactive Media
Bassine, Sarah Bassine, Sarah
Creative Director, Director, Writer
SB Studio
Bassist, Elissa Bassist, Elissa
Funny Women Editor
The Rumpus
Basten, Marivonne Basten, Marivonne
Attorney, Corporate Executive
MVB Media Consulting LLC
Bastian, Rene Bastian, Rene
Belladonna Productions
Bastidas, Betty Bastidas, Betty
BAB Productions
Bastidas, Grace Bastidas, Grace
Listings Editor
The Village Voice
Batailler, Stephanie Batailler, Stephanie
Director, Producer, Writer
Licorne Films Production Inc
Bates, Kathy Bates, Kathy
c/o Susan Smith & Associates
Bates, Lorisa Bates, Lorisa
Producer, Programming
Showtime Networks, Inc.
Batey, Shawn Batey, Shawn
Producer, Director
Hair-Tage Productions
Batista, Frank Batista, Frank
Cinematographer, Director, Editor: Film/Video
Batscha, Dr. Robert Batscha, Dr. Robert
Museum of TV & Radio
Batson, Joyce Batson, Joyce
Casting Associate
Stark Naked Productions
Battersby, Will Battersby, Will
Reno Productions
Battista, Lu Battista, Lu
Manager/Qubo Program Administrative
Ion Media Networks
Battle, Pat Battle, Pat
Battsek, Daniel Battsek, Daniel
Miramax Films
Bauer, Hyla Bauer, Hyla
Senior Manager, Public Relations
Vacheron Constantin
Bauer, Jill Bauer, Jill
director and producer
Bauer, Jill Bauer, Jill
Yohalem Gillman & Company LLP
Bauer, Laura Bauer, Laura
Costume Designer
Baum, Kim Baum, Kim
Assistant (Erin Scully)
Warner Bros.
Baum, Robin Baum, Robin
Slate PR
Baumane, Signe Baumane, Signe
Animator, Director, Writer
Baumel, Ellin Baumel, Ellin
Line Producer, Post-Production Supervisor, Producer
Baumgardner, Jennifer Baumgardner, Jennifer
Soapbox Inc.
Baumgarten, Esq., Paul Baumgarten, Esq., Paul
Rosenman & Colin
Bauske, Kris Bauske, Kris
Maize and Blue, LLC
Bautis, Marta Bautis, Marta
Tiempo Azul Productions
Bautis, Marta Bautis, Marta
Tiempo Azul Productions
Bavaro, Nicholas Bavaro, Nicholas
Sr. Vice President
EUE/Screen Gems
Bavaro, Peter Bavaro, Peter
Executive Director, Sales and Marketing
Post Logic Studios
Bavli, Madeline Bavli, Madeline
Production Finance
Baxter, Alayne Baxter, Alayne
Corporate Executive, Production Designer, Production Executive
Steve & Linda Horn, Inc.
Baxter, Cheryl Baxter, Cheryl
Producer, Production Coordinator, Production Manager
Steve & Linda Horn, Inc.
Baxter, Tim Baxter, Tim
Bayer, Heidi Bayer, Heidi
Bayer, Kathryn Bayer, Kathryn
Producer, Publicist, Writer
KB Marketing and Communications Consulting, Inc.
Baysinger, Nancy Baysinger, Nancy
Camera Operator, Director, Editor: Film/Video
Bazaz, Aggie Ebrahimi Bazaz, Aggie Ebrahimi
Program and Member services Manager
National Alliance for Media Arts and Culture
Bazdekis, Christina Bazdekis, Christina
Cinetic Media
Bazile, Okhela Bazile, Okhela
Senior Manager
Univision Communications
Beal, Cheryl Beal, Cheryl
Bergdorf Goodman
Beal, Tandy Beal, Tandy
Tandy Beal & Company
Beal, Tita Beal, Tita
Interactive Media, Writer
Beale, Lewis Beale, Lewis
New York Daily News
Beale, Scott Beale, Scott
Founder, Editor-in-Chief & Head Curaor
Laughing Squid
Bear, Liza Bear, Liza
co-writer, director, producer
Bearman, David Bearman, David
Archives and Museum Informatics
Beasley, Cedric Beasley, Cedric
Vice President and Director of Strategic Marketing & External Affairs
Autonomous Entertainment
Beasley, Livia Beasley, Livia
Associate Producer
Beatrice, Annette Beatrice, Annette
Director, Producer, Writer
The Nickel Series
Beatts, Anne Beatts, Anne
Director, Producer, Writer
Anne Beatts Inc.
Beauchamp, Kelly Beauchamp, Kelly
Marketing Director
Woods Oviatt Gilman Llp
Beauchamps, Arlette Beauchamps, Arlette
Renesants Records
Beaulieu, Maxime Beaulieu, Maxime
Managing Attorney
Avant Garde Management Group
Beaumont, Karly Beaumont, Karly
Director, Nonprofit Administrator
Chica Luna Productions, Inc.
Beaupre, Heather Beaupre, Heather
Commercial Strategic Alliances/Chubb Group of Insurance Companies
Beaury, Patricia Beaury, Patricia
Line Producer, Producer, Production Manager
Beaury Productions
Beaury, Patricia Beaury, Patricia
Beaury Productions
Beauvais-Germain, Patricia Beauvais-Germain, Patricia
Editor: Film/Video, Journalist, Producer
CBS News
Beck, Christina Beck, Christina
Writer, director
Ruby Lee Productions, LLC
beck, deena beck, deena
2D Animator
Beck, Donald R. Beck, Donald R.
Beck-Ola Productions, Inc.
Beck, Emily Beck, Emily
Assistant Art Director
Beck, Gordon Beck, Gordon
USA Network
Beck, Jonathan Beck, Jonathan
B Camera Operator
Beck, Mitchell Beck, Mitchell
Hair Stylist
Beck, Stephanie Beck, Stephanie
Hiscox Inc.
Beck-Friedman, Tova Beck-Friedman, Tova
Curator, Director of Photography, Editor: Film/Video
Becker, Anne Becker, Anne
Staff Writer
Reed Business Information Television Group
Becker, Cindi Becker, Cindi
Consultant, Coordinating Producer, Production Finance
Becker, Corinne Becker, Corinne
Harris Shepard
Becker, Debi Becker, Debi
Production Accountant
Speakeasy Productions, Inc.
Becker, Edith Becker, Edith
Educator, Producer, Programming
Becker, Gabriele Becker, Gabriele
Becker, Holly Becker, Holly
Independent Film Channel
Becker, Jack Becker, Jack
Founder & Executive Director
Forecast Public Art
Becker, Sharon Becker, Sharon
Town & Country Magazine
Becker, Tobey Becker, Tobey
Soprano's Publicist
Beckerman, Joel Beckerman, Joel
Man Made Music
Beckert, Sabine Beckert, Sabine
Anchor/Reporter, Producer, Writer
Beckett, Alison Beckett, Alison
Post-Production Supervisor
Focus Features
Beckhorn, Gretchen Beckhorn, Gretchen
Pacific Street Films
Beckman, Steven Beckman, Steven
Cinectic Media
Beckwith, Robin Beckwith, Robin
Greenwood Valley Productions
Beda, Allison Beda, Allison
A Muse Productions
Bedell, Susan Bedell, Susan
Director, Producer, Writer
Imageworks.com, LLC
Bednarz, Sean Bednarz, Sean
Clearview Cinemas Theatre Rentals
Bednarz, Wendy Bednarz, Wendy
Vivamus Pictures
Bedusa, Susan Bedusa, Susan
VP Development
4th Row Films
Bedusa, Susan Bedusa, Susan
Senior Vice President, Production & Development
4th Row Films
Beeber, Danielle Beeber, Danielle
Researcher, Writer
Beeber, Gary Beeber, Gary
Director, Producer
Ten-In-One Productions
Beeber, Jessie Beeber, Jessie
Frankfurt Kurnit Klein and Setz PC
Beece, Debby Beece, Debby
Viacom International Inc.
Beecham, Andrew Beecham, Andrew
SVP, Programming
Beegel, Bruce Beegel, Bruce
Senior Associate/Licensed Real Estate Broker
CB Richard Ellis, Inc.
Beekman, Bernadette Beekman, Bernadette
Attorney, Business Affairs Executive
Beekman, Bernadette Beekman, Bernadette
Vice President & Senior Counsel
Yorkson Legal
Beeman, Stephanie Beeman, Stephanie
Stasson & Associates
Beeman, Steve Beeman, Steve
Falco Publicity
Beenders, Brian Beenders, Brian
Assistant Editor, Post-Production Supervisor
Beentjes, Anna Beentjes, Anna
Consulate General of the Netherlands
Beer, Amy Beer, Amy
Seed Media Group
Beer, Steven Beer, Steven
Greenberg Traurig, LLP
Beers, Charlotte Beers, Charlotte
Ogilvy & Mather
Beers, Steven Beers, Steven
Franklin, Weinrib, Rudell & Vassallo
Beeson, Miranda Beeson, Miranda
Business Affairs Executive, Researcher
MB Clearances
Begeal, Jennifer Begeal, Jennifer
Interactive Media, Producer
JLB Hart Media
Beggs, Kevin Beggs, Kevin
President of Prg. and Production
Lions Gate
Begley, Dori Begley, Dori
Head of International Sales
Magnolia Pictures
Behar, Beth Behar, Beth
The Streisand Foundation
Behar, Joy Behar, Joy
The View
Behnks, Elisa Behnks, Elisa
Museum of Modern Art
Behr, Felicia Behr, Felicia
Executive Producer, Line Producer, Producer
Beigelman, Mark Beigelman, Mark
Beigelman, Feiner & Nadler PLLC
Beinecke, Candace Beinecke, Candace
Hughes Hubbard & Reed
Beiser, Stacie Beiser, Stacie
Programming, Television Executive
Showtime Networks Inc.
Bek, Heidi Bek, Heidi
Belcher, Eric Belcher, Eric
Cast & Crew
Beldock, Lucy Beldock, Lucy
Consultant, Producer, Writer
Lion Productions
Belfer, James Belfer, James
Founder and CEO
Dogfish Accelerator
Beling, Eva Beling, Eva
OTW Communication AB
Beling, Eva Beling, Eva
Director, Producer
Beling Films
Beling, Eva Beling, Eva
Fundament Film
Belinsky, Mark Belinsky, Mark
President & Co-founder
Digital Democracy
Beliveau, Meg Beliveau, Meg
Bell, Alice Bell, Alice
AON/Albert G. Ruben Company (New York) Inc.
Bell, Art Bell, Art
Director of Acquisitions at HA
Comedy Central
Bell, Evan R. Bell, Evan R.
Bell and Company
Bell, Kirsten Bell, Kirsten
Bell, Lee Bell, Lee
Professor, Director of the Education Program
Barnard College
Bellamy, Carol Bellamy, Carol
Executive Director
Belle, Zenita Belle, Zenita
Bellenoit, Paula Bellenoit, Paula
Human Factor
Belletini, Alisa Belletini, Alisa
Licensing Producer
MTV House of Style
Bellezza, Audrey Bellezza, Audrey
Bellflower, Nellie Bellflower, Nellie
Bellflower Inc. and Keylight Entertainment Group
Belli, Teresa Belli, Teresa
Coordinating Producer, Line Producer, Production Coordinator
Belling, Amy Belling, Amy
Mmm...Fish Productions Inc.
Bellinger, Cynthia Bellinger, Cynthia
CEO, Founder
Total Faith Network
Bellino, Geri Bellino, Geri
Producer, Production Executive
Bello, Sheila Bello, Sheila
Belltin Productions
Bellore, Jessica Bellore, Jessica
Retna Ltd.
Belovarac, Brian Belovarac, Brian
Janus Films
Belsey, Laura Belsey, Laura
Shadow Pictures
Belton, Danielle Belton, Danielle
The Black Snob
Bemel, Lisa Bemel, Lisa
Beminicasa, Joe Beminicasa, Joe
Actor's Fund of America
Ben-David, Joe Ben-David, Joe
Consolidated Technologies Inc.
Ben-Dov, Ariella Ben-Dov, Ariella
Executive Director and Curator
MadCat Women's International Film Festival
Ben-Haim, Tsipi Ben-Haim, Tsipi
Executive & Creative Director
Benaquist, Lawrence Benaquist, Lawrence
Keene State College, Film Studies
Benaroya, Susan Benaroya, Susan
Production Executive
Bendell, Jamie Bendell, Jamie
Composer, Producer
Bender, Eric Bender, Eric
Schaffer & Son Productions
Bender, Jennifer Bender, Jennifer
Vice President
Central Casting
Bender, Joyce Bender, Joyce
Bender Consulting Services, Inc
Bender, Lawrence Bender, Lawrence
A Band Apart/Lawrence Bender Productions
Bender, Myles Bender, Myles
Corporate Executive
Focus Features
Bender, Warren Bender, Warren
Sr Vp
Bendetson, Alyssa Bendetson, Alyssa
Manager-Media Relations
Benedek, Barbara Benedek, Barbara
TV and Film Consultant
Benedek, Catherine Benedek, Catherine
Editor: Film/Video
Benedek, Melinda Benedek, Melinda
Executive Vice President-Business Affairs & Production
Benedek, Peter Benedek, Peter
United Talent Agency
Benedetto, Salvatore Benedetto, Salvatore
Director Of Marketing
Benedict, Barbara Benedict, Barbara
Producer, Writer
Benedict, Katie Benedict, Katie
Benedikt, Allison Benedikt, Allison
Senior Editor
Benello, Julie Benello, Julie
Chicken and Egg Pictures
Benenson, Alexandra Benenson, Alexandra
Corporate Executive, Executive Producer, Production Supervisor
Rainbow Media, AMC Networks
Benes, Terry Benes, Terry
Bengel, Anna Bengel, Anna
Assistant Web Editor
Back Stage
Bening, Annette Bening, Annette
c/o Jeff Raymond
Benjamin, Esq., Dean S. Benjamin, Esq., Dean S.
Schulte, Roth & Zabel
Benjamin, Laura Benjamin, Laura
Benn, Janet Benn, Janet
Animator, Educator
Bennett, Alyssa Rallo Bennett, Alyssa Rallo
Aylett Pictures
Bennett, Ann Bennett, Ann
Producer, Researcher, Writer
Bennett, Edward A. Bennett, Edward A.
Viacom International Inc.
Bennett, Elizabeth Bennett, Elizabeth
Deputy Director, Program Services Unit
NYC Department of Cultural Affairs
Bennett, Eric Bennett, Eric
Vanguard Films
Bennett, Georgette Bennett, Georgette
Tanenbaum Center For Interreligious Understanding
Bennett, Jana Bennett, Jana
Director, Producer
A&E Networks
Bennett, Jeff Bennett, Jeff
Deputy General Counsel
Bennett, Jessica Bennett, Jessica
bennett, johanna bennett, johanna
Co-Founder & CEO
First Time Fest
Bennett, Kelli Bennett, Kelli
Think Outside The Box Inside The Box Media
Bennett, Linda Bennett, Linda
Business Affairs Executive, Production Finance
Grey New York
Bennett, Opal Bennett, Opal
Festival Administrator, Programming
Simpson Thacher & Bartlett LLP
Bennett, Rosalind Bennett, Rosalind
Film & Documentary Producer
Time Future
Bennett, Sean Bennett, Sean
SB Productions
Bennett, Ves Bennett, Ves
Consultant, Executive Producer, Video Engineer
Bennett, Victoria Bennett, Victoria
Director, Producer, Writer
Bennett Pictures
Bennett, Victoria Bennett, Victoria
Bennett Pictures
Benning, Sadie Benning, Sadie
Bennitta, Jean-Louis Bennitta, Jean-Louis
Executive Producer/Writer
BreakintoShowbiz, Inc.
Benowitz, Richard Benowitz, Richard
Hudson River Pictures
Bensimon, Gladys Bensimon, Gladys
Director, Researcher, Writer
HBR Production Company
Benson, Gina Benson, Gina
Showtime Networks
Benson, Laurie Benson, Laurie
Vice President, Advertising Sales
Home & Garden Television
Benthian, Brenda Benthian, Brenda
International Society of Specialty Film Exhibitors and Distributors
Benvenisti, Michelle Benvenisti, Michelle
Corporate Executive
Benz, Obie Benz, Obie
Director, Producer
Americas In Transition
Benzak, Lou Benzak, Lou
Spears, Benzak, Salomon & Farrell
Benzing, Kiira Benzing, Kiira
Actor, Director, Producer
Double Eye Productions
Benzinger, Suzy Benzinger, Suzy
Costume Designer
Beqai, Oliver Beqai, Oliver
Sundance Channel
Berelson, Hedrick Berelson, Hedrick
Journalist, Music Supervisor, Writer
Berends, Andrew Berends, Andrew
Storyteller Productions
Berendzen, Gail Berendzen, Gail
Women of Washington Inc
Beresford, Kim Beresford, Kim
Director of Mastering
Walt Disney Pictures & Television
Berg, Allison Berg, Allison
Director, Producer, Researcher
Satellite Pictures Inc.
Berg, Amy Berg, Amy
Berg, Betsy Berg, Betsy
William Morris Agency, Inc.
Berg, Elisabeth Berg, Elisabeth
Corporate Executive
City National Bank
Berg, Lisa Berg, Lisa
City National Bank
Berg, Montana Berg, Montana
MagicalFlute Films, LLC
Berg, Tisha Berg, Tisha
Actor, Producer
Berg-Morrow, Brenda Berg-Morrow, Brenda
Choreographer, Director, Producer
The Nanas Morrow Embassy of Sekyere Kwamang Traditional Area, Asante Nation, Republic of Ghana
Bergen, Candice Bergen, Candice
c/o Heidi Schaeffer, PMK
Bergen, Jack Bergen, Jack
Senior V.P. Corporate Relations
CBS, Inc.
Berger Cardone, Nancy Berger Cardone, Nancy
Berger, Alexandra Berger, Alexandra
Nonprofit Administrator, Programming
The Fifth Night
Berger, Cindi Berger, Cindi
Chairman and CEO
Berger, Dan Berger, Dan
Oscilloscope Pictures
Berger, Dara Berger, Dara
Anchor/Reporter, Director, Producer
Say It Loud Productions
Berger, David Berger, David
Slap Bass Productions, Inc.
berger, eva-maria berger, eva-maria
Berger, Jennifer Berger, Jennifer
Museum of Television & Radio
Berger, Lauren Berger, Lauren
Time Out North America
Berger, Morris Berger, Morris
IDT Entertainment Inc.
Berger, Sally Berger, Sally
Assistant Curator, Department of Film
MoMA - Museum of Modern Art
Berger, Tina Berger, Tina
Line Producer, Producer
Gan Eden Productions
Berger, Wally Berger, Wally
Lucky Duck Productions
Berghaus, Robin Berghaus, Robin
Director, Producer
Bergman, Kyle Bergman, Kyle
Architecture and Design Film Festival
Bergman, Meredith Bergman, Meredith
Tool of North America
Bergman, Rori Bergman, Rori
Casting Director
Bergmayer, John Bergmayer, John
Senior Staff Attorney
Public Knowledge
Bergonzoli, Vanessa Bergonzoli, Vanessa
Director, Line Producer, Producer
Cynthia Wade Productions
Bergstein, Eleanor Bergstein, Eleanor
Magic Hour Productions
Berkenfeld, Brian Berkenfeld, Brian
GS Entertainment Marketing Group
berklich, jennifer berklich, jennifer
Electric DJinn
Berkover, Michelle Berkover, Michelle
Assoc. Music Ed., Brodcast Cable ed.
CVC Report
berkovits, Saul berkovits, Saul
Earthlink Business
Berkowitz, Adam Berkowitz, Adam
William Morris Agency, Inc.
Berkowitz, Robin Berkowitz, Robin
Berkstrom, Janet Berkstrom, Janet
UCLA, Department of Film & TV
Berla, Robin Berla, Robin
Line Producer, Producer, Writer
Berler, Caroline Berler, Caroline
Camera Operator, Director, Producer
Riverhouse Pictures
Berley, Lili Berley, Lili
Berlin, Kathie Berlin, Kathie
Corporate Executive, Producer, Publicist
Robinson, Lerer, Montgomery
Berlin, Kathy Berlin, Kathy
Robinson Lerer Montgomery
Berliner, Michael Berliner, Michael
Attorney, Exhibitor, Production Finance
MRB Associates/Paragon Mutual
Berlinger, Max Berlinger, Max
Berman, Diana Berman, Diana
Business Affairs Executive, Interactive Media, Marketing Executive
Berman, Donald Berman, Donald
The View
Berman, Frank Berman, Frank
Metrovision Production Group
Berman, Jana Berman, Jana
Account Executive
Virtual Media Communications
Berman, Jeff Berman, Jeff
Sound Hound, Inc.
Berman, Marjorie Berman, Marjorie
The Correctional Assoc of NY
Berman, Melissa Berman, Melissa
Director, Writer
Melissa Berman
Berman, Sasha Berman, Sasha
Marketing Executive, Publicist
Shotwell Media
Berman, Shari Berman, Shari
Director, Editor: Film/Video, Writer
Berman, Stephanie Berman, Stephanie
Consultant, Publicist
SLB Communications
Bermudez, Kerri Bermudez, Kerri
Broadcast Traffic Manager
Bermudez, Kina Bermudez, Kina
Actor, Casting Assistant
Bernadette, Stephanie Bernadette, Stephanie
Projects Manager
King World Int'l Productions, Inc.
Bernard, Donald Bernard, Donald
Don Bernard Jr., LLC
Bernard, Gregg Bernard, Gregg
Senior Director, Strategic Marketing Development
Bernard, Jami Bernard, Jami
New York Daily News
Bernard, Nicole Bernard, Nicole
Senior VP (Audience Strategy)
Bernard, Sereenah Bernard, Sereenah
JCS Tradecom, Inc
Bernard, Sheila Bernard, Sheila
Director, Producer, Writer
Bernard, Tom Bernard, Tom
Sony Pictures Classics
Bernard, Tom Bernard, Tom
Sony Pictures Classics
Bernard, Veronique Bernard, Veronique
Educator, Producer, Television Executive
Iliad Entertainment
Bernath, Kristy Bernath, Kristy
New Line Cinema/ Picturehouse
Bernbach-Pearlman, Cynthia Bernbach-Pearlman, Cynthia
Producer, Union/Guild Staff, Writer
Berner, Fred Berner, Fred
Fred Berner Films
Berner, Kristi Berner, Kristi
ABC News Now
Berney, Barbara Berney, Barbara
Hunter College
Berney, Bob Berney, Bob
Berney Films
Berney, Jeanne Berney, Jeanne
Distributor, Marketing Executive, Publicist
Berney, Jeanne Berney, Jeanne
sr. vice president
Berney, Kerri Berney, Kerri
Production Coordinator, Researcher, Writer
Berney, Sean Berney, Sean
Acquisitions Coordinator
IFC Films
Bernhard, Sandra Bernhard, Sandra
c/o Jason Priluck, The Agency Group
Bernheim, Chantal Bernheim, Chantal
Leapfrog Productions
Bernstein, Adam Bernstein, Adam
Epoch Films
Bernstein, Andy Bernstein, Andy
Vice President of Business Development
Oxygen Media
Bernstein, Carolyn Bernstein, Carolyn
TV Guide Magazine
Bernstein, Eileen Bernstein, Eileen
Executive Producer, Line Producer, Producer
Bernstein, Kate Bernstein, Kate
Director, Producer, Writer
Bernstein, Kunsook Bernstein, Kunsook
Associate professor
Hunter college
Bernstein, Melissa Bernstein, Melissa
Junior League of theCity of New York
Bernstein, Molly Bernstein, Molly
Editor, Producer, Director
Hopscotch Films Inc.
Bernstein, Paula Bernstein, Paula
Filmmaker toolkit/ technology editor
Indie Wire
Bernstein, Ruth Bernstein, Ruth
Bernstein, Sara Bernstein, Sara
Vice President- Original Programming/Documentaries
Bernstein, Sara Bernstein, Sara
VP, HBO Documentary Films
Bernstein, Sara Bernstein, Sara
Vice President
HBO Documentary Films
Bernstein, Sarah Bernstein, Sarah
Costume Designer
Bernstein, Steve Bernstein, Steve
content sales manager
Thought Equity Motion
Bernstein-Freed, Nan Bernstein-Freed, Nan
Producer, Production Manager
Harvest Productions, Ltd.
Beroes, Stephanie Beroes, Stephanie
Director, Production Manager, Programming
Berresford, Susan Berresford, Susan
Ford Foundation
Berrey, Kevin Berrey, Kevin
Executive Producer
Screaming Panda LLC
Berrey, Kevin Berrey, Kevin
Director & Editor
Berrie, Scott Berrie, Scott
CEO and Founder
Impulse Creative Productions
Berrios, Karen Berrios, Karen
Director of Programming
Food Network
Berry, Briana Berry, Briana
Berry, Bronwyn Berry, Bronwyn
Ruby Rocket Media
Berry, Bronwyn Berry, Bronwyn
Director, Executive Producer, Producer
Ruby Rocket Media
Berry, Gabriel Berry, Gabriel
Costume Designer
Berry, Halle Berry, Halle
c/o Cirrincion Lee
Berry, Laverne Berry, Laverne
Attorney, Business Affairs Executive, Producer
Berry, Warren Berry, Warren
Big Dream Productions
Bershen, Wanda Bershen, Wanda
Festival Administrator, Fundraising/Development
Red Diaper Productions
Bershon, Gail Carol Bershon, Gail Carol
International Marketing Director
Cerebral Palsy International Research Foundation
Bertaccini, Donna Bertaccini, Donna
Director, Executive Producer, Producer
Molesworth Enterprises, Inc
Bertels, Charissa Bertels, Charissa
Producer/Broadway Actress
Academia Nuts the Musical
Bertram, Bonnie Bertram, Bonnie
Bertrand, Camille Bertrand, Camille
Wild Bunch NYC
Berwick, Donna Berwick, Donna
Costume Designer
Berwick, Frances Berwick, Frances
Acquisitions, Producer, Programming
Berzinski, Patrick Berzinski, Patrick
Tranquility49 LLC
best, connie best, connie
Senior Business Representative
Best, Diane Best, Diane
Executive Producer Original & Development
Tru TV
Best, Emily Best, Emily
Best, Wyoma Best, Wyoma
Vice-President of Communications
Greater Rochester Metro Chamber of Commerce
Betan-Artman, Leeorah Betan-Artman, Leeorah
Giaronomo Productions
Betancourt, Nicole Betancourt, Nicole
Parent Earth Foundation
Betancourt, Nicole Betancourt, Nicole
Distributor, Nonprofit Administrator
Parent Earth Foundation
Betanzos, Amalia Betanzos, Amalia
President & CEO
Wildcat Service Corporation
Betel, Anna Betel, Anna
Producer, Writer
Beth, Melissa Beth, Melissa
Executive Producer
Hostage Films
Betsy, Reeves Betsy, Reeves
Betts, Roland Betts, Roland
Chelsea Piers Management, Inc.
Beutel, Bill Beutel, Bill
Bevacqua, Tony Bevacqua, Tony
Bevenger, Rob Bevenger, Rob
Costume Designer
Beverly, Danielle Beverly, Danielle
Petunia Productions
Bevilacqua, Amy Bevilacqua, Amy
Executive Vice President, General Manager
Films Media Group
Bewsinon, Gladys Bewsinon, Gladys
HBR Productions
Beyda, Kate Beyda, Kate
Senior VP, Physical Production (Production Executive)
Beyer, Christine Beyer, Christine
Director of Acquisitions
Screen Media Films
Bezahler, Alysse Bezahler, Alysse
bezerra, vania bezerra, vania
Bharadwaj, Aravind Bharadwaj, Aravind
Master of Information Systems Managment, class of 2011
Carnegie Mellon
Bhargava, Girish Bhargava, Girish
Telstar Editing, Inc.
Bhargava, Nina Bhargava, Nina
Assistant Manager
Telstar Editing, Inc.
Bhise, Lena Bhise, Lena
Associate Producer, Director, Producer
Lena From Last Night Productions
Biachi, Doswell Biachi, Doswell
Biaggi, Carol Biaggi, Carol
Bloomberg Television
Biaggi, John Biaggi, John
Human Rights Watch International Film Festival
Bianchi, Linda Bianchi, Linda
Actor, Corporate Executive, Producer
Ribico Inc.
Bianco, Karyn Bianco, Karyn
Editor: Film/Video
Bianculli, David Bianculli, David
TV Worth Watching
Bias, Andrea Bias, Andrea
Set Production Assistant
Bibb, Elizabeth Bibb, Elizabeth
Michael Yamashita, Inc.
Biberstein, Aaron Biberstein, Aaron
NY 411
Biblowit, Myra Biblowit, Myra
The Breast Cancer Research Foundation
Bickford, Jewelle Bickford, Jewelle
Sr. Managing Director & Global Product Head for Asset Securitization
Rothschild, Inc.
Bidault De L'Isle, Carol Bidault De L'Isle, Carol
rep: WIFT France
Bidermann-Roizen, Camille Bidermann-Roizen, Camille
Production Manager
Cosmopolitan TV / Hearst Ent. & Syndication
Bieber, Janis Bieber, Janis
Senior Account Executive
Bieff, Neil Bieff, Neil
Neil Bieff Couture
Biel, Jessica Biel, Jessica
Bieler, Suri Bieler, Suri
Eclectic/Encore Properties
Bien, Rima Bien, Rima
Bien Productions
Bienstock, Caroline Bienstock, Caroline
Carlin America, Inc
Bierly, Mandi Bierly, Mandi
Staff writer
Entertainment Weekly Online
Bierly, Mandi Bierly, Mandi
PopWatch Blog
Bierman, Bruce Bierman, Bruce
Bruce Bierman Design Inc.
Bifulco, Lisa Bifulco, Lisa
Kaplan Thaler Group
Biggar, Maggie Biggar, Maggie
Fortis Films
Bigger, Michal Bigger, Michal
Make Up Artist
Bigham, Abra Bigham, Abra
Actor, Producer, Writer
Bijlani, Tania Bijlani, Tania
Free lance
Bild, Kathryn Bild, Kathryn
Composer, Director, Writer
Rooftop Arts
Bilheimer, Robert Bilheimer, Robert
Worldwide Documentaries, Inc.
Bill, Mitchell Bill, Mitchell
Manhattan Transfer/Edit Inc.
Billard, Katri Billard, Katri
Script Supervisor
Billings, Rose Billings, Rose
Still Photographer
Billington, Alex Billington, Alex
First Showing
Billis, Stacie Billis, Stacie
Development Executive, Educator
Billmaier, Jean Claude Billmaier, Jean Claude
Marabigo The Content Factory Group, LLC
Billon, Catherine Billon, Catherine
Corporate Executive
Billops, Camille Billops, Camille
Director, Nonprofit Administrator, Producer
Bills, Larissa Bills, Larissa
Binassarie, Lisa Binassarie, Lisa
General Manager
Binen, Carol Binen, Carol
Business Affairs Executive, Corporate Executive
Binford, Mira Binford, Mira
Box 91 Quinnipiac College/Comm. Dept.
Bing, Lisa Bing, Lisa
Bing Consulting
Bingham, Susan Bingham, Susan
Chancel Opera Company
Binney, Judith Binney, Judith
Corporate HR Communications
Binns, Charlotte Binns, Charlotte
CEO / Rademaekers
Call2Action Network Ltd
Binstock, David Binstock, David
Rhinoceros Editorial
Binstock, Jodi Binstock, Jodi
Go2 Digital Media, Inc.
Binstock, Sherri Binstock, Sherri
Marketing Executive
Biondi, Frank Biondi, Frank
Viacom International Inc.
Bird, Elizabeth Bird, Elizabeth
Children's Librarian
New York Public Library
Bird, Thomas Bird, Thomas
Birdsong, Alexa Birdsong, Alexa
Director of Arts & Cultural Programs
City Parks Foundation
Birdsong, Alexis Birdsong, Alexis
Director of Programming
My Image Studios
Birleffi, Bobbie Birleffi, Bobbie
Director, Producer, Writer
TV Gals, Inc.
Birnbaum, Marguerite Birnbaum, Marguerite
Town Real Estate
Birnbaum, Sherry Birnbaum, Sherry
Investment Representative
Deutsche Bank Alex. Brown
Birnhak, Sandra Birnhak, Sandra
Showcase Productions International Inc.
Biscone, Katty Biscone, Katty
Comedy Writer/Actor
Bishop, Kimberly Bishop, Kimberly
Managing Director
Korn/Ferry Internatonal
Bishop, Noel Bishop, Noel
Element Financial Group
Bishop, Phyllis Bishop, Phyllis
Marketing Executive, Producer, Production Executive
Bishop Group PR
Bishop, Susan Bishop, Susan
Bishop Partners
Biskind, Peter Biskind, Peter
Premiere Magazine
Bisner, Brenda Bisner, Brenda
Sales Coordinator
Branscome International
Bissessar, Shelley Bissessar, Shelley
Broadway Video Entertainment
Biswas, Kalpana Biswas, Kalpana
Women in Film and Media
Bitz, Jeremy Bitz, Jeremy
NY1 News
Bivens, Sharika Bivens, Sharika
Biwei, Liu Biwei, Liu
Consulate General
Consulate General of the People's Republic of China
Bizenov, Steve Bizenov, Steve
VP, Sales & Software Development
Media Services
Biziou, Barbara Biziou, Barbara
Blue Lotus Production
Black, Andrew Black, Andrew
Director of Corporate Media
The Donna Karan Company
Black, Ann Black, Ann
Executive Producer, Producer, Production Executive
Black/Max Productions
Black, Bill Black, Bill
Jaba Entertainment, Inc.
Black, Cathleen Black, Cathleen
Hearst Magazines
Black, David Black, David
Executive Director
Alliance Francaise
Black, Diane Black, Diane
Director of Entertainment Sales
Jumeirah Essex House
Black, Hilary Black, Hilary
More Magazine
Black, Ira Black, Ira
Business Development Executive
Thought Equity Motion
Black, Joanne Black, Joanne
Joanne Black and Associates
Black, Judia Black, Judia
Founder and CEO
Black, Lisa Black, Lisa
Executive Producer, Marketing Executive, Production Finance
Garnet Girl, LLC
Black, Lisa Black, Lisa
Garnet Girl, LLC
Black, Michele Black, Michele
2nd Asst Acct
Babylon Fields (Pilot)
Black, Sarah Black, Sarah
Black, Stephanie Black, Stephanie
Director, Producer
Black, Susan Black, Susan
Black, Teri Black, Teri
Actor, Producer
Break A Leg Productions
Blackaby, Linda Blackaby, Linda
Cinema Projects
Blackburn, Greta Blackburn, Greta
Fit Camps
Blackburn, Megan Blackburn, Megan
Graduate Student
SVA SocDoc
Blacklock, Belinda Blacklock, Belinda
Executive Producer
Passion Pictures
Blacklock, Kim Blacklock, Kim
President & CEO
H.G. Fairfield Arts Center for the Environment
Blacklock, Kim Blacklock, Kim
Actor, Development Executive, Nonprofit Administrator
H. G. Fairfield Arts Center for the Environment Inc.
Blacklock, Kim Blacklock, Kim
President & CEO
H. G. Fairfield Arts
Blackstone, Wendy Blackstone, Wendy
Sound For Images
Blackstone, Wendy Blackstone, Wendy
Sound For Images
Blackstone, Wendy Blackstone, Wendy
sound for images
Blackwell, Michele Blackwell, Michele
Associate Producer, Sales
Blaetz, Robin Blaetz, Robin
Film Studies
Blaine-Goodman, Shelley Blaine-Goodman, Shelley
Sales, Television Executive
A&E Television Networks
Blair, Jennifer Blair, Jennifer
Blait, Denise Blait, Denise
The Artists Company
Blake Catano, Kim Blake Catano, Kim
Under the Sun and Moon
Blake, Bonnie Blake, Bonnie
Coordinating Chair of Division of Media and Program Director of the M.A. Pr
New York University-School of Continuing and Professional Studies
Blake, Grace Blake, Grace
Coordinating Producer, Executive Producer, Producer
Blake, Juliet Blake, Juliet
Scholastic Entertainment
Blake, Kelli Blake, Kelli
Sponsorship & Marketing Coordinator
Blake, Lisa Blake, Lisa
Sensible Shoes Productions
Blake, Marty Blake, Marty
Marty Blake Graphic Design
Blake, Meredith Blake, Meredith
Creative Excutive
Crossroads films
Blakely, Delois Blakely, Delois
Community Mayor of Harlem New Future Foundation, President Harlem Women Int
New Future Foundation
Blakeslee, Mirashyam Blakeslee, Mirashyam
Key 2nd Assistant Director
Blanchard, Cameron Blanchard, Cameron
Senior Vice President
BRAVO Communications
Blanchet, Maria Daniela Blanchet, Maria Daniela
Distributor, Post-Production Services, Producer
Blanchett, Cate Blanchett, Cate
Wolf-Kasteler & Associates PR
Blanco, Barbara Blanco, Barbara
Peyser & Alexander
Blanco, Jacqueline Blanco, Jacqueline
Editorial Director
Vanidades Televisa Publishing Intl S.A.
Blanco, Rafael Blanco, Rafael
Executive Editor
TV Latina
Bland-Sebrien, Gesha-Marie Bland-Sebrien, Gesha-Marie
Consultant, Writer
Blangiardo, Sonia Blangiardo, Sonia
Director, Line Producer
Blanich, Tania Blanich, Tania
Chief Operating Officer
Blank, Matthew Blank, Matthew
Chairman & CEO
Showtime Networks
Blank, Radha Blank, Radha
Director Screenwriter
Blanke, Gail Blanke, Gail
President & CEO
Gail Blanke's Lifedesigns
Blankenship, Emily Blankenship, Emily
Post-Production Services, Producer
blankstein, lois blankstein, lois
Girl Scouts of the USA
Blaschke, Lucille Blaschke, Lucille
Lead Manager
AXA Equitable
Blatt, David Blatt, David
Blatt, Esq., Greg Blatt, Esq., Greg
Grubman, Indursky & Schindler, P.C.
Blatt, Helen Blatt, Helen
MacGuffin Films
Blatteis, Elisa Blatteis, Elisa
Director, Producer, Writer
Blatter, Lucy Blatter, Lucy
AM New York
Blau, Andrea Blau, Andrea
Associate Producer, Producer
Blau, Georgette Blau, Georgette
On Location Tours
Blau, Georgette Blau, Georgette
On Location Tours
Blaustein, Meira Blaustein, Meira
Executive Director
Woodstock Film Festival
Blaylock, Alana Blaylock, Alana
Production Coordinator
National Geographic Wild Channel
Blaylock, Cheryl Blaylock, Cheryl
Actor, Director
Kalamazoo Gal Pictures
Blech, Suzanne Blech, Suzanne
Screen Media Films
Bleecker, Breana Bleecker, Breana
Writer, Producer, Cinematographer, Editor
Bleecker, Susan Bleecker, Susan
Managing Editor
Town & Country
Bleiberg, Helene Bleiberg, Helene
Director, Corporate Contributions
CBS, Inc.
Bleimeister, Rand Bleimeister, Rand
Director, Non-Theatrical Films
Blekhter, Elena Blekhter, Elena
Development Assistant
ABC News - Longform Documentary Unit
Bliachas, Basilica Bliachas, Basilica
Actor / Model / Voiceover
Blichfeld, Katja Blichfeld, Katja
High Maintenance
Bliss, Jamilya Bliss, Jamilya
Honey Jams Uniques
Bliss, Terra Bliss, Terra
Consultant, Post-Production Services
Deluxe New York
Bliss, Terra Bliss, Terra
bliss, terra bliss, terra
Vice President & General Manager
Blitzer, Polly Blitzer, Polly
Beauty Blitz
Bloch, Darren Bloch, Darren
Director of Inter-Gov and Community Relations
Office of the Public Advocate
Bloch, Leslie Bloch, Leslie
Corporate Executive, Producer, Television Executive
Block Reiner, Susan Block Reiner, Susan
Shooting Star Pictures
Block, Annie Block, Annie
Agent, Production Executive
Block, Candace Block, Candace
Vice Chair
Fund Raising & Board Development
Block, Doug Block, Doug
Copacetic Pictures
Block, Doug Block, Doug
Copacetic Pictures
Block, Ira Block, Ira
Producer, Still Photographer
Jurist Productions
Block, Jeffrey Block, Jeffrey
April Printing
Block, Lisa Block, Lisa
Senior Program Officer
The Healthcare Foundation of New Jersey
block, marsha block, marsha
american group psychotherapy association
Block, Roz Block, Roz
Line Producer, Narrator/Voice-Over
Block, Valerie Block, Valerie
Deputy Managing Editor
Crain's New York Business
Blodgett, Leslie Blodgett, Leslie
Bare Escentuals
Blood, Jennifer Blood, Jennifer
Assistant Director, Editor: Film/Video, Writer
Bloom, Barbara Bloom, Barbara
ABC Inc.
Bloom, Julie Bloom, Julie
Assistant Director
Bloom, Livia Bloom, Livia
Critic, Distributor, Programming
Icarus Films
Bloom, Orlando Bloom, Orlando
Bloom, Sydney Bloom, Sydney
Barbizon Electric Co., Inc.
Bloomberg, Michael Bloomberg, Michael
Bloomberg News
Bloome, Andrea Bloome, Andrea
Foley Artist, Post-Production Services, Production Services
Alchemy Post Sound
Bloome, Andrea Bloome, Andrea
Alchemy Post Sound
Bloomgarden, Kathy Bloomgarden, Kathy
Ruder-Finn, Inc.
Blostein, Katherine Blostein, Katherine
Outten & Golden
Blount, Andrea Blount, Andrea
Associate Court Attorney
New York State Unified Court System
Blount, Tiffany Blount, Tiffany
Manager of Media Education
Manhattan neighborhood Network
Blue, Carroll Blue, Carroll
Research Professor
Texas Learning & Computation Center
Blue, Helene Blue, Helene
Helene Blue Musique, Ltd
Blum, Jennifer Blum, Jennifer
JB Group
Blum, Joshua Blum, Joshua
Washington Square Films
Blum, Lesley Blum, Lesley
Anchor/Reporter, Journalist, Producer
Blumberg, Jordan Blumberg, Jordan
blumberg, linda blumberg, linda
ex dir
art dealers ass. of america
Blumberg, Linda Blumberg, Linda
Assistant Commissioner of Public Affairs
New York City Department of Cultural Affairs
Blume, Lawrence Blume, Lawrence
Director, Producer
Tashmoo Productions
Blumenthal, Maia Blumenthal, Maia
Post-Production Services, Production Services
New Video
Blumenthal, Raymond Blumenthal, Raymond
Vice President
Listec Video Corp.
Blumenthal-Jacobs, Ann Blumenthal-Jacobs, Ann
Executive Producer, Producer, Writer
On The Aisle Productions
Blumer, Lee Blumer, Lee
Event Coordinator
Crobar and Pink Elephant
Blunt, Doreen Blunt, Doreen
Editor: Film/Video, Producer
Boak, Julie Clark Boak, Julie Clark
Salmagundi Productions
Boakes, Janet Boakes, Janet
VP, Special Projects, Office of the Chairman & CEO
Showtime Networks Inc.
Boakes, Janet Boakes, Janet
Office of the chairman & CEO
Showtime Network
Boarini, Christa Boarini, Christa
Director, Producer
Bobby, Anne Bobby, Anne
Broken Yolk Productions
Bobman, Allison Bobman, Allison
CookFox Architects LLP
Boccia, Raymond Boccia, Raymond
Bluebird Express
Boccio, Reyna Boccio, Reyna
Il Sole Productions
Bocco, Adrianna Bocco, Adrianna
SVP, Acquisitions/Productions
IFC Films
Bocco, Arianna Bocco, Arianna
SVP, Acquisitions & Production
IFC Entertainment
Bodde, Margaret Bodde, Margaret
The Film Foundation
Bodde, Margaret Bodde, Margaret
Executive Director
The Film Foundatino
Boddie, April Boddie, April
Actor, Associate Producer, Producer
Bodemann, Natascha Bodemann, Natascha
Consultant, Publicist, Writer
Bodine, Sue Bodine, Sue
Cowan, DeBaets, Abrahams, & Sheppard LLP
Bodine, Susan Bodine, Susan
Cowan DeBaets Abrahams & Sheppard LLP
Bodow, Warren Bodow, Warren
Wellangood Agency, Inc.
Boeglin, Claudine Boeglin, Claudine
founder/ creative director
dandy vagabonds
Boehm, Penelope Boehm, Penelope
Boehm Business Services
Boehm, Susan Boehm, Susan
Development Manager
Screen Australia
Boellinger, Melanie Boellinger, Melanie
Assistant Director, Coordinating Producer, Script Supervisor
Boesky, Seema Boesky, Seema
SSB Associates
Boff, Kyra Boff, Kyra
Associate Producer, Editor: Film/Video
Bogado, Haidee Bogado, Haidee
Freixenet Atlantic
Bogarin, Elan Bogarin, Elan
Camera Assistant, Cinematographer, Director
Bogart, Jane Bogart, Jane
c/o Ann Blumenthal
Bogart, Paul Bogart, Paul
c/o Ann Blumenthal
Bogdanowicz, Carol Bogdanowicz, Carol
April Printing
Bogert, Bambi Bogert, Bambi
Director, Journalist, Producer
Boggs, Grace Lee Boggs, Grace Lee
Director/ Producer
Grace Lee Boggs
Bogusz, Chris Bogusz, Chris
Marketing Department
Buena Vista
Bohling, Vriana Bohling, Vriana
Editor: Film/Video
Bohn, Tim Bohn, Tim
Business Development
Cypress Films
Bohr, Jimmy Bohr, Jimmy
Casting Director
As The World Turns
Bohr, Justin Bohr, Justin
Studio Manager
Ear Goo
Boisson, Patrick Boisson, Patrick
SNR Denton
Boisvert, Carol Boisvert, Carol
Bokios, Gina Bokios, Gina
Senior VP and General Counsel
Regal Securities
Bokowski, Debra Bokowski, Debra
AMC/WE Cable Networks
Boland, Lyn Boland, Lyn
Port Jefferson Documentary Series
Bolden-Rivera, Gina L. Bolden-Rivera, Gina L.
Financial Planner, Investment Advisor Representative
Boldt, Deborah Boldt, Deborah
Artemis Productions
Bolesta, Joe Bolesta, Joe
Goblin Market Film Services, Inc.
Bolesta, Linda Bolesta, Linda
Goblin Lighting Services Inc.
Bolet, Adela Bolet, Adela
Bolet Language Services
Bolet, Adela Bolet, Adela
Actor, Narrator/Voice-Over, Producer
Bolet Language Services
Boling, Daryl Boling, Daryl
Bolkvadze, Tamar Bolkvadze, Tamar
The Kill Box
Bologna, Anna Bologna, Anna
Toy NY
Bologna, Diana Bologna, Diana
Actor, Producer, Writer
Wing Woman Productions
Bolt, Fiona Bolt, Fiona
British Film Institute Library
Boltion, Audra Boltion, Audra
The Boltion Group Public Relations
Bolton, Shannon Bolton, Shannon
Acocunt Manager
Boluda, Ana Boluda, Ana
Assistant Editor, Editor: Film/Video, Journalist
Boman, Mallie Boman, Mallie
Director, Producer, Writer
Bamboo & Bone Productions
Bonacore, Tia Bonacore, Tia
Bonamici, Leanna Bonamici, Leanna
Vice President / Studio Manager
Casablanca Studios
Bonano Jr., Robert Bonano Jr., Robert
Goodyear Motors, Inc.
Boncompagni, Vero Boncompagni, Vero
Christal Films Distribution
Bond, Katharyn Bond, Katharyn
Actor, Attorney
Marquez, Bond and Meisel, LLP
Bond, Mindy Bond, Mindy
Managing Editor, Flavorpill NYC
Flavorpill Media
Bondareff, Diane Bondareff, Diane
Still Photographer
Diane Bondareff
Bondy, Halley Bondy, Halley
News Reporter
Bondy, Madeleine Bondy, Madeleine
Mujeres en el Cine y la TV Mexico
Bonelli, Gloria Bonelli, Gloria
Nonprofit Administrator, Personal Manager
Gloria Bonelli and Associates
Bonetti, Mahen Bonetti, Mahen
African Film Festival
Bongiorno, Marylou Bongiorno, Marylou
Bongiorno Productions
Bongiovanni, Mia Bongiovanni, Mia
Ponte Sisto Productions LLC
Bonilla, Jeanette Bonilla, Jeanette
Executive Assistant
Bonn, Claudia Bonn, Claudia
Development Executive
The Film Society of Lincoln Center
Bonnel, Marie Bonnel, Marie
French Embassy
Bonnell, Chris Bonnell, Chris
Executive Director/ Film Commissioner
Bonnell, Munro Bonnell, Munro
The Garden Club of America
Bonner Shillingford, Allison Bonner Shillingford, Allison
Allison Bonner Shillingford Productions
Bonner, Helen Bonner, Helen
Dr (phd communication)
retired from Bemidji State University
Bonney, Anney Bonney, Anney
"Double Fiesta"
Boodro, Michael Boodro, Michael
Vogue Magazine
Boogaard, Dina Boogaard, Dina
Dina Boogaard Productions
Boogie, Om Boogie, Om
Lotus & Phoenix Productions LLC
Boogie, Om Boogie, Om
Lotus and Phoenix Productions LLC
The New Republic
Bookman, Bob Bookman, Bob
Creative Artists Agency
Bookman, Leo Bookman, Leo
Leo Bookman
Books, Mondazzi Books, Mondazzi
Mondazzi Books
Boone, Debra Boone, Debra
Cicely Tyson School of Perf & Fine Arts
Boonstra, Michael Boonstra, Michael
Production Coordinator
Boor, Julie Boor, Julie
Boosler, Elayne Boosler, Elayne
Actor, Director, Writer
Brooklyn Productions
Boote, Katie Boote, Katie
Nice Shoes VFX
Booth, Kimberly Booth, Kimberly
Production Manager
Comedy Central
Booth, Sarah Booth, Sarah
Bord, Christine Bord, Christine
Creator and Editor
Borders, Glynn Borders, Glynn
Bordinsky, Sam Bordinsky, Sam
Film Treat
Bordman, Ethan Bordman, Ethan
Ethan Y. Bordman, PLLC
Bordman, Ethan Bordman, Ethan
Attorney, Producer
Bordogna, Heidi Bordogna, Heidi
Educator, Producer, Writer
Skyward Productions
Borie, Noella Borie, Noella
Nobiechan Animation
Borins, Gwen Borins, Gwen
Attorney, Business Affairs Executive
Boris, John Boris, John
Vice President of Marketing
Fresh Direct
Borjesson, Kristina Borjesson, Kristina
CBS News Division
Borland, Gloria Borland, Gloria
Producer, Director
Barack Obama: Made in Hawaii
Borland, Kathryn Borland, Kathryn
Actor, Producer, Writer
4Kids Productions Inc.
Borman, Windy Borman, Windy
Director, Producer, Writer
DVA Productions
Born, Pete Born, Pete
Executive Editor, Beauty
Women's Wear Daily
Bornstein, Carrie Bornstein, Carrie
Line Producer, Producer, Production Manager
Bornstein, Henry Bornstein, Henry
Adorama Rental Co.
Bornstein, Susan Bornstein, Susan
Associate Publisher, Marketing
Allure Magazine
Boros, Frank Boros, Frank
Costume Designer
Borowich, Mimi Borowich, Mimi
Children's Librarian
New York Public Library
Borrell, Geraldine Borrell, Geraldine
Producer, Writer
The Borrell Company, Inc.
Borrelli, Nikki Borrelli, Nikki
Coordinating Producer, Producer, Production Executive
True Entertainment
Borshay, Deann Borshay, Deann
Executive Director
Katahdin Foundation
Borzumato, Rosalie A. Borzumato, Rosalie A.
Viacom International Inc.
Bosakowski, Mary Bosakowski, Mary
Director, Producer, Writer
boshak, toby boshak, toby
Executive Director
Princess Grace Foundation-USA
Bosnjak, Jacqueline Bosnjak, Jacqueline
Company Q Department & Idealogue Studios
Boss, Rick Boss, Rick
Reptek, Inc.
Bossert, Sandra Bossert, Sandra
All Heart Productions
Bostic, Farrah Bostic, Farrah
Near Future Media
Bosworth, Patricia Bosworth, Patricia
Contributing Editor
Vanity Fair
Bosworth, Phyllis Bosworth, Phyllis
Managing Director
Cohen and Company, Inc.
Botsacos, Maria A Botsacos, Maria A
Director of Special Events
Film Society of Lincoln Center
Botts, Garrison Botts, Garrison
Acquisitions, Producer, Programming
Reel New York
Botwin, Will Botwin, Will
General Manager, Columbia Records/Exec VP, Columbia Records Group
Columbia Records
Bouchand, Valerie Bouchand, Valerie
Actor, Producer, Writer
Crimson Hill Entertainment, LLC
Boudreaux, Jennifer Boudreaux, Jennifer
Director, New Media
Boughner, Helynn Boughner, Helynn
Associate Producer
HBA Promotions
Bourdon, Pascal Bourdon, Pascal
French Embassy
Bourjolly, Joelle Bourjolly, Joelle
Producer, Writer
Bourke, Alison Bourke, Alison
Executive Producer, Production Executive
Bourne, Holly Bourne, Holly
Global Campaign Manager, Girls and Women's Empowerment
Intel Corporation
Bourque, Louise Bourque, Louise
Distribution Coordinator
Canadian Filmmakers Distribution Centre
Boutilier, Corey Boutilier, Corey
Executive Director
Bouziane, Anissa Bouziane, Anissa
Bouziane, Yasmina Bouziane, Yasmina
Cinematographer, Director
Bove, Elizabeth Bove, Elizabeth
Actor, Producer, Writer
Bow Wow Films
Bowe, Jason Bowe, Jason
Axium International
Bowen, Frances Bowen, Frances
Corporate Executive
Trackwise at Fullhouse Productions
Bowen, Katie Bowen, Katie
Bowen, Peter Bowen, Peter
Editorial Director, On-Air & New Media
Sundance Channel
Bower, Holly Bower, Holly
Director, Still Photographer, Writer
Bowerman, Jeanne Bowerman, Jeanne
Script Magazine
Bowers, Bev Bowers, Bev
Womens Way of Ohio/NKY
Bowers, Bev Bowers, Bev
Womens Way of Ohio/Kentucky
Bowers, Jeffrey Bowers, Jeffrey
Assistant Programmer
Hamptons International Film Festival
Bowers, Kevin Bowers, Kevin
Sr Director of Sales Marketing
Interactive One
Bowers, Lisa Bowers, Lisa
Consultant, Fundraising/Development, Marketing Executive
Smoothsailing Marketing
Bowler, Howard Bowler, Howard
Hobo Audio
Bowles, Eamonn Bowles, Eamonn
Magnolia Pictures
Bowling, Suzanna Bowling, Suzanna
The Times Square Chronicle
Bowman-Bullock, Jevonne Bowman-Bullock, Jevonne
Director, Editor: Film/Video, Producer
JAB New York, LLC
Bowser, Kathy Bowser, Kathy
NAACP Legal Defense and Educational Fund, Inc.
Bowser, Pearl Bowser, Pearl
Consultant, Programming, Writer
African Diaspora Images
Boxer, Jeremy Boxer, Jeremy
Creative Director, Film & Video
Boyce, Raymond A. Boyce, Raymond A.
Senior VP, Corporate Relations
Viacom International Inc.
Boyd, B. Stephen Boyd, B. Stephen
Economic Growth Group, Inc.
Boyd, Gerald Boyd, Gerald
Editor, Metro Section
New York Times
Boyd, Lyabo Boyd, Lyabo
Festival Administrator
Hamptons Internationl Film Festival
Boyd, Suzette Boyd, Suzette
Assistant To Executive Vice President, Melinda Benedek
boydstun, brett boydstun, brett
pilguim studios
Boyer, Regina Boyer, Regina
Associate Producer, Researcher, Writer
Boyer, Tommy Boyer, Tommy
Manhattan Wardrobe Supply
Boyle, Caitlin Boyle, Caitlin
Executive Director
Film Sprout LLC
Boyle, Kathy Boyle, Kathy
Broadcast Associate
cuny tv
Boyle, Patrick Boyle, Patrick
Frankfurt Kurnit Klein and Selz
Boyles, Megin Boyles, Megin
Post-Production Supervisor, Producer, Production Supervisor
Bozman, Ron Bozman, Ron
Media Noche
Braak, Lea-Marie Braak, Lea-Marie
Media Manager
KG Media
Brabbee, Mystelle Brabbee, Mystelle
Artistic Director
Nantucket Film Festival
Bracco, Jill Bracco, Jill
Bradley, Elizabeth Bradley, Elizabeth
Andrew Lauren Productions
Bradley, Jacqueline Bradley, Jacqueline
Actor, Line Producer, Producer
Drury Design Dynamics
Bradshaw, Al Bradshaw, Al
Greenpoint Storage Terminal
Bradshaw, Amy Bradshaw, Amy
Costume Designer
Bradshaw, Diane Bradshaw, Diane
Actor, Attorney, Producer
Helfand and Helfand
Brady Boyle, Susan Brady Boyle, Susan
Photo Researcher
Associated Press
Brady, Caitlin Brady, Caitlin
Freelance Coverage Reporter and Writer
Brady, Monica Brady, Monica
Director, Executive Producer
Golden Trailer Awards
Brady, Thomas Brady, Thomas
Brady-Watters, Evelyn Brady-Watters, Evelyn
Executive Director
Golden Trailer Awards/TrailerTv.com
Braga, Jose Braga, Jose
Christ Church
Braga, Marlene Braga, Marlene
Director, Producer, Programming
Woman on the Verge Productions
Bragan, Christine Bragan, Christine
Vice President, Communications & Marketing
AMC Networks Inc.
Bragan, Christine Bragan, Christine
Vice President, Communications & Marketing
AMC Networks, Inc.
Bragg, Tiana Bragg, Tiana
Post-Production Services
Bragna, Peter Bragna, Peter
Vice President - Marketing
Brahaer, Joy Brahaer, Joy
Brajdic, Maya Brajdic, Maya
Film/Television Commissioner, Writer
Brambilla, Kate Brambilla, Kate
NewMarket Films
Bramnick, Flory Bramnick, Flory
Sony Pictures Television
Bramwell, Marisa Bramwell, Marisa
Actor, Producer, Writer
Branch, Deborah Branch, Deborah
Attorney, Business Affairs Executive
Asia TV USA Ltd.
Branch, Gabrielle Branch, Gabrielle
Producer, Publicist, Writer
Branch-Ridley, Erica Branch-Ridley, Erica
Interactive Media, Producer
Viacom / MTV Networks
Brand, Rebecca Brand, Rebecca
Head of Communications
Women in Film and TV UK
Brand, Steve Brand, Steve
Director, Producer, Writer
Ways & Means Productions
Brand, Susan Brand, Susan
Producer, Researcher, Writer
Brandeis, Magdalene Brandeis, Magdalene
Programming Coordinator
Stony Brook Southhampton
Brandenburg, Carol Brandenburg, Carol
Production Executive
Alan Weiss Productions
Brandon, Linda Brandon, Linda
Brandt, Susan Brandt, Susan
Branham, Emily Branham, Emily
Work and Serve Productions
Brannigan-Rampp, Susan Brannigan-Rampp, Susan
Consultant, Writer
Rampp Creative Services
Branscome, Catherine Branscome, Catherine
Distributor, Executive Producer, Sales
Branscome International
Brantley, Shartia Brantley, Shartia
Graduate Student - Journalism
Columbia University
Brashear, Regan Brashear, Regan
Making Change Media
Brassard, Gail Brassard, Gail
Costume Designer
Bratt, Dara Bratt, Dara
Tag Creative
Bratt, Kim Bratt, Kim
Director, Producer, Writer
Brauerhoch, Annette Brauerhoch, Annette
Professor of Film
Unversitat Paderborn
Braumschweig, Carolina Braumschweig, Carolina
Events Clearinghouse-NY Alliance for the Arts
Braun, Dan Braun, Dan
Submarine Entertainment
Braun, Eileen Braun, Eileen
Director, Executive Producer, Producer
Slant 6 Productions, Inc.
Braun, Elyn Braun, Elyn
Acquisitions, Animator
Plus 8 Digital
Braun, Josh Braun, Josh
Submarine Entertainment
Braun, Lisa Braun, Lisa
Braun, Mr. G. Braun, Mr. G.
AYER 35th Floor
Braun, Nanette Braun, Nanette
Communications Specialist - Strategic Partnership and Communications Group
United Nations Development Fund for Women - UNIFEM
Braun, Neil S. Braun, Neil S.
Vanguard Films
Braune, Ellen Braune, Ellen
Vice President, Communications
Ms. Foundation for Women
Bravo, Frankie Bravo, Frankie
Actor, Director
Bravo, Vee Bravo, Vee
Community Based Media
Bravo, Vee Bravo, Vee
Director, Education
Tribeca Film Institute
Brawley, Lucia Brawley, Lucia
Actor, Writer
Braxton, Jodi Braxton, Jodi
Braxton, Keayr Braxton, Keayr
Tremendous Entertainment
Braxton, Natalie Braxton, Natalie
Ms. Natalie Braxton Director
Braxton, Stephanie Braxton, Stephanie
Actor, Writer
Bray, Anne Bray, Anne
LA Freewaves
Brazong, Anita Brazong, Anita
Business Affairs Executive
Breakstone, Sandra Breakstone, Sandra
Line Producer, Producer
Breard, M. Blair Breard, M. Blair
Line Producer, Producer, Production Manager
Breaux, Melissa Breaux, Melissa
Talent Coordinator
Washington Square Arts & Films
Brecher, Sari Brecher, Sari
Howard Schwartz Recording
Brecker, Allison Brecker, Allison
MCA / Universal City Studios
Breckman, Andy Breckman, Andy
Andy Breckman Prods.
Bredenberg, Ingrid Bredenberg, Ingrid
Bredenberg Associates
Breglio, John Breglio, John
Paul, Weiss, Rifkind, Wharton & Garrison
Bregman, Anthony Bregman, Anthony
Likely Story
Breier, Margot Breier, Margot
Development Executive, Director, Producer
Breiland, Kimberly Breiland, Kimberly
22 Graphics
Brencsons-Van Dyk, Calia Brencsons-Van Dyk, Calia
Line Producer
The Martha Stewart Show
Brenman, Paul Brenman, Paul
Sloss Law Office
Brennan, Amanda Brennan, Amanda
Director, Props, Writer
Brennan, Dallas Brennan, Dallas
Producer, Production Manager, Writer
Big Mouth Productions
Brennan, Deirdre Brennan, Deirdre
Actor, Fundraising/Development, Writer
Brennan, Donna Brennan, Donna
Editor: Film/Video, Still Photographer
All Reel Images LLC
Brennan, Donna Brennan, Donna
All Reel Media
Brennan, Kara Brennan, Kara
Post Production PA
Bootleg Productions, Inc
Brennan, Kate Brennan, Kate
Gabrielle Sanchez Studio
Brennan, Kelly Brennan, Kelly
Associate Producer
Cabin Creek Films
Brennan, Mimi Brennan, Mimi
Art Director, Writer
Brenner, Janis Brenner, Janis
The Gender Project
Brenner, Jodi Brenner, Jodi
Attorney, Business Affairs Executive, Television Executive
NBC Universal
Brenner, Lindsey Brenner, Lindsey
Estee Lauder Company
Brenner, Steve Brenner, Steve
President and CEO
In Demand
Bresnitz, Darin Bresnitz, Darin
Director/ Producer
Diabolik Productions
Bressan, Roe Bressan, Roe
Corporate Executive
Lively Group
Bressan, Roe Bressan, Roe
Executive Producer, Post-Production Services
The Whitehouse
Bressan, Roe Bressan, Roe
Bressi-Cilona, Carol Bressi-Cilona, Carol
DeWitt Stern Group, Inc.
Bressler, Joshua Bressler, Joshua
Sullivan & Cromwell
Breton, Ana Breton, Ana
Camera Assistant, Researcher, Script Supervisor
Breton Films LLC
Brett, Barrie Brett, Barrie
Executive Producer, Producer, Writer
Breuning, Anne-Lise Breuning, Anne-Lise
Associate Producer, Editor: Film/Video, Fundraising/Development
Brew, Kathy Brew, Kathy
Independent Curator/Producer
Brewer, Gale Brewer, Gale
Council Member
NYC Council District 6
Brewer, Kelsey Brewer, Kelsey
Brewster, Katherine Brewster, Katherine
Corporate Executive, Fundraising/Development, Production Coordinator
BC Voices, Inc.
Brewster, Maya Brewster, Maya
Radical Media
Brice, Charles Brice, Charles
Actor, Narrator/Voice-Over
Brice, Cory Brice, Cory
Community Outreach & Media Specialist
Mahattan Neighborhood Network
Brick, Richard Brick, Richard
Silo Cinema, Inc.
Bricke, Ian Bricke, Ian
Senior Director, Acquisitions
IFC TV & Sundance Channel
Bridenstine, Elizabeth Bridenstine, Elizabeth
Marketing Manager
Bridenstine, Elizabeth Bridenstine, Elizabeth
Communications Coordinator, The Studio - B&H
B&H the studio
Bridgeman, Kay Bridgeman, Kay
Shoot 2 Win FILM
Bridges McMahon, Talleah Bridges McMahon, Talleah
The Documentary Group
Bridges, Barbara Bridges, Barbara
Woman Film
Bridges, Frances Bridges, Frances
Bridgham, Julie Bridgham, Julie
Director, Producer
Butter Lamp Films
Brier, Pamela Brier, Pamela
Executive Vice President
Maimonides Medical Center
Brigantino, Lisa Brigantino, Lisa
Composer, Music Director, Music Supervisor
Hidden Pond Productions, Inc.
Briggs, Denise Briggs, Denise
MetLife Compliance Services
Bright, Beckey Bright, Beckey
The Wall Street Journal
Brill, Jane Brill, Jane
Editor: Film/Video, Producer
Brill, Mitchell Brill, Mitchell
Digital Media Services, LLC
Brillhart, Rebecca Brillhart, Rebecca
Director, Producer
Elephant Cinema // Lovett Prouctions // Ark Media
Brindle, Shelley Brindle, Shelley
SVP/GM Affiliate Sales
Brink, Gary Brink, Gary
Administrative Coordinator
IATSE Local 52 / Motion Picture Studio Mechanics
Bristol, Jennifer Bristol, Jennifer
Judy Twersky PR
Brita-Andrews, Anna Brita-Andrews, Anna
First Edition
Brito, Brandon Brito, Brandon
VP, Development
Tribeca Productions
Brito, Lady Brito, Lady
Director, Editor: Film/Video, Writer
Brittenham, Noreen Brittenham, Noreen
Consultant, Distributor, Educator
C.W. Post Campus/Long Island University
Britto, Marvet Britto, Marvet
The Britto Agency
Britton, Tracy Britton, Tracy
VP, Promotion and Publicity
Brix, Holly Brix, Holly
Evil Queen Chemical Warfare, Intl. Inc.
Brizel, Llana Brizel, Llana
People Magazine
Brizzolara, Kim Brizzolara, Kim
Brizzolara Productions, Inc
Broad, Simon Broad, Simon
Vice President, Marketing
Camera Service Center
Broad, Simon Broad, Simon
Chief Operating Officer
Broad, Steven Broad, Steven
Sr. Relationship Manager
Broadnax, Jamie Broadnax, Jamie
Broccoli, Barbara Broccoli, Barbara
Eon Productions
Brockman, Mirra Brockman, Mirra
Director, Producer, Writer
Brod, Heidi Brod, Heidi
Broderick, Ginger Broderick, Ginger
Production Finance
Broderick Consulting Group Ltd.
Broderick, Peter Broderick, Peter
Paradigm Consulting
Brodie, Donna Brodie, Donna
Executive Director
The Writers Room, An Urban Writers' Colony
Brodsky, Bess Brodsky, Bess
Bess Brodsky Consulting
Brodsky, Leigh Anne Brodsky, Leigh Anne
Executive VP Consumer Goods
Brody, April Brody, April
Actor, Producer
Brody, Janis Brody, Janis
Consultant, Interactive Media, Writer
Brogan, Jacqueline Brogan, Jacqueline
Actor, Consultant, Writer
Brogliatti, Barbara Brogliatti, Barbara
Snr. VP. WWP
Warner Brothers
Broiles, Linda Broiles, Linda
Lizard Lab Video
Broitman, Elana Broitman, Elana
Brokaw, Kate Brokaw, Kate
Marketing and Distribution Manager
Kino International/Lorber Films
Brokaw, Tom Brokaw, Tom
NBC News
Brome, Kenya Brome, Kenya
Peter Strain & Associates
Bromley, Wendy Bromley, Wendy
Fundraising/Development, Marketing Executive
Thirteen WNET NY
Bromstad, Angela Bromstad, Angela
NBC Universal Television
Brondo, Nick Brondo, Nick
Film, TV/Video Game Management/Prodduction
Future World Media LLC
Broner, Martina Broner, Martina
Head of Development
Braven Films
Bronk, Joan Bronk, Joan
Women's Philanthropy Executive
UJA Federation, New York
Bronk, Robin Bronk, Robin
Executive Director
Brooker, Felicia Brooker, Felicia
Director, Writer
Brooker-Marks, Joan Brooker-Marks, Joan
Director, Producer, Writer
Midtownfilms, inc
Brookins, Laurie Brookins, Laurie
Journalist, Producer, Writer
Two Redheads Productions Ltd.
Brookins, Laurie Brookins, Laurie
Journalist, Stylist, Writer
Brooks, Beverly Brooks, Beverly
Assistant Editor, Festival Administrator, Producer
Brooks, Brian Brooks, Brian
Managing editor
Indie Wire
Brooks, David Brooks, David
Costume Designer
Brooks, Evolyn Brooks, Evolyn
Executive Producer, Producer, Writer
Freelance Supervising Producer
Brooks, Faith Brooks, Faith
Assistant Production Coordinator
Brooks, Lawrence Brooks, Lawrence
Brooks & Distler
Brooks, Lawrence Brooks, Lawrence
Brooks & Distler
Brooks, Lawrence Brooks, Lawrence
Brooks & Distler
Brooks, Marsha Brooks, Marsha
Brooks & Distler
Brooks, Michael Brooks, Michael
MB Productions
Brooks, Michelle Brooks, Michelle
Camera Assistant, Writer
Brooks, Molly Brooks, Molly
Outten & Golden
Brooks, Regina Brooks, Regina
Serendipity Literary Agency
Brooks, Richard Brooks, Richard
National Account Executive
SOS Global Express
Brooks, Sara Brooks, Sara
Account Executive
Siren Public Relation Inc
Brooks, Susan Brooks, Susan
Pow Pix
Brooks, Sydney Brooks, Sydney
Town & Country
Brookshire, John Brookshire, John
Your Staff Plus, Inc.
Brophy, Ami Brophy, Ami
Executive Director
The Art Directors Club
Broschart, Cindy Broschart, Cindy
Gulf Insurance Company
Brosnan, Sheila Brosnan, Sheila
Luminous Productions
Brougher, Mary Brougher, Mary
Executive Vice President
Bender Consulting Services, Inc
Brouk, Tricia Brouk, Tricia
Choreographer, Director, Writer
Brouk Moves, Inc
Brower, Noelle Brower, Noelle
Director, Writer
Brown, (Angel) Wanda Brown, (Angel) Wanda
Consultant, Journalist, Producer
Our Stories Productions,LLC
Brown, Alice Brown, Alice
Travelers Entertainment
Brown, Amy Brown, Amy
Journalist, Producer, Writer
NBC News
Brown, Blair Brown, Blair
c/o Buchwald & Assoc./ATTN: Steve Kaye
Brown, Brenda Bell Brown, Brenda Bell
Writer/Performer/Visual Artist
Brown, Brigid Brown, Brigid
Wardrobe Supervisor
Brown, Chaille Brown, Chaille
Production Executive, Production Supervisor
Brown, Christina Brown, Christina
Actor, Anchor/Reporter, Journalist
Brown, Claudine Brown, Claudine
The Nathan Cummings Foundation
Brown, Colin Brown, Colin
Editorial Director
Brown, Dana Brown, Dana
VP Entertainment Marketing
Entertainment Weekly
Brown, David Brown, David
Manhattan Project, Ltd.
Brown, Debra Brown, Debra
Distributor, Producer, Sales
Worthwhile Entertainment
Brown, Deveter Brown, Deveter
Sales Marketing Manager
Interactive One
Brown, Donnalldson Brown, Donnalldson
Attorney, Writer
Running B Productions, LLC
Brown, Dwight Brown, Dwight
Film Reviewer
BET Magazine/Emerge Magazine
Brown, Electa Brown, Electa
Airworthy Performance
Brown, Eric Brown, Eric
Kornhaber Brown
Brown, Felicia Brown, Felicia
Journalist, Producer
Aicilef, Inc.
Brown, Felicia Brown, Felicia
Journalist, Producer
Felicia Brown Talks, LLC
Brown, Ginger Brown, Ginger
Consultant, Coordinating Producer, Executive Producer
Mermaid Media, LLC
Brown, Helen Gurley Brown, Helen Gurley
Cosmopolitan Magazine
Brown, Jackie Brown, Jackie
Studio Manager
Dancing Diablo
Brown, Janet Brown, Janet
Cinetic Rights Managment
Brown, Janet Brown, Janet
FilmBuff/Cinetic Rights Management
Brown, Janet Brown, Janet
Cinetic Media
Brown, Jennifer Brown, Jennifer
DeWitt Stern Group, Inc.
Brown, Jon Brown, Jon
Brown, Katie Brown, Katie
Director, Producer
Brown, Keisha Brown, Keisha
Brown, Keith Brown, Keith
Spike TV
Brown, Lamonia Brown, Lamonia
Marketing Executive, Writer
Brown, Lamonia Brown, Lamonia
Program Coordinator
New York Women in Film & Television
Brown, Lane Brown, Lane
New York Magazine
Brown, Leslie Brown, Leslie
Consultant, Director, Nonprofit Administrator
Untold Legacy Productions Inc.
Brown, Marcia Brown, Marcia
Nonprofit Coord Comm of NY
Brown, Margaret Brown, Margaret
Brown, Marie Brown, Marie
Marie Brown Assoc. Literary Services
Brown, Mary Brown, Mary
Director, Producer, Writer
Real Movies Inc.
Brown, Meredith Brown, Meredith
Curious Pictures
Brown, Michael Brown, Michael
Brown Broadcast Services
Brown, Micheline Brown, Micheline
Costume Designer
Brown, Mishka Brown, Mishka
Line Producer, Producer, Writer
Brown, Mo Brown, Mo
Suga Productions
Brown, Nora Brown, Nora
Artemis Productions
Brown, Nora Brown, Nora
Festival Administrator
Rochester/Finger Lakes Film and Video Office
Brown, Patricia O'Regan Brown, Patricia O'Regan
Derma Clinic European Day Spa
Brown, Paula Brown, Paula
USA Network/Sci-Fi Channel
Brown, Robennu Brown, Robennu
student/ new york university film
Brown, Sheila Brown, Sheila
Sheila Brown Photography
Brown, Ta-Tannisha Brown, Ta-Tannisha
RockStRDChK, Inc.
Brown, Tamara Brown, Tamara
Purple Hawk Productions
Brown, Tim Brown, Tim
Writers Guild of America, East
Brown, Todd Brown, Todd
Founder and Editor
Brown, Valerie Brown, Valerie
Brown, Wanda  Angel Brown, Wanda Angel
Director, Producer
our stories productions
Browne, Jim Browne, Jim
North American Programmer/Distributor
Argot Pictres/ Abu Dhabo film Festival
Browne, Nathan Browne, Nathan
Financial Manager-Wealth Management Group
Merrill Lynch
Brownstein, Amy Brownstein, Amy
Brownstein & Associates
Brozan, Nadine Brozan, Nadine
The New York Times
Brozina, Deborah Brozina, Deborah
Camera Assistant, Consultant, Director
Making Change Productions
Bruan, Josh Bruan, Josh
Submarine Entertainment
Brucato, Emily Brucato, Emily
Administrator Event & Sponsorship Marketing
Bruce, Dino Bruce, Dino
Paramount Classics
Bruce, Douglas Bruce, Douglas
Cinegrafica Films
Bruce, Erin Bruce, Erin
Falco Publicity
Brucker, Astrid Brucker, Astrid
Costume Designer
Bruckheimer, Bonnie Bruckheimer, Bonnie
Bonnie Bruckheimer Productions
Bruder, Stephanie Bruder, Stephanie
Director, Digital Sales and Marketing
New Video
Bruegger, Cathy Bruegger, Cathy
Costume Designer, Wardrobe
Bruell, Lucy Bruell, Lucy
Director, Interactive Media, Producer
L.A. Bruell, Inc.
Bruen, Maggie Bruen, Maggie
Professor, Cinema Studies
Marymount Manhattan College
Bruen, Peggy   AKA Margaret Bruen, Peggy AKA Margaret
Bruni, Mary Ann Bruni, Mary Ann
SB Productions
Bruni, Steve Bruni, Steve
General Manager
Brunner, Helen Brunner, Helen
Arts Resources International
Bruno, Christine Bruno, Christine
Alliance for Inclusion in the Arts
Bruno, Giuliana Bruno, Giuliana
Visual & Environmental Studies
Bruno, Lisa Bruno, Lisa
Fashion and Costume design and consulting
Mustard Seed Production
Bruno, Mia Bruno, Mia
Executive Assistant
Avalon Pictures
Bruno, Michelle Bruno, Michelle
Local 798 Make up Artist
Bruno, Raquel Bruno, Raquel
Consultant, Television Executive
Drive Entertainment Group
Bruno, Shirley Bruno, Shirley
Brunschwig, Felisa Brunschwig, Felisa
Middle College High School
Bruton, Margo Bruton, Margo
Producer, Production Manager, Writer
Margo Bruton Media
Bruun, Christian Bruun, Christian
Light Cone Pictures
Bryan Morgan, Alexis Bryan Morgan, Alexis
Lucky Magazine
Bryan, Caitlyn Bryan, Caitlyn
Syfy Channel
Bryan, Maureen Bryan, Maureen
Bryant, Adam Bryant, Adam
Asst Editor
Apograph Productions, Inc