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Beth Cramer

Director, Editor: Film/Video, Writer
Business type: Post-Production, Production Company
Writer's Group works:
Broken Open

Log line:
After the death of her husband, Robin Katz, now a single mother and an in demand music producer with maternal instincts eclipsing her ambition; is forced to reevaluate what it means to have it all.

Robin Katz, an audio engineer making hit records, questions what having it all means after her husband dies in an accident. Robin is now a single mother with maternal instincts eclipsing her ambition, a grueling schedule and no time for a nervous breakdown. Two years after Daniel’s death, Robin’s lost her mojo but in demand. Robin’s nanny quits, forcing her to sidetrack her career. Robin takes Eli to the Hudson Valley to sell their weekend home. Robin crashes her car into Odin’s, a rock climber training to summit a mountain in Switzerland. After several chance meetings, a friendship develops. Each summer Odin hosts Damitri, an inner city boy Eli’s age. The four spend time hanging out. Odin convinces Robin to go rock climbing. Robin rejects dating as one more thing she has to do, but fools around with Marco, her house painter, while maintaining a plutonic relationship with Odin. Robin takes Odin on a divine rock and role experience in the city. Back in her NYC loft she creates a romantic blanket fort and they make love. Robin keeps her affair secret, but Damitri divulges the truth to Eli. Eli tries to hang himself in a rage of jealousy. Robin withdraws from Odin justifying that some balls are going to drop just not the ones that relate to your child. Robin retreats to her parent’s house with Eli. After a series of cathartic episodes; pummeling a Sno Cone Truck with a beach umbrella, jumping on chaotic amusement park rides and recoiling from the taste of wine, Robin realizes she’s pregnant. Robin consults her OBGYN and we learn Robin reluctantly had an abortion three years ago. Robin goes to tell Odin about the baby, but after watching a film documenting Odin’s passion for climbing, she reconsiders. Odin confides his readiness to settle down. Robin rejects this notion knowing from experience that compromise of this sort only leads to regret. Odin assures her he will return to her and Eli safely. While Odin’s away, Robin asserts positive change and takes the house off the market, but when she learns the bodies of two unidentified climbers were found in Switzerland, it seems all is lost. Robin senses that Odin is alive and tells Eli that some decisions are hers to make as the adult and going to Switzerland to find Odin is one of them. Robin crashes into a car in the airport parking lot, Odin’s car. Odin’s instinct not to climb saved his life. Robin divulges she’s having Odin’s baby. Odin responds with tears of joy. Robin puts Eli to sleep and assures him of her endless supply of love. In the nursery, Robin picks up a guitar and sings a lullaby to her baby girl. Robin has built a magnificent treehouse recording studio in her backyard. Robin happily accepts a visit from Odin, Eli and the baby while she’s in session. With her mojo back and her heart broken open, Robin can say she has it all.

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