by Sari Caine

EMILY: Harry. Harry? Do you remember our first date? You had that big lobster?
HARRY defensively: You ate something, didn’t you?
EMILY: I didn’t even order. I just sat there, watching you eat.
HARRY: But what about the tart? You had the flaming tart for dessert. Remember? They came over to our table and set the tarts on fire?
EMILY: No. You had the tart.
HARRY: But there were two of them.
EMILY: You had them both. I got up to go to the bathroom, and when I came back, my tart was gone.
HARRY So what are you saying, (I ate your tart?) I’m a terrible person? Why did you marry me then if I’m such a selfish pig.
EMILY Harry, do you know what I thought while I watched you eat? I watched you go through that giant lobster and those two flaming tarts, and you never once took your eyes off them. You ate with such intensity, such force, and I wondered– what would it feel like to be Loved, like that? I thought – there is a man who knows what he wants in life. And I was right, two weeks later you asked me to marry you ...But ...You never looked up
                (The Waitress arrives with silverware and napkins.)
WAITRESS: Here's your - Oh, ah...
HARRY: Sweetheart –
EMILY: Just forget -
WAITRESS: I’ll just, give you your -
HARRY: Babe –
WAITRESS (tip toeing off): ooo - okay!
EMILY: Don’t call me babe. It sounds so crude.
HARRY: Emily Stop talking for a minute! Just listen to me – That time that you, ah - I can’t even tell you about -god! what I am trying to say is-
EMILY: harry just forget it
HARRY: No No! I - christ, I can’t even - Look -the most favorite thing I had in the world when I was a kid, was this car
EMILY: What?!!
HARRY: Be quiet a minute I'm trying to tell you - it was from my dad’s shop and I Loved this car -
EMILY: I can’t believe you are talking to me about cars right now, I am trying to tell you-
HARRY: And I am trying to tell you - don’t you think I don’t want to be that man? the one that made you fall in love with him and swept you off your feet and got you to marry him in two weeks? But I’m not - I can’t - christ! - I couldn’t even own up to this car. It was a stupid thing- I sneaked it out of my dad’s shop one night and ruined it - got stuck between the mailbox and the gate in the driveway. I couldn’t go forward and I couldn’t go back, so I just got out and left it there. In the morning it was gone, and nobody ever said anything.
EMILY: I am talking to you about feelings and you respond by telling me about inanima:te objects?
HARRY I am trying to tell you that I don’t say what I - that I can’t - I can’t - and then I think about it over and over and I wish -
EMILY: Harry-
HARRYL Look. (moves chair towards her, sits down) That night I took you out.
EMILY: Oh Harry just forget it, I don’t know why-
HARRY completely over her: You said I didn’t say anything.
EMILY not looking at him: You didn’t say a word.
HARRY (makes her look at him): You were beautiful, you looked so beautiful. I got nervous. I’ve never been very good at -saying what I mean - and, when I get that way, I just do something I know how to. Like eat, or something Simple like that.
EMILY: It’s alRight, Harry. You’re not a communicator - I know that about you-
HARRY cutting her off: But listen – about the lobsters -
EMILY moving away from him, faces out: Just forget it, I don’t know even know why I brought it up.
HARRY: You said I never looked up (takes her hand) - I’ve never looked away.
EMILY Oh. (and then) Harry. (She starts to cry again. Harry hands her a tissue)
WAITRESS returns with the bill, sees Emily crying: Listen – you can’t get too upset about these things. It’s a good lesson for life, not to get too attached to things like shoes, or-. I mean, what are they? They’re just material objects. Accidents happen. Look – look at this. (she pulls her skirt up right by Harry, showing a spill, Harry averts his eyes) I just turned it inside-out. (realizes she is showing her thigh to Harry, awkward. Crosses to Emily.) Anyway, I just wanted to tell you - don’t worry about the shoes. I just called my roommate, and she says if they won’t take them back, she’ll buy them from you. She buys seasonally, likes to stay on top of the fashion, like you. And when the seasons done, she just tosses them into the back of the closet. (ravenously, out) You’ve never seen such a selection of shoes. (takes a step forward) Why last night, I dreamt I was turning the key to the lock in the front door, and as I opened it, a huge sea of shoes rose up (stretches her arms out wide) and flowed over me like the tide. ... (almost inaudible) Anyway!

Writer's excerpt courtesy NYWIFT (NYWIFT.ORG)