by Sydney Brafman

No, no you're looking at it the wrong way. It's all in the movie magic, special effects are what separates us from fiction. That's what it's about... You ever hear what a squib is? It's this tiny little bag filled with fake blood, sometimes it's just sugar even. You know like sugar glass? Where if it breaks it's just like candy and the cast could actually eat it? But a squib, a squib is this thing that really makes the movie. It's the moment we turn into a movie. When someone gets a bullet through the chest it's the squib that does it. You either get a real bullet or you get a squib, that's the difference.  It's the moment that changes everything. It's not just about the acting... You feel it. It's the impact.

Writer's excerpt courtesy NYWIFT (NYWIFT.ORG)